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So I have a New Hero to propose.

What's the Work?

What If? is a 2021 animated series that is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is an anthology series that shows how different things would be in the MCU.

Who is the character

The character is T'Challa Star Lord. He is the protagonist of the second episode. He is a Ravager that wants to steal the Embers of Genesis from the Collector. Despite being a very different kind of hero than his mainline counterpart, he is just as heroic.

Admirable Standard

Let's see; He convinced Thanos to become a good guy, saved Drax's family, defeated the Collector, who's implied to have killed many people, and saved countless lives by getting the Embers of Genesis. He's also a Robin Hood-esque thief that could even reedem the Ravagers and Korath. Yup, I think he qualifies.

Corrupting Factors

He gets mad at Yondu for lying to him, but it was justified since Yondu said Wakanda was destroyed just so he won't lose him. Makes sense and not exactly that bad.

Final Verdict

An All-loving, nice, optimistic, and friendly man who saved a lot of lives. Hard yes.