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Hey guys, BlazingMarshmallow here. Rather than proposing a new hero for the pure good category, I shall reevaluate a hero I previously brought up in a Pure Good Removal Proposal I did a year ago. The re-proposal will again center around Hubie from one of my personal favorite films, The Pebble and the Penguin. While I do acknowledge that the film itself may not be one of Don Bluth's best works, I still enjoy it in a "so bad, it's good" way. I know Hubie already has the approved good template, but only that The original removal proposal I made ended up getting rejected, and Hubie was unofficially approved; that was the case before a new rule came in where you can only make removal proposals for heroes that are approved, be it via official or unofficial via rejected removal proposal. In the wake of the results, I decided to create a reproposal for Hubie to be approved or rejected officially this time, and yes, I got administrator permission from EmeraldBlade95 as required.

What is The Pebble and the Penguin?

The Pebble and the Penguin is a 1995 traditional animated fantasy romance film created by Don Bluth. Currently, the rights of the film are distributed to Metro Goldwyn. Although not one of Don Bluth's best films, that doesn't stop some people from liking it, since then, it got a large cult following. Taking place in Antarctica, it centers on a ritual known as The Full Moon Mating Ceremony observed by the Adelie penguins. During the annual ritual, all the male penguins in the rookery gather engagement pebbles to present to the females they desire most and if, accepted, they become mates forever. The film focuses on Hubie, a shy penguin, trying to find the perfect pebble for Marina, whom he is head over heels for, but one day, Drake sends Hubie far away from Antarctica 3000 miles away, he meets a sharp-tongued rockhopper Rocko, and together they set out on an unforgettable journey home to rescue Marina before Drake claims her as his mate forever.

Who is Hubie?

Hubie is a sweet, shy, klutzy Adelie penguin. He is in love with Marina, the most beautiful girl penguin in the Whole Rookery and wants to find her the perfect pebble any male penguin can get for his bride.

One night, he declares his love for Marina through a heartfelt song, but he doesn't know what kind of pebble to get for her. It wasn't until he made a wish upon a star for the perfect pebble, that in return, the stars return his wish by granting him a pebble in the form of an emerald cube.

While looking for Marina to present her his pebble, Drake throws Hubie overboard, lost at sea, he meets a short-tempered Rockhopper penguin named Rocko, and with his help travels back to Antarctica, while facing danger and getting into mishaps on the way home.

Eventually, Hubie returns home just in time the night before the Full Moon Mating Ceremony. Upon rescuing Marina, he proposes to her and she accepts, becoming mates at the end of the film.

Corrupting Factors?

He starts out as shy and weak, but he does receive character development and becomes an assertive penguin. Now, let's look at why he was up for removal and what the original removal proposal said:

"Despite having the personality for the PG category, Hubie has a few corrupting factors displayed throughout the course of the movie. He bit Drake when he was pulling at Marina’s feet. I don’t think it was necessary of Hubie to do that. Pure Good heroes never bite their enemies without remorse. Some of you may argue that he only bit Drake to save Marina, and/or that he would be contributing to the call of evil if he did nothing about it. But, that still doesn’t cut the cheese in this case. He is also willing to use lethal force. This is shown when he kicked Drake off of the stairs and heck, even got Drake killed by having him get crushed by a boulder. Even indirect killing counts as being lethal too. When Rocko expressed his dream of flying, Hubie laughed about it and told Rocko that everyone knows that penguins can’t fly. It wasn’t funny at all. Hubie can also come off as an annoyance to Rocko, as proved in the musical number "Looks Like I Got Me a Friend". He was also klutzy enough to get trampled by some penguins while looking for a pebble to give to Marina."

Okay, so he may have bit Drake, and kicked him down the stairs, but he didn't have any malice intended and only did so out of self defense as a last resort to rescue Marina. Hubie didn't kill Drake. The so called "murder" was unintentional, as a Boulder from Drake's collapsing tower crushed Drake. He did laugh over Rocko's dream of flying, but he didn't do it in a mischievous way. Sure he may be klutzy, but not to the point of coming off as incompetent. He had trouble trying to escape from The Good Ship Misery, and had help from Rocko. The original removal proposal was a bit poorly written, despite having effort put into it. But now that I have more experience in writing, I can tell the difference between a poorly written and well written article.

He does lie to Rocko about a make-believe penguin named Waldo that can fly to get Rocko to get him to come along with him home to Antarctica. It wasn't until when Hubie and Rocko were almost home to Antarctica that he tells Rocko the truth and admit that Waldo isn't real after Rocko mentions Waldo and shows remorse.

When Hubie accidentally dropped his pebble, twice when he and Rocko were in The Leopard Seal fishing hole, and when the Killer Whales attack, Hubie goes against Rocko's wishes to retrieve his pebble despite the dangers from the Leopard Seal and Killer Whale, but he only did so to retrieve his pebble, as required by The Full Moon Mating Ceremony traditions that all male penguins must have a pebble for their future bride, and that was only a minor mistake.

Concerning romance, Hubie competes with Drake for Marina's affections and is infatuated with Marina, but unlike Drake who only wants Marina out of lust, Hubie competes for Marina's affections because he genuinely loves her, and his love for Marina is not selfish.

Admirable Standard

The admirable standard in The Pebble and the Penguin is fairly low, but even then, all PG heroes have to heroic acts to stand out no matter how big or small their acts of heroism are, and heroes from works with low admirable standards are not exempt.

Even if Pebble and the Penguin is void of the larger-scale heroism, Rocko; a non-qualifier due to having corrupting factors and is a tsundere, does a bit more than Hubie. He saved Hubie's life multiple times, taught Hubie how to fight, sacrificed himself for Hubie when The Killer Whales were chasing the two of them, and saved Hubie and Marina from falling to their demise after Drake's lair collapsed by flying, with help from Petra, Beany, and Timmy.

Hubie, while mostly a hero in the particular way that he's the main protagonist, is generous kind, and always thoughtful about those he cares about, is a sweet and loving best friend to Rocko and husband to Marina and cares for them in a way any good human being would be to their friends/significant others, does have the "heroic acts" for the category.

Hubie convinced Rocko to come along with him to get back home to Antarctica so he could reunite with Marina, even if Rocko was reluctant. Hubie warned Rocko not to go off of an airstrip to fly, as he did not want Rocko to get injured if he attempted to fly. Right after Rocko's accident from going off of an air strip in an attempt to fly, Hubie shows concern for Rocko and asks him if he's alright, going as far as to attempt to help Rocko when he got slightly injured from the aforementioned air stip accident. While, Hubie lied to Rocko about a make-believe penguin named Waldo, he admits that he lied and feels regret for lying to Rocko, while apologizing to Rocko for lying to him. He is ultimately the one who defeats Drake and rescues Marina, preventing an attempted forced marriage.

Final Verdict

I hope the consensus will be official this time, with the new rule regarding removal proposals. Whether he gets approved or rejected comes down to you.