Due to high school and stuff, I won’t be able to make Pure Good Proposals:Removals as much as I used to. But, I promise that there will be at least one proposal from me every month. I was originally going to propose Hubie from The Pebble and the Penguin for the Pure Good category, despite already being in there, but after watching more clips of the movie on YouTube, I changed my mind. Instead, I’m going to do a removal proposal on him, since he may have a few corrupting factors that could disqualify him.

Who Is He?

Hubie is the center of focus in one of the most underrated animated films, The Pebble and the Penguin. He has romantic feelings for Marina, but the main antagonist, Drake, also has his sights on Marina, simply for her beauty rather than out of genuine love, unlike Hubie. Hubie is thrown off the iceberg by Drake and ends up in a ship heading off to a zoo, known as the "Good Ship Misery" according to the other penguins aboard. He meets and befriends a rockhopper penguin named Rocko, and the two go on a journey on the way home to Antarctica in time for the full moon mating ceremony, so he can present the pebble to Marina and declare each other’s love. Hubie can be described as shy, kind, naive, romantic, and klutzy.

Why He Doesn’t Qualify

Despite having the personality for the PG category, Hubie has a few corrupting factors displayed throughout the course of the movie. He bit Drake when he was pulling at Marina’s feet. I don’t think it was necessary of Hubie to do that. Pure Good heroes never bite their enemies without remorse. Some of you may argue that he only bit Drake to save Marina, and/or that he would be contributing to the call of evil if he did nothing about it. But, that still doesn’t cut the cheese in this case. He is also willing to use lethal force. This is shown when he kicked Drake off of the stairs and heck, even got Drake killed by having him get crushed by a boulder. Even indirect killing counts as being lethal too. When Rocko expressed his dream of flying, Hubie laughed about it and told Rocko that everyone knows that penguins can’t fly. It wasn’t funny at all. Hubie can also come off as an annoyance to Rocko, as proved in the musical number "Looks Like I Got Me a Friend". He was also klutzy enough to get trampled by some penguins while looking for a pebble to give to Marina.

Final Verdict

Basically, with everything said in the entire proposal, the proof is in the pudding. I’m going with a definitive cut, though Hubie might be kept in the category, if not likely. The decision is yours to make.

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