After having made two successful PG Proposals from the One Piece series, I've decided to create a third proposal for a character in this series, Shirahoshi.

What is the Work?

One Piece is the critically acclaimed manga and anime series created by Eiichiro Oda. It revolves around the main character Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy who wants to be King of the Pirates. The world is run by a tyrannical governing body, the World Government, and standing at the top of this system are the Celestial Dragons, a group of people descended from the people who created the World Government. In this world, there exists an island called Fishman Island populated by mermaids and a species called Fishmen, humanoids with aquatic animal features. Shirahoshi is the princess of Fishman Island.

Who is She? What Has She Done?

Shirahoshi was born to King Neptune and Queen Otohime, and is the youngest of their four children. One day, when a Celestial Dragon holds her mother hostage, she screams and summons an army of Sea Kings. This reveals that she is an ancient weapon known as Poseidon, which gives her the ability to summon the Sea Kings. This shocks the Celestial Dragon and knocks him out. Watching this unfold is a Fishman named Vander Decken, who realizes that Shirahoshi contains the power of Poseidon and becomes determined to make her his bride.

Sadly, her mother Otohime is shot by a human, and as she lays dying, she asks her children not to hold any hatred towards the person who shot her, no matter who it was, and has all of them touch pinkies to keep this promise. Shirahoshi, her family and thousands of people on Fishman Island grieve Otohime's death. Meanwhile, to make things worse for Vander Decken: during Otohime's assassination, he tagged Shirahoshi with his Devil Fruit power that allows him to target that person, and anything he throws will follow his target. He keeps sending Shirahoshi love letters and getting more extreme to the point that Shirahoshi is forced to stay isolated in the palace for more than ten years.

In the present day, she meets Monkey D. Luffy when he accidentally stumbles across her in the palace. She talks with Luffy, asking him who he is and what the surface world is like since she's been forced in the palace for more than ten years. Luffy then offers Shirahoshi to take a walk outside, but since she'd be spotted due to her large size and because she's the princess, they devise a plan to have Shirahoshi hide in the mouth of Megalo, Shirahoshi's pet shark. They go to the Sea Forest to visit the grave of her mother to pay her respects since she never got the chance to do so.

They eventually stop when Luffy spots his friends Chopper and Sanji. When they go down, Shirahoshi is forced out of Megalo's mouth, to the shock of the other Fishmen in the area. Suddenly, Vander Decken shows up and proposes to her, but Shirahoshi rejects him because he's not her type. Vander Decken then attempts to kill her, but is stopped by Luffy. After Luffy defeats Vander Decken, Shirahoshi and the others ride on Megalo to the Sea Forest.

When they make it to the grave, they encounter several of the other Straw Hat Pirates, as well as Jinbe, an ally of Luffy and a Fishman. She then listens as Jinbe tells everyone the story about Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime. Shirahoshi then talks with Nami and gets acquainted with her. Suddenly, they get a message from Hody Jones, a Fishman radical who wants to start a war against the humans due to his intense hatred for them and views King Neptune as an obstacle to that goal. He reveals that he's taken over King Neptune's palace and that he's holding the king hostage. Luffy and Jinbe get into a fight about how they should go about fighting Hody Jones, since it would look bad if humans attacked Fishmen and could perpetuate the hatred between the two species. Eventually, they reach an understanding and come up with a plan.

As part of the plan, Shirahoshi goes with Jinbe and Megalo to save the king, but they fall into a trap and get captured. They're taken to Hody Jones, who has King Neptune and his sons held hostage. Hody reveals the truth that he's the one who killed Queen Otohime, and that he merely framed a human to spread hatred for humans across Fishman Island. However, Shirahoshi reveals that she'd known Hody was responsible all along: Megalo had seen Hody kill Otohime and told Shirahoshi. The reason she never told anyone the truth is because she thought they'd hate Hody, and she'd promised her mother not to hold hatred against the person who killed her, wanting to fulfill the promise and her mother's legacy.

Soon afterward, Luffy and the others emerge from Megalo's mouth, revealing that it was part of their plan to get people to support humans stopping Hody. A fight ensues, and during the fight, Vander Decken uses his power to summon The Noah, a colossal ship, to destroy Fishman Island and kill Shirahoshi unless she accepts his marriage proposal. Shirahoshi bravely swims and offers her own life in exchange for her people's safety. She swims away so that the Noah, which is targeting her, doesn't destroy the island. While fleeing, Vander Decken again asks to marry, but she once again refuses. Enraged, he prepares to kill her, but her two brothers come to rescue her.

Suddenly, Hody appears and attempts to kill Shirahoshi again, but is stopped by Shirahoshi's brother. Hody targets Vander Decken, betraying him and fatally wounding him, causing the ship to fall down to Fishman Island, the impact leading to it's complete destruction. Shirahoshi and Luffy attempt to stop this, and Shirahoshi manages to successfully use her power to summon the Sea Kings and stop the Noah. Hody and Vander Decken are defeated, and the Straw Hat Pirates win the day.

When the Straw Hat Pirates prepare to leave Fishman Island, she promises Luffy that she'll stop crying so much and in-turn, Luffy promises that if they ever meet again, he'll take her up to the surface. Shirahoshi bids them farewell as they move on to the next island.

Shirahoshi accompanies her family to Levely, a meeting where all the royalty from the different kingdoms gather to discuss politics and current affairs. When she arrives, she meets other princesses, Vivi and Rebecca, and talk about their experiences with Luffy. Suddenly, the Celestial Dragon Charlos attempts to take Shirahoshi prisoner because he finds her an attractive mermaid. Neptune is obviously furious as well as the others, but they find it difficult to act due to knowing the immense power the World Nobles have and knowing that provocation would only make things worse. Shirahoshi begs her father not to engage, but she's suddenly saved by another Celestial Dragon who knocks Charlos unconscious. This Celestial Dragon, Mjosgard, is revealed to be the very same Celestial Dragon that they'd met ten years before and who'd been saved by Otohime. The queen had managed to redeem Mjosgard and make him a better person, so he decides to repay his debt by helping Fishman Island and personally protecting Shirahoshi during the Levely.

Admirable Standard

Shirahoshi is a very childlike, innocent girl who was forced in isolation for about a decade, and yet she still manages to stand out in several ways.

Shirahoshi has demonstrated a remarkably kind and friendly attitude. She is very kind towards anyone she meets, even strangers who barge into her room such as Luffy, never insulting or criticizing anyone. In fact, despite her large size, she has an incredibly soft heart, and is quick to cry whenever lightly insulted by anyone or put in emotional situations. She's also very grateful, thanking Luffy for saving her shark, Megalo, and also thanking the other Straw Hats for assisting in the fight against Hody Jones.

Shirahoshi is also remarkably brave: when Vander Decken attempted to throw the Noah onto Fishman Island, she didn't hesitate to swim up and offer herself up as a sacrifice in order to save all of her people, showing that she's not just a crybaby who keels over in the face of danger. There's also the fact to consider that it was because of her that Fishman Island was saved, since she used her powers to summon the Sea Kings and stop the Noah.

However, the thing that makes Shirahoshi stand out above practically all other characters in the series is her purity of heart and kindness. For one, Vander Decken is responsible for her entire childhood being in isolation, never getting any proper social interactions with anyone and not getting to see the outside world. Then, when she encounters her again and demands her hand in marriage, the only reason she says no? He's not her type. She literally holds ZERO hatred against Vander Decken for everything he did to her and what he put her through, instead just politely rejecting him. But then comes the even more remarkable moment is the fact that she knew Hody had murdered Otohime, but chose to keep it a secret to honor her mother's words, holding onto that pain and sadness for years. Shirahoshi shows no anger towards Hody Jones, a pure evil character, and actually forgave him for the death of her mother. It's a sense of forgiveness that is especially rare to come across, even in other anime. Also, when she was being chained up by the Celestial Dragons, she told her father not to give in to hatred. She was literally ready to allow herself to become a slave in order to protect her people and not spread anymore hatred, and that's something else that needs to be commended.

Corrupting Factors

As Hody Jones puts it, one could argue that Shirahoshi's decision not to tell the truth about who really killed Queen Otohime had several negative impacts: one, it allowed Hody to continue his operations, enslaving and killing thousands of humans and allowing him to raise his army. Two, it also allowed for the hatred against humans to grow in Fishman Island. However, one has to consider that Shirahoshi was only six years old when Megalo told her the truth: she didn't really understand anything about the world or what possible impact her silence would have. Furthermore, being isolated in the tower prevented her from learning anything about Hody or what he was doing, so she couldn't see his mass slavery and murders. She was only attempting to honor her mother's legacy and not spread any more hatred based on what she'd learned from her mother. Besides, Shirahoshi isn't responsible for any of his actions, so I don't think it really counts.

Overall Verdict

Because of her unbelievably kind heart, her willingness to protect her people and to stop the cycle of hatred against humans, and the fact she forgave Vander Decken and Hody Jones, I think that Shirahoshi deserves to be approved as pure good.

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