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Here's my second Pure Good proposal.

What is the work?

Corpse Bride is a 2005 animated movie from Tim Burton in which a young man named Victor is about to marry with Victoria, the daughter of a bankrupt aristocrat family in order to save such family from poverty. However, Victor initially failed in marriage preparatore, generating an almost fatal disaster with Victoria's mother when he left the candle start a fire on her dress. Then he goes to the cemetery to train the marriage preparatore alone and acidently, he puts the wedding ring in the skeletal hand of a near fully burried dead bride, thinking to be only a dry branch. Having been literaly asked for marry with him, the dead woman rises of her grave and is when our story starts.

Who is Emily and what she did?

Emily is the corpse bride in question, that rised up from her grave after being asked to marry with Victor. She was once one of the most beautiful and richest girls in the village where the story sets place and sometime, she had been fall in love with a man, who was only interested in her money. Despite the denial of her parents, she still insisted on him, running in the night for the forest with some of her family jelwery and her mother's bride dress, only to be assassinated by the man in question, who stoled the jelwery and burried her in the same location, lefting her hand outside, in a position of asking for a wedding ring.

An indeterminate time after, she is rised from her grave by Victor and takes him to the land of dead, where the dead people go after the death. She really thinks Victor genuinelly married her, which actually was just an accident, but Emily doesn't realize that and is faithful and innocently that Victor loves her, despite he running from her constantly out of fear, and gives him a wedding present, which ended up being the remains of Victor's deceased childhood dog, Scrappy, reuning he with his dog again when he stops to run from her. He tells about his childhood and his parents and asks Emily to go to the living world in order to present her to his parents (but actually this is one a pretext to run from her again). When she comes to living world, Emily naively becames amazed with the surface, while Victor lies to her, telling he will talk to his parents while he goes to Victoria's house. Deceived, Emily believes him, despite the warnings of the maggot that lives in her head, but it convinces her to talk with Victor and she follows him until the house of Victoria, where she finds the two about to kissing. That breaks her up and she, angry, takes Victor along, but without do something to Victoria. Thinking Victor really married her, Emily cries saying he betrayed her and stay very sad for a time.

But eventually Victor and she reconcilied and the land of undead starts to prepare they wedding. However, Emily gets upset when knows Victor have to die to stay with her. The wedding goes even so, with all the dead ones rising to living world in order to celebrate Emily and Victor's wedding. But when Emily and Victor was about to marry, and he was about to take the cup with poison, Emily doesn't let him drink it, because, despite loving him so much, she does not want him to die, and also, recognize that Victor and Victoria loves each other, delieving him to her. At this time, Lord Barkis arrives in the church. He was promised to marry Victoria after Victor be presumed dead and is upset with her rejection. Is also revealed that Barkis was the one who killed Emily in the past, making everyone shocked. He puts a sword on Victoria's neck and tries to take her from the church with him, getting involved in a near fatal fighting with Victor, until the sword hits Emily. Then she takes the sword and point the sword at Barkis, ordering him to go away. But instead, Barkis ignorantly drinks the cup with poison and dies. After his defeat, Emily deliever Victor to Victoria and unites them once and for all. Then, she comes off this world turning into a swarm of moths.

Corrupting Factors

Emily goes a bit jealous, hurt, sad and angry when she sees Victor with Victoria, but considering the fact she thinks he loves her and Victor in someway deceived and lied to her about taking her to the superfice to present Emily to his parents, when actually he took advange of this to run from her again and left her alone only to witness Victor with another woman, making her feeling betrayed, this is somewhat comprehensive. But at all, she eventually left any questionable feature she had when, selfless, is willing to get ride of her love from Victor when realizes Victor had to die and that he genuinelly loves Victoria, delieving him to her in the end, showing she genuinely loves him and is not a case of obssession.

Admirable Standard

We have another nice guys on the movie, but Emily stands out more than any of them due to that feature I've mentioned. She disregarded her passion to Victor when she sees it would kill him and despite already knowing the reality of the dead ones, Emily does not want Victor to be killed and also, gets rid of her jealously when she sees Victor and Victoria genuinelly loves each other, recognizing she shouldn't stay with him, both due they different condition (she is dead, and he, alive) and for Victor's love to Victoria, delieving the man she loves to another woman and does not seing problems in they love.


I would say a yes to her.