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It has been a while since I have done a proposal, but having recently watched a show, I believe the titular main character qualifies. Let’s discuss Kipo Oak.

You can stay there or you can choose to fight through it.

What's The Work

Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is a 2020 science fantasy animated series. The story takes place 200 years into the future where animals have mutated into anthropomorphic, sapient creatures known as mutes that rule the surface while the remainder of humanity lives underground in burrows. The story follows the titular protagonist in her quest to find her father and community after her burrow was attacked and she escaped to the surface, meeting friends and enemies along the way.

Who is the Candidate/What Have They Done?

Kipo is titular main protagonist of Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts. She is an energetic and naive teenager and aspiring scientist who lived in one of the last remaining burrows with her loving father and community. However, one day the burrow was attacked by a mega-monkey and Kipo’s father pushed her into a water stream for safety, washing her out on the surface with no knowledge of what happened to her burrow or father. She goes on a mission to find her father, befriending a mutant pig which she named Mandu along with the stoic human warrior who she calls Wolf. They encounter a con artist duo of the human Benson and the immortal mute Dave. Kipo leads her group to befriend numerous mute groups like the Timbercats by saving their leader Yumyan Hammerpaw and the Rocker Snakes by singing/playing music with them. She also battles mutes like the Mod Frogs and Newton Wolves while trying to figure out the identity of the mysterious leader of the evil mutes, Scarlemagne. She realizes that she is part mute during her encounter with the Newton Wolves as she has night vision and paws like a jaguar. She eventually finds her father and burrow with the help of her father’s clue but they get attacked by Scarlemagne who kidnaps her father and the remaining humans save Kipo’s group and a few of her burrow friends.

Season 2 has her embark to find her father once more and learn to control her mega jaguar side through the help of the mute goats known as the Chèvre Sisters who were friends of her father and through learning the location of her parents original burrow and finding their journal. Kipo and the group discover that her mom was part mega mute as well and is actually the mega monkey who was brainwashed to attack the burrow and has been for 13 years. Kipo transforms fully into the mega jaguar and learns to anchor herself with her family/friends as the anchor to prevent her from being stuck as a jaguar. With the “help” of the mysterious human rebel leader Dr. Emilia they learn of the location of Scarlemagne and her parents/community but she gets captured trying to rescue her mother. Scarlemagne reveals his past to her as the lab experiment of Dr. Emilia and the former friend of Kipo’s parents until they abandoned him to escape Dr. Emilia, fueling his hatred of humans. Kipo reveals that she actually planned on getting captured and used her water mute friend Mulholland to prevent everyone from being mind controlled, saving the humans (who were tricked by Dr. Emilia into coming with them), and capturing Scarlemagne.

Season 3 has Kipo embark to find Dr. Emilia and the humans whom Emilia mainpulates into going along with her genocidal plan to "cure" all mutants by removing their sapience and returning them to normal animals with humans as their masters. Kipo stops this conflict with her new human mute alliance with her redeemed enemies and family/friends including Scarlemagne who show the humans that mutes aren't inherently evil. Dr. Emilia then tries to kill both humans and mutes by turning herself into a mega walrus but is stopped by Kipo and Scarlemagne, the latter sacrificing himself to save Kipo. Kipo then cures Dr Emilia to prevent her from losing control to her mega mute side and Kipo tries to redeem her but she refuses and essentially falls to be imprisoned by a child like mute. The last few minutes of the finale jumps five years into the future with an adult Kipo narrating about life on the surface and peace between humans and mutes. It is then revealed that she was talking to the statue of Scarlemagne and celebrating his birthday with family and friends.

Admirable Standard

Kipo, being the main protagonist gets plenty of screen time with her heroic actions which include but are not limited to:

  • She was the only human who didn’t have any initial prejudice towards the mutes and desired to befriend them.
  • She befriends the human outcast she nicknames Wolf and the mute pig Mandu, she later attempts to save Benson and Dave from the Mod frogs even though the two were con artists who tricked her and Wolf in order to steal their valuables.
  • She saves the group from the Mod frogs by grabbing a piece of mega rabbit fur, which leads to the mega rabbit attacking the Mod frogs base in order to locate its fur and allowing the group to escape.
  • She saves the leader of the Timbercats, Yumyan Hammerpaw, convincing him not to regret failing to save the sacred tree, and showing him that his people needed him, which convinces him to climb down the canopy back to the village and makes the Timbercats staunch allies of Kipo.
  • She convinces the Rocker Snakes to help her and not kill her friends by playing the guitar and singing, helping foster a truce between the snakes and Timbercats, and leading Kipo to the mega monkey where she realizes the mega monkey was brainwashed and not evil.
  • She saves Jamack the mod frog from being eaten by the Newton Wolves even though he tried to capture her and give her to Scarlemagne.
  • She uses her night vision to defeat the Newton Wolves by telling her friends how to attack based on the Wolves movements.
  • She convinces the workout raccoons to stand up for themselves and not be bullied into accepting that fact that the pigeon beak beak will try and eat them, she successfully defeats beak beak and gaining new allies in the process.
  • She sympathized with Jamack and feels some remorse for how her actions got him kicked out of the Mod frogs even though it was mostly his fault since he attacked her first, motivating Jamack to free her group and not turn them over to Scarlemagne.
  • She relocated her burrow friends to the Timbercats village following Scarlemagne’s attack on the new burrow in order to keep them safe.
  • She saves Cappuccino and the patrons in her restaurant even though they hate humans and just tried to kill her and her friends.
  • She saves Wolf from being killed by mega scorpions
  • She learns to control her powers and become a mega jaguar and tries to be patient with the child like super organism called Gus in her parents burrow and eventually escapes from him when he tries to imprison them forever as his “friends”.
  • She realizes the mega monkey is her mom who was also part mute and tries to save her from Scarlemagne
  • She sympathizes with Scarlemagne’s backstory and realizes that Dr. Emilia is the true villain.
  • She saves everyone from being mind controlled and being turned to gold by Scarlemagne with the help of Mulholland and motivates her father to save Scarlemagne despite all he did.
  • She forms the human mute alliance to combat hatred and bigotry between the two groups and to stop Dr. Emilia
  • She redeems Scarlemagne and convinces everyone else to forgive him when he sincerely apologizes for his actions.
  • She saves Jamack and other mutes from becoming science experiments of Dr. Emilia.
  • She saves her friends from getting murdered by Dr. Emilia by outsmarting her, although Yumyan gets “cured” and turned into a regular cat in the crossfire.
  • She tries to convince the humans that they are wrong about mutes and invites them all to a party of reconciliation including Emilia, eventually succeeding in convincing all of them (except Emilia).
  • She repeatedly tries to redeem Emilia even after learning that Emilia killed her own brother and already knowing that she brainwashed Kipo’s mom, Song, for 13 years and tried to force Song into killing her own daughter.
  • She cures Dr. Emilia to stop her from suffering a fate worse than death from being trapped in her mega mute form and losing her mind, despite what she has done.
  • She offers another chance at redemption and even when Emilia tries to kill her, and trips and falls, Kipo tries to save her and feels remorse for not saving her in time to be consumed by Gus. She reluctantly leaves Emilia when her friends convince her that imprisonment is a just punishment for Emilia and they couldn’t do anything to save her anyway.
  • Overall just being the most compassionate, forgiving, and idealistic character in the show who wishes to befriend all and redeems all of her enemies at the end with the exception of Emilia who she wished she had saved.

Corrupting Factors

Well there are two instances where Kipo gets angry at her best friend/surrogate sister Wolf. The first was a few days after they had just met when Wolf repeatedly mocked Kipo’s optimism and non violent approach to problems which led to a brief falling out but they quickly made up. The second instance was when Wolf hid a clue Kipo’s father had left her in order to find him and told Kipo later on about this deception, saying she did it because she didn’t want to lose Kipo. Kipo quickly forgave her and invited her to stay at the burrow when they find it which Wolf accepted.

Another potential corrupting factor was after the humans attacked the mutes and “cured” many of them, removing their sapience and essentially causing them to suffer a fate worse than death, Kipo desired revenge. She planned on sinking the boat the humans were on, and it isn’t made clear if she wanted to sink the boat while the humans were on it (therefore killing them) or if she knew the humans would spot her and evacuate in time. Regardless, she eventually realizes with the help of her friends that sinking the boat wouldn’t end the conflict and wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead, when she reached the boat she invited all the humans including Dr. Emilia to a party of reconciliation.

Final Verdict

I think she is the most PG worthy of any character in the show but that is just my opinion. What are your thoughts?