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After having gotten Rickert approved, I've decided to try my hand at proposing another character from Berserk that managed to stand out: Judeau.

What is the Work?

Berserk is a manga and anime created by Kentaro Miura. The world revolves around Guts, a mercenary-for-hire who was sold out by his foster father, Gambino, and was forced to kill Gambino in self-defense. Afterwards, he spent several years as a mercenary until he came across a mercenary group called the Band of Hawk, led by Griffith. Judeau is one of the most notable members of the Band of Hawk, and one of the members who's most open to Guts.

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Judeau is first seen after Guts joins the Band of the Hawk. Unlike some of the other band members, Judeau isn't hostile towards him and warms up to his presence. After the Band of Hawk gains a victory, Judeau notices Guts perched on top of the castle alone, and goes with Pippin and Rickert to tell Guts to come down and have fun with the others. After the party, Guts goes to the same place, and Judeau comes to talk to him alone. The two exchange some dialogue about the liveliness and joy present in the Band of Hawk, as well as how they were all drawn to Griffith. Then, when Griffith calls to Guts, Judeau assures Guts that he'll find his place with the Band of Hawk.

Over the next three years, Judeau continues serving as a member of the Band of Hawk. As the group gains attention and prestige, they only become more popular. During one of the raids, Guts and Casca fall down a ravine. Judeau urges Griffith to send a search party for them in spite of their limited numbers, while Griffith remains conflicted. Griffith decides to rescue them, and Judeau is part of the rescue team, In the end, both Guts and Casca are rescued, albeit with heavy injuries. At the camp, he talks to Casca in private, informing her of Griffith's decision to rescue them, who said that they were vital to the Band of Hawk. Judeau then gives Casca a bag of Elf Dust to heal Guts.

Eventually, the Band of Hawk manages to help win the war for the Midland Kingdom. After he war is won, Guts decides to leave the Band of Hawk to pursue his own dream and find his purpose in life. Judeau supports this decision, and talks with Guts about the relationship of his nature with Casca, urging him to make a move on her and connect the two of them together. Judeau watches as Guts duels Griffith to leave the Band of Hawk, and is somewhat somber as Guts walks off.

Afterwards, Griffith sleeps with the king's daughter, getting himself in serious trouble and causing the king to list the Band of Hawk as outlaws. They're on the run for year until they reunite with Guts, and Judeau gives Guts a thumbs-up, happy to seem him again. Judeau informs Guts of the situation and their plan to rescue Griffith. They manage to succeed in rescuing Griffith, but they learn his body has been utterly destroyed. After fleeing the castle, the Band of Hawk learns of what happened to Griffith, and they all realize that with Griffith no longer able to be their leader, the Band of Hawk is finished. As all of them lament over what to do, Judeau speaks with Guts, telling him to take Casca with him as he prepares to leave the mercenary group again.

When Griffith goes off on his own, Judeau and the other Band of the Hawk ride to get him, when they're all transported to another land. The God Hand is summoned to have Griffith sacrifice the Band of Hawk to become the next God Hand, Femto. Griffith goes through with the sacrifice, and as a result, the Band of Hawk are all devoured by Apostles. Judeau rides off with Casca, fending off the monsters and protecting Casca at the cost of his arm and gruesome maiming. Casca holds Judeau in his arms as he slowly dies. Internally, he laments that he never got to tell Casca he loved her, and decides his final words are instead to remark that Casca's quick to cry.

Admirable Standard

Judeau manages to stand out in a particularly notable way that many of the other characters don't, even Rickert, and because of Berserk's ridiculously low admirable standard, Judeau's actions and character only serve to be even more exceptional.

One of Judeau's most admirable qualities is his supportive nature. From the beginning, Judeau was one of the few people to have accepted Guts into the Band of Hawk. He was one of the few individuals who noticed Guts brooding alone and urged him to join in on the fun and open himself up. Then, Judeau spoke to him alone, giving him some important insight into the Band of Hawk and Griffith, then assuring Guts that he'll find his place with the Band of Hawk. While surprised at Guts' decision to leave the Band of Hawk, Judeau still supported his decision to find his own dream and purpose in life, not mocking him for abandoning his status and title like Corkus did.

Judeau always paid attention to others, knowing their feelings and knowing the right things to say to cheer them up. For instance, after Guts and Casca were rescued, Judeau went to Casca in private to inform her of Griffith's decision to rescue them both and Griffith's words which spoke of the importance to them both. Judeau knew that Casca wanted to be viewed as important by Griffith, and so he told her exactly what she was dying to hear, to the point that Casca was driven to tears of gratitude. On another note, after the Band of Hawk became outlaws and reunited with Guts, when Rickert mentioned Griffith's sudden shift in attitude that was caused by Gut's departure, Judeau stops him, not wanting to make Guts feel guilty or responsible for the Band of the Hawk's current state. He understood the burdens and responsibilities of others and how much it weighed on them. Judeau knew how much trouble Casca went through becoming the new leader of the Band of Hawk and the weight on her shoulders, reminding her to rest and giving him her constant support. After Griffith's injuries were exposed and the other Hawk members were looking to Casca for an answer, Judeau stops them, noting to them that Casca had given more than anyone else and it would be unfair to ask even more from her, touching Casca greatly. During the Eclipse, when Casca thinks of giving up and just dying alongside their comrades, Judeau urges Casca to keep fighting and struggling to survive.

While many of the other characters are either arrogant, self-righteous, or head-strong, Judeau is none of those things, and in fact, I'd say he's one of the people who helped Guts the most. He is very humble and accepts his own limitations, knowing he can only be skilled in several fields instead of the best in one field and merely wanting to help someone who can be the best at something, which is one of the reasons why he joined Griffith and the Band of Hawk.

Judeau also managed to play a rather large role in terms of actions and impact as well. For one, Judeau taught Guts how to use throwing knives, a skill that would help him against some Apostles. He gave Casca some elf dust that helped heal Guts and allowed him to fight in the final battle and win the war for the Midland Kingdom. He stayed with the Band of Hawk when they became outlaws, helping Casca as the leader and being the emotional support for her. He was part of the operation to save Griffith, and he managed to save the entire rescue party from the Bakiraka. He also helped save Casca from the enemy when she was surrounded by soldiers, and he also helped stop several Apostles who were trying to kill Casca during the Eclipse, shielding Casca from their attacks with his own body.

However, the quality that makes Judeau truly shine is his selflessness towards Casca and Guts. Judeau noticed the burgeoning feelings between Guts and Casca and urged Guts to act upon them and start a relationship with Casca. Then, when the Band of Hawk was going to go their own ways, Judeau urged Guts to take Casca with her wherever he went. He attempted to do all of this for both Guts and Casca in spite of the fact that Judeau was in love with Casca. He put the feelings and happiness of both Guts and Casca over his own feelings without a second thought. Even in his final moments, while he was upset that he never got to tell Casca how he felt, instead of saying it then and there, he decided his final words would be how she cried a lot, his attempt to be smooth.

Corrupting Factors

There were a few times in which Judeau killed his enemies with throwing knives, such as during Gut's first official mission with the Band of Hawk, or when he killed two guards when they were rescuing Griffith. There were presumably a few more deaths off-screen, but all of these instances fall under the rules of war. He never showed any indication that he'd quickly resort to violence. Another slightly less honorable instance is during Griffith's rescue mission, when Princess Charlotte helped them get into the dungeon he was being held in. He spoke with Casca and suggested they take Princess Charlotte hostage if they become desperate or surrounded. However, Judeau also made this suggestion with the knowledge that Charlotte wanted to be with Griffith. This idea wasn't made with any malicious intent either, as Judeau himself says he has nothing against the princess, but it was just the pragmatic approach for the worst-case scenario and to ensure that Griffith was rescued. Besides, Princess Charlotte herself states she'd be fine with the idea as long as she'd get to be with Griffith.

Overall Verdict

Judeau has always been one of the most supportive and understanding members of the Band of Hawk, and because of his utterly selfless and considerate nature, Judeau should qualify as Pure Good.