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Since I already made a PG Removal Proposal for the main character in Hunter x Hunter, I decided to make a PG Proposal for one of the less prominent characters: Komugi.

What is the Work?

Hunter x Hunter is a manga and anime series created by Yoshishiro Togashi. It revolves around a young boy named Gon Freecss who is trying to find his father, Ging. In this world, there are countless monsters and vast hidden lands, and the people who explore these lands are known as Hunters. Ging is one of the most famous Hunters, and Gon's mission is to become a Hunter and meet Ging. During his travels, he eventually comes across the Chimera Ants, a species which consumes other life forms to increase their own strength. They come into conflict with Meruem, the King of the Chimera Ants, and the Chimera Ant Arc is centered around Meruem, as well as his interactions with Komugi.

Who is She? What Has She Done?

Komugi is first seen entering the palace after Meruem had finished defeating the Go Champion. She bows in respect before Meruem and obeys him when he demands she shut her mouth, to which she takes literally and causes her to pass out due to being unable to breath. After waking up, she and Meruem begin playing matches, which she wins easilly, though she commends Meruem for his impressive learning speed. She is ordered to wait as Meruem finishes his rematch with the Go Champion, but after learning he hung himself, she's called back in and she resumes playing Gungi.

Komugi continues defeating Meruem, who is shocked at how easily she's able to predict his movements and disrupt his rhythm. During one of the matches, Meruem reveals a new move he calls "Detached Castling". Though Komugi momentarily pauses, she makes a move which easily defeats him. Meruem asks why she pauses, and she reveals she came up with the move herself, and it became widely popular in the Gungi world. However, she later figured out how to counter the move during a World Championship, so it disappeared from matches and textbooks. She notes how honored and touched she was to see Meruem come up with the same strategy she had, and almost didn't have the heart to finish the game. Meruem scoffs at her, leaving to give her a break and telling her she'll get no more breaks afterwards.

They resume their matches, and Meruem decides to make things interesting by placing a bet: if she wins, she can have whatever she wants, but if she loses, he'll take her arm. Komugi hesitates, and asks that instead of paying with an arm, she pay with her usual bet and offer her life. Shocked, Meruem demands she explain herself. Komugi tells him that she became the World Champion of Gungi to provide for her family, and that Gungi was the only thing she had to live for. Therefore, if she ever lost, she'd become no better than garbage. Meruem laughs, impressed by her resolve and realizing how much he lacked in conviction. He apologizes for viewing her so lowly, then rips his arm off in repentance. Meruem demand they continue playing, but Komugi insists he be fixed first. Despite threatening her to continue playing, he eventually concedes and has Pitou summoned to fix his arm while they resume their games.

They continue playing for several days, during which both of them improve at remarkable rates. Komugi eventually experiences a Nen awakening which drastically increases her Gungi-playing skills while new moves flood into her head. She asks Meruem for a break so she can record the new moves. Just before she leaves, Meruem asks for her name, which she gives him. In response, Komugi asks for his name, but since he doesn't know it, she's only met with silence.

While she's in her room, she is attacked by a hawk. Meruem kills the hawk and worries over her injuries, asking why she didn't call for help. When she replies that she didn't want to bother anyone, he tells her she wouldn't have bothered anyone and that she's the guest of the king. She breaks down into tears, since no one had ever shown her such kindness in her life. Later on, she is injured by one of Zeno's Dragon Heads. Meruem finds her and has her injuries treated by Pitou. When Gon finds Pitou, he uses Komugi as a hostage to force Pitou to heal Kite. After Komugi wakes up, Gon has Knuckle, Killua and the others keep an eye on Komugi while he goes with Pitou. As she stands there confused, she's later taken away by Killua. Not trusting him, she begins fighting him and demands he release her. She's quickly rendered unconscious, and her body is taken to be hidden in one of the warehouses.

Meruem finds her, and the two of them resume playing Gungi. As they play, Meruem tells her his name and reveals he's changed, saying they'll keep on playing and to prepare herself for countless losses. As they continue playing, Komugi bursts into tears, asking if she deserves such happiness. Meruem reveals he's contracted a lethal poison, but Komugi chooses to stay by his side, holding his hand as both of them die together.

Admirable Standard

Komugi manages to stand out in the series in a number of ways, especially in comparison to the main characters like Gon, Killua, and Kurapika. Unlike those three, who've shown several corrupting factors such as a willingness to kill, arrogance, lethality, Komugi possesses none of these traits. Even compared to the only other Pure Good of Hunter x Hunter, Leorio, she doesn't have any of his anger and rash behavior, never yelling or losing her temper against anyone.

Komugi is an extremely devoted Gungi player who does everything for the sake of her family and for her country. She became a Gungi Champion and the representative of her country in order to provide for her family, and her devotion towards them is so deep that she's made a vow that if she ever loses a game, she'd kill herself as to spare any humiliation for her family. It's also important to note that it's heavily implied Komugi's parents and family treat her like garbage, since she's got absolutely no respect for herself and the fact that she was so touched by Meruem's kindness indicates she's never really received any from her family. So the fact that she is still so devoted to them in spite of their behavior towards her is very admirable.

Komugi is also very humble and respectful. She always addresses Meruem as the Dear Leader, bows in his presence, and plays for however long she can just so she doesn't inconvenience him. She had no problem with Meruem taking off her arm or even killing her if she lost, and even risks her life so that Meruem can be treated for ripping his arm off. In fact, she's so respectful and polite that she doesn't even call for help when she's attacked by a hawk just because she wouldn't want to bother anyone, and when Meruem tells her she's a guest of the king, she breaks down in tears of gratitude due to the kindness he's shown her. When it comes to her Gungi skills, despite being an unparalleled genius in the game, she never gloats about her skills and only views herself as "kind of good" at Gungi.

As noted by Meruem, Komugi also lacks any greed in her heart: when asked if she wanted anything if she won, she can't give an answer because she's only ever thought about Gungi. This shows how dedicated she is to Gungi and how she isn't led by ambition or power as a World Champion, just genuine love for the game and for her family.

After spending time with Meruem, playing countless Gungi matches with him and seeing his skill and determination, she basically falls in love with him, to the point that she refuses to leave his side when he's contracted a lethal poison, dying alongside him and even holding his hand as he passes away. That's also not to mention that Komugi is one of the main reasons why Meruem was able to be redeemed at all, which few characters have really managed to do in the series.

Corrupting Factors

Komugi hasn't really displayed any corrupting factors. The only possible one I can think of is when she was fighting with Killua, trying to get him to release her. But I'd say her actions there are justified as self-defense, since she has no understanding of what's going on and assumes that she's being kidnapped by some unknown assailants.

Overall Verdict

For her utterly selfless nature, her devotion to Gungi and her family, and for helping redeem Meruem, Komugi should be an easy yes.