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Hi guys, in this blog I will be proposing the only hero in Age of Mythology who I believe has a chance at fitting the Pure Good criteria. As per the title, that hero is the centaur known as Chiron.

What's the work?

Age of Mythology is a real-time strategy game. First released in 2002, it is a spin-off of the Age of Empires series, and needless to say, much of the theme is mythology-based. The game is primarily renowned for its multiplayer, online included, but also has a campaign titled Fall of the Trident. An expansion called The Titans was released a year later. Chiron is a major character in Fall of the Trident, and due to his death, would not feature in the sequel that comes with the expansion pack.

Who is he? What has he done?

Chiron first appears during the Greek arc of the campaign, which is during the first act. Originally starting off as a prisoner, he is rescued by Arkantos and Ajax, who have visited a raided Ioklos after returning from their battle. He quickly allies himself with them and he helps them to rescue all of the prisoners taken from the bandits. Eventually, they would run into Gargarensis, who is the main antagonist, seeking to achieve immortality by releasing Kronos from Tartarus. They pursue him into the Underworld in Greece, and thwart his attempt at opening the gate of Tartarus in Erebus. In response, Gargarensis tunnels the entrance in, leaving the heroes stuck and forcing them to find another way out.

Due to the help of Zeus, they are given a way out, and end up in Egypt where they believe themselves to be lost. They meet Amanra, and ally with her to dig up the sword of the Guardian in an excavation site. As they head to bring the sword to its wielder, Chiron learns from Amanra that they share a common enemy, Kemsyt. They are successful in fighting their way to the Guardian, who defeats Kemsyt's army with ease. Chiron would work with his allies to assist in resurrecting Osiris to stop Gargarensis from reaching the Egyptian underworld, by recovering the Osiris pieces scattered across Egypt. Together, they rescue one from the hands of Kemsyt, but split up to obtain the remaining three. Chiron sought the Osiris piece hidden under the Tamarisk tree, and met some Norse soldiers who were in pursuit of Gargarensis, and together, they successfully acquire the piece and return it to the Osiris pyramid. Here, along with the remaining pieces, Osiris is reborn, forcing Gargarensis to flee to the Norselands.

In the Norselands, the heroes are initially scattered by an avalanche, forcing them to reunite. When they reunite, they head towards Midgard, meeting Eitri and Brokk; two dwarven brothers in need of a favor. Due to their forge being overrun by giants, they request help in purging them. Although Arkantos believes there isn't any time to help, Chiron suggests they help and in return, they receive directions towards Midgard. They run into an old man named Skult, who tricks the heroes before vanishing, but they meet a new ally that is the valkyrie Reginleif. With her help, she provides proper guidance in reuniting the Norsemen to build up forces needed to stop Gargarensis. They fight their way towards the Well of Urd, and learn that Gargarensis has already reached the Tartarus gate in Niflheim. Their forces are not enough to stop him, forcing them to flee from an overwhelming army of Norse beasts. As they follow the heroes, Chiron takes the initiative to knock over a boulder to block their path, but unfortunately gets himself killed by the fire giants.

Although Chiron was gone, his actions proved to be pivotal in stopping Gargarensis from being successful, at least for the time. The boulder he knocked over bought time for the heroes to rebuild Thor's hammer, to ensure that the gate could be sealed if Gargarensis were to open it. This proved to be the case, because the Norse beasts eventually destroyed the boulder wall and were an outmatching force for Arkantos's army, and Thor's hammer was built seconds before the gate opened, which was immediately sealed. He was honored as a great warrior by Amanra, who would not forget his sacrifice, and Ajax brutally executed Kemsyt (disguised as Gargarensis) as a retaliation for his death.

Admirable Standard

I understand that it's not uncommon for heroes to sacrifice themselves for a greater good. In my opinion, it usually does meet an admirable standard when taking into consideration what's at stake. Firstly, Chiron wasn't necessarily trying to sacrifice himself just for the sake of it, but by accident of being on the wrong side of the boulder. Secondly, he saw a greater good above himself and that was ensuring Kronos would not be released, which would lead to the Titans oppressing humanity as they have done in the past, within that timeline. The fact that he put his life in such danger to begin with alone surpasses the general standard in my opinion. However his willingness to help others, such as Eitri and Brokk, shows that he has insight above others, which makes him pragmatic at reaching their end goal, in the long run.

Now when other heroes are taken into the equation, the admirable standard becomes more challenging. The only heroes he competes with in my opinion are Arkantos and Amanra, who I can say rightfully fall under Lethal, scrapping their chances at qualifying, but still question the admirable standard. Arkantos has spent much of his time defending his beloved homeland for basically all of his life, and ends up going on a journey to save the world, helping people along the way, which is a partially shared with Amanra. In a sense, since these two heroes share overlaps in their heroism, it could be said that neither necessarily stand out. No other character comes close to the insight of Chiron, which makes his heroism more admirable overall, making him stand out most.

Corrupting Factors

As a warrior, Chiron participates in much of the battle throughout the campaign, meaning that he does kill people and mythical creatures. He does not have anything in his dialogue that suggests that he likes killing people. Since he is a playable character, you can command him to kill people, but much like Mario, these player choices don't have any bearing on his character whatsoever. He also gets seemingly impatient at the end of the Egyptian arc, as they wait for Osiris to be reborn, asking "why is nothing happening?", but whether or not that's rude is up to interpretation and I don't see how it crosses the line into corrupting here.

Final Verdict

If you believe that he meets the admirable standard as a result of his sacrifice, as well as his courtesy towards others, then I'd go with a yes.