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There's a new proposal of Pure Good and our candidate is Tintin from The Advetures of Tintin, I don't really know much about the series, but I'll do my best.


What's the work

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of 24 bande dessinée albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé. The series was one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century. By 2007, a century after Hergé's birth in 1907, Tintin had been published in more than 70 languages with sales of more than 200 million copies, and had been adapted for radio, television, theatre and film.

The series first appeared in French on January 10, 1929, in Le Petit Vingtième (The Little Twentieth), a youth supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle (The Twentieth Century). The success of the series led to serialised strips published in Belgium's leading newspaper Le Soir (The Evening) and spun into a successful Tintin magazine. In 1950, Hergé created Studios Hergé, which produced the canonical versions of 11 Tintin albums.

The series is set during a largely realistic 20th century. Its hero is Tintin, a courageous young Belgian reporter and adventurer aided by his faithful dog Snowy (Milou in the original French edition). Other allies include the brash and cynical Captain Haddock, the intelligent but hearing-impaired Professor Calculus (French: Professeur Tournesol), incompetent detectives Thomson and Thompson (French: Dupont et Dupond), and the opera diva Bianca Castafiore.

The series has been admired for its clean, expressive drawings in Hergé's signature ligne claire ("clear line") style. Its well-researched plots straddle the action-adventure and mystery genres and draw upon themes of politics, history and technology, offset by moments of slapstick comedy.

Who is Him?

Tintin is the titular protagonist of The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. He is a reporter and adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy. The character was created in 1929 and introduced in Le Petit Vingtième, a weekly youth supplement to the Belgian newspaper Le Vingtième Siècle. He appears as a young man, around 14 to 19 years old with a round face and quiff hairstyle. Tintin has a sharp intellect, can defend himself, and is honest, decent, compassionate, and kind. Through his investigative reporting, quick-thinking, and all-around good nature, Tintin is always able to solve the mystery and complete the adventure.

Unlike more colourful characters that he encounters, Tintin's personality is neutral, which allows the reader not merely to follow the adventures but assume Tintin's position within the story. Combined with Hergé's signature ligne claire ("clear line") style, this helps the reader "safely enter a sensually stimulating world.

Corrupting Factors

Nope, Tintin is a very kind and selfless person, with a great heart in solving mysteries and cases, and helping several of his companion in their adventures and apart if he's in trouble.

Admirable Standard/Goodness Zone

During the chapter, The Crab with the Golden Claws, Tintin alongside with Snowy and Captain Haddock they managed to stop Allan from selling canned Crab meat that was actually drugs in Sahara from a ship called "Karaboudjan", in the chapters of The Secret of the Unicorn and Red Rackham's treasure, He's helped Haddock to find the notes and the tresuare of his ancestor The Red Rackham alias "Sir Francis Haddock" in the Marlinspike Hall and several relics in the ocean.

Final Veredict

Okay, this is the proposal, Maybe I don't know much about this series but I do my best to do it that, Your vote is in your decision.