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Hello everyone, this is an removal proposal, in this case our candidate is Ellie from Ice Age, since seeing the character has a role more than cheerleader and damsel in distress and also I had permission from Jester of Chaos to make the proposal.

Ellie IceAge.png

What's the Work

Ice Age is an American media franchise centering on a group of mammals surviving the Paleolithic ice age. It consists of computer-animated films, short films, TV specials and a series of video games. The first five films were produced by the defect Blue Sky Studios. The franchise tells us about the adventures of a growling mammoth named Manfred "Manny", a friendly sloth named Sid, a reformed saber-toothed tiger named Diego and a crazy saber-toothed squirrel named Scrat who causes catastrophic events in the five movies with the excuse of wanting stick his acorn in the ground, here they take us to situations of having to take care of a human baby and return to the arms of his father, escape from a flood and sea monsters, discover a world full of Dinosaurs, face fearsome pirates and save the world from a meteor shower.

Who is Ellie and what has she done

Ellie is a mammoth who made her debut in the second movie, in her backstory she was a baby who had lost her family, but was raised by a possum mother with 2 babies who are Crash and Eddie, later she meets Manny, Sid and Diego to be able to escape from a flood due to the global warming and at the end of the movie she becomes Manny's wife, her actions were to save Diego from a fall, ask his brothers to find Manny in order to rescue him from a cave when the exits were blocked, help Buck find Sid who was kidnapped by Mama Dino who was looking for her babies, in 2 television specials she helped Santa Claus in fixing a mess and delivering the toys and recovering the eggs that were stolen by Squit and in the fifth film, she help Buck in preventing the earth from colliding with a gigantic meteorite and forgive Manny, for the most part of the franchise she has the moral of supporting her husband, Sid and Diego in various situations that they have to go through.

Why she doesn't qualify?

Well it's easy, Ellie for the most part of the franchise is more than a damsel in distress, since she is in dangerous situations in which they could kill her like when she was trapped in the cave and drowned, then in the third movie some Guanlongs they tried to eat her when she was already giving birth to her baby Peaches, and in the fourth installment she was captured by Captain Gutt and his crew, but most of her actions come to make standards, since she does not reach as much heroism as the 3 protagonists of the franchise, Manny, Sid and Diego had had responsibility in having to take care of the Human Baby from Soto (Diego's boss) and Saber Tooth Tigers and return him to his father's arms, in the following installments in this case the fourth installment, Manny, Sid and Diego (including Sid's granny) rescued a family of Lemmings who were being enslaved by Captain Gutt, nor do I have to forget about Scrat in the second movie since although he becomes very incompetent, he only managed to save the entire herds of the flood who were in a giant crust.

Final Veredict

Cut, Well, in the first place, I did not have it in mind, but seeing the character, she fails a lot in heroism compared to her husband, Sid, and Diego, who have had more heroic actions.