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This proposal is for Adam Greene of the Ecoquest series.

What's the work?

Ecoquest is a computer game series by Sierra Entertainment, focusing on ecology. It focuses on Adam, who lives with his father and has a tendency to meet talking animals who need help saving their homes from destruction.

Who is Adam and what has he done?

Adam is a 12-year old boy whose father is a marine biologist. He first appears in EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus, where he is caring for Delphineus, a dolphin who was injured in a drift net. He reassures the dolphin that he'll recover, and starts to play with him. Delpineus reveals that he can talk, and tells Adam that he needs to get back to Eluria, his kingdom, to help find his king Cetus, who is missing. Adam agrees, and lets him go. A few days later Delphineus returns and says Eluria is in trouble. Adam offers to help, getting his scuba gear and diving underwater with Delphineus. After navigating a maze of coral, they find Eluria. Adam meets a number of Elurians who have been harmed by human activities (such as swimming into garbage or being hurt by propellers on a fishing boat) and helps them with their problems. He also picks up all the garbage that he finds on the ocean floor.

It turns out a manta, Flesh-Eater, has been driven mad by toxic waste and is terrorizing the kingdom. Adam and Delphineus go out into the open ocean and go through a number of obstacles, finally finding the source of the poison, an underwater dump site. Adam is able to rig a transmitter to alert the authorities to the dumping, and the barrels are taken away. Adam and Delphineus are then attacked by Flesh-Eater, and end up swimming into a net. Adam manages to cut his way out of the net, but Flesh-Eater then captures Delphineus. Adam states that he won't leave his friend, but Delphineus insists that he go and save King Cetus. Adam finds Cetus, who has been harpooned and is near death. Adam manages to remove the harpoon from him, and uses a healing potion to cure Cetus. When Cetus and Flesh-Eater fight, Adam rescues Delphineus, then faces Flesh-Eater and stuns him with a lionfish spine, saving Cetus. It's stated Flesh-Eater will likely return to normal now that the poison is removed. Adam then goes home, bidding Delphineus goodbye and saying he loves him.

In EcoQuest 2: Lost Secret of the Rainforest, Adam and his father are on a trip to the rainforest. Adam encounters a number of talking animals there as well, and helps them with their problems, while trying to stop the plans of a poacher who is threatening the animals. Adam also uses a device called the Eco-corder to record environmental disturbances. As in the first game, he also picks up all the garbage that's been dumped in the rainforest. When the poacher burns down the rainforest, Adam manages to find an ancient Inca city with a magical seedling, which he plants as the new "heart of the forest." This enables him to save the rainforest and find the cure for a disease that is affecting the native people.

Admirable standard?

Adam is very brave, caring, and selfless, and is willing to help anyone in need. He's quick to befriend Delphineus and is very loyal to him, even offering to face Flesh-Eater alongside him rather than leave him behind. He ultimately saves both Eluria and the rainforest from destruction while helping all the animals who need it, even if it means deviating from his main quest. He's also very good-hearted as he doesn't want to kill Flesh-Eater in spite of his actions, only stunning him in self-defense, while he ensures the toxic waste is removed so that the manta can recover from his madness.

Corrupting factors?

None. He has no ill will against anybody and is only focused on helping others and saving the lives of the animals. He is sometimes upset at how animals are harmed by human activity, but he tries to reason with people when he can and isn't a jerk about it. He's also upset that Flesh-Eater has been eating Elurians, but he doesn't hold any malice against him and is willing to forgive him once the poison is removed.


I think he counts.