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Welcome to my 10th PG proposal! I have wanted to propose this character from one of my favorite shows. He is actually already under the category but I wanted to approve him officially. While the show is still ongoing, his arc is essentially over. Without further ado let's discuss Master Fu.

What's The Work?

Miraculous Ladybug is a French animated superhero television series. The story is about two teenagers, clumsy Marinette Dupain Cheng and fashion model Adrien Agreste that are chosen by this character to become Paris’s protectors through the magical Miraculous creatures that transform them into the superheroes Ladybug and Cat Noir respectively to stop the evil Hawk Moth (who is actually Adrien’s father) who has the power to akumatize (brainwash) people into villains when they feel negative emotions.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Wang Fu better known as Master Fu is the overarching protagonist of Miraculous Ladybug. He is the 186 year old (former) guardian of the Miraculous after the Guardians were destroyed nearly 200 years ago although he lost the peacock and butterfly miraculous. His past is revealed in season 3 where it is revealed that he was indoctrinated into the Guardians as a child despite not wanting to be a Guardian. He was given a task to guard the miraculous boxes for 24 hours without food, but when he got hungry and annoyed with this pointless task, he decided to use the peacock miraculous to create a sentimonster to get him food. However, due to the secret negative emotions like resentment and anger he created the sentimonster with, these sentimonster turned evil and started to destroy the Guardians and miraculous boxes. Panicking, Fu ran into one of the last surviving guardians who gave him the last miraculous box and told him to run which he did, escaping from the sentimonster which destroyed the Guardians. He eventually arrived in Paris and in the late 1930s, he met a woman named Marianne Lenoir who he fell in love with. He told Marianne about the Miraculous and they wanted to spend their lives with each other. However, when the Nazi’s invaded and occupied France during World War II, Fu had to flee to England to prevent the Nazi’s from getting the Miraculous, reluctantly parting ways with Marianne. He eventually returned to France following the end of the war, and set up shop as a mystical healer and massager.

When the butterfly miraculous resurfaces in the form of the mysterious supervillain called Hawk Moth in the present, Master Fu tries to transform using his friend/turtle miraculous Wayzz but he is too old and his back cracks. Fu decides to find young people to give miraculous to in orde to protect Paris from Hawk Moth and get the butterfly and peacock miraculous back from Hawk Moth. He chooses the main characters Marinette and Adrien after witnessing their kindness in saving him from being run over by a car and helping him after he tripped respectively. He leaves the ladybug and cat miraculous in their rooms and has the miraculous explain to them the rules of using them. After Ladybug and Cat Noir defeated the first villain Stoneheart and discovered the existence of Hawk Moth, Master Fu was revealed to have been spying on Marinette and Adrien’s moment together, telling Wayzz that they were made for each other.

He is almost entirely absent in season 1, only making cameo appearances to secretly watch on Marinette and Adrien (although he does heal Tikki when Marinette not knowing who he is, takes Tikki to him to heal), but takes a greater prominence in the following seasons. In the first episode of season 2, he officially meets Marinette and explains that he chose her because of her selflessness and the loss of the butterfly and peacock miraculous along with the Miraculous book. Although Marinette lies to him about Adrien having the book, Master Fu forgives her and understands why she wouldn’t want to believe her love interest is Hawk Moth. He decides to trust Marinette and allows her to give back the Miraculous book to Adrien’s father Gabriel (who is actually Hawk Moth) but takes pictures so he can use the book. Throughout the rest of the season, he gives advice to Marinette, telling her that while Hawk Moth may have good intentions, combining the Ladybug and Cat Noir miraculous would grant one good wish to someone at the expense towards others. When Marinette visits him in different episodes needing help to defeat an akumatized villain, he opens the miraculous box and tells her to pick a miraculous to give to a trusted friend and give it back after the mission is complete which Marinette does numerous times to empower her friends and classmates to defeat the villain of the week. When he sees Marinette is upset about hiding her identity from Cat Noir, Fu assures her that one day they will know everything and consoles her by telling her that he will reveal himself to Adrien, also giving the two heroes an aqua potion to help defeat the water themed villain of the week and revealed himself to Adrien at the end of the episode.

In season 3, Fu, knowing he won’t live forever and is already very old, meets with Marinette to tell her that when he dies, she will be the new Guardian of the miraculous. He tells Marinette to give a love letter to his long lost love Marianne but due to Marinette’s clumsiness, she switches the letters and causes Marianne to become akumatized. Once Marianne is de-akumatized, Fu meets with her and apologizes for taking so long to find her as he was worried that as Guardian he might put her in danger and they reconcile. He later lends back out the Wayzz as well as the fox and bee miraculous to Ladybug so she, Cat Noir, Carapace, Rena Rouge, and Queen Bee can defeat an akumatized Sabrina. On the phone, he also helps an amnesiac Marinette and Adrien  remember how to transform into superheroes before the call ended due to Marinette’s phone running out of power. He gives the snake, horse, and monkey miraculous to Luka, Max, and Kim respectively to help Ladybug and Cat Noir defeat the villain of the week. When Tikki is captured, he gives another miraculous to Marinette to protect her identity and prevent the miraculous secret from being exposed to the world. In the episode Feast, he is shocked by Alya’s discovery of the sentimonster that destroyed the Guardians. Consumed with guilt and remorse, he takes Tikki and Plagg back from Marinette and Adrien and tries to leave Paris to draw the sentimonster out and prevent him from destroying Paris. However, Wayzz makes him realize that Marinette and Adrien would do anything to help him and decides to gave them back the miraculous and tries himself although his back cracks again and he can’t fight, which allows Marinette and Adrien to defeat the sentimonster and save Paris along with reviving the Guardians of the Miraculous. In the two part season finale, he lends Ladybug another miraculous when suddenly Hawk Moth and Mayura attack. Realizing there was no other option and for the first and only time in the show, Master Fu transforms into the Jade Turtle and fights off Hawk Moth and Mayura but unfortunately is trapped by his shell and essentially captured as he can’t actually fight Hawk Moth and Mayura for long due to old age. Hawk Moth and Mayura continue to try and break his shell and kill him. Ladybug and Cat Noir eventually find him along with Hawk Moth and Mayura but it looks Hawk Moth has won. Ladybug breaks down and cries that she is the worst Ladybug ever but Master Fu assures her she isn’t and sacrifices his memories to make Ladybug the new guardian of the miraculous just as Hawk Moth destroys his shell, foiling Hawk Moth’s plans. Although Ladybug uses her lucky charm to erase the damage caused by Hawk Moth as usual but sadly the lucky charm didn’t make Fu regain his memories, devastating Ladybug and Cat Noir. However, Marinette notices that Fu has a key ring which she uses to open a locker revealing a photograph of Marianne (revealing that Marianne was coming back to Paris). Marinette takes him to the train station where Marianne arrives and he tells her that although they (supposedly) just met, he feels like he has known her forever (which he has). Marinette gives him a box of macarons for the journey and the two leave Paris together for London.

Fu makes a one shot appearance in Season 4, where he returns to Paris with Marianne to pursue his love of painting. It is revealed that he married Marianne in London and Marianne told him that Marinette saved him from a “boating accident” as a cover story for why he lost his memory. Fu was later approached by his former Guardian master/mentor Su-Han who stole Fu’s cane which had a compass to the miraculous to apprehend Ladybug and Cat Noir who he viewed as unworthy of being superheroes and for violating Guardian rules. He knocked Fu and Marianne to the ground, and after helping Marianne up, Fu tried to get his cane back only to get akumatized by Shadow Moth (Hawk Moth’s improved form). He then turns into Furious Fu but is eventually de akumatized by Ladybug and gives Fu a magical charm to stop Shadow Moth from ever akumatizing him again. Sun Han then apologizes to Fu and Fu forgives him, with Fu once again leaving with Marianne to London, marking his final appearance in the series.

Admirable Standard

Miraculous Ladybug has a fairly moderate admirable standard with the heroes regularly saving Paris and on very rare occasions the entire world. However, Master Fu does have limited resources because even though he is the Guardian of the Miraculous, he is too old to use them and fight. He also has way less screen time than the main heroes especially in season 1. With all that, I believe he qualifies for his heroic actions which include:

  • Protected the last Miraculous box for 172 years from evil-doers like the sentimonster, Nazi's, and Hawk Moth.
  • Escaped from France during the Nazi invasion and occupation to prevent the Nazi's from getting their hands on the Miraculous which would have doomed the world
  • When the butterfly miraculous resurfaces in the form of the mysterious supervillain Hawk Moth, he gives the ladybug miraculous/kwami called Tikki and cat miraculous/kwami called Plagg to Marinette and Adrien after witnessing their acts of kindness when he realizes he was too old to fight.
  • Healed Tikki when she became sick which allowed Marinette to become Ladybug again and defeat the villain of the week
  • Reveals his identity to Marinette as the last Guardian of the Miraculous and the importance of the Miraculous book as a spellbook and guide to Miraculous and their powers.
  • Forgives Marinette for lying to him about seeing Adrien with the book, telling her he understands why she wouldn't want to believe her love interest is Hawk Moth
  • Trusted Marinette with her decision to give back the spellbook to Gabriel Agreste to prevent Adrien from getting in trouble. Fu took pictures of the book with his phone as a reference.
  • He admitted that Hawk Moth may have good intentions with his plan to merge the Ladybug and Cat Noir miraculous to make a wish. However, he warned Marinette that for every wish there was a price to pay to keep balance which is why Hawk Moth is wrong and they must never lose their miraculous.
  • He frequently gives Marinette new miraculous to empower her friends to help her and Cat Noir defeat the villain of the week in numerous episodes in season 2 and 3.
  • Comforts Ladybug about hiding secrets from Cat Noir, telling her there will be a right time when they can reveal their secret identities.
  • Creates a water potion to allow Ladybug and Cat Noir to breathe underwater and defeat the aqua themed villain of the week and stop Paris from flooding.
  • Reveals his identity to Adrien as the last Guardian of the Miraculous and gives him different potions for new powers.
  • Forgave the Kwami's for leaving without his permission to go to a Kwami festival which left the heroes powerless when someone was akumatized. He understood they had good intentions and didn't mean to accidentally cause trouble.
  • Although he was initially skeptical of Marinette choosing the school bully Chloe to become the superhero Queen Bee with the Bee miraculous, he supported her decision when she said the ladybug miraculous made her a better person and perhaps Chloe could too as he thought that was a noble answer. (Master Fu sadly ends up being proven correct though when Chloe betrays the team to Hawk Moth at the end of season 3 which forces Fu to sacrifice himself)
  • Told Marinette that he wanted her to succeed him as the Guardian of the Miraculous when she accepted.
  • Apologized to Marianne for waiting so long to find her even though he only did it to protect her from the danger of being the Guardian.
  • Told an amnesiac Marinette and Adrien about their superhero alter ago's Ladybug and Cat Noir and how to transform into them.
  • After the villain of the week attacked Adrien's party, he gave the snake, horse, and monkey miraculous to Luka, Max, and Kim respectively along with giving Wayzz back to Nino so they could rescue a captured Ladybug and help her defeat the villain
  • He encouraged Marinette not to be consumed by superhero work and to go on her class field trip and have fun. He gave her the Fox miraculous just in case trouble started.
  • When Tikki and Plagg were captured by the villain Kwamibuster, he gave Marinette a new miraculous to protect her identity, rescue the kwami's, and defeat the Kwamibuster.
  • When the sentimonster was revived by Hawk Moth and Mayura, he decided to take back Tikki and Plagg and sacrifice himself to draw away the sentimonster from Paris since he didn't want Ladybug and Cat Noir along with the people of Paris to suffer for his mistake hundreds of years ago.
  • Realized that he shouldn't be consumed by guilt and trust Marinette and Adrien with the help of Wayzz. He gave Tikki and Plagg back to Ladybug and Cat Noir so they could defeat the sentimonster, save Paris, and revive the other Guardians of the Miraculous.
  • Moved and remained in the shadows after Hawk Moth discovered who he was.
  • Transformed into the Jade turtle to duel Hawk Moth and Mayura
  • Encased himself in a shell to prevent Hawk Moth and Mayura from killing him and stealing Wayzz.
  • Told Marinette that she was the best miraculous holder/superhero he ever knew when she suffered a breakdown when Hawk Moth looked like he won.
  • Sacrificed his memories to make Ladybug the new Guardian just as Hawk Moth destroyed his protective shell.
  • Forgave his former mentor Su-Han for stealing his cane and assaulting him.

Corrupting Factors

Now as I mentioned previously, he is accidentally and indirectly responsible for the destruction of the Guardians of the Miraculous. He was indoctrinated into the Guardians against his will as a child and the Guardians made him do incredibly outdated and menial tasks. One day, he was ordered to guard the Miraculous boxes for 24 hours without food. Fu got hungry and decided to create a sentimonster to bring him food. However, the hidden negative emotions he created the sentimonster with like anger and resentment to the Guardians caused the sentimonster to turn evil and destroy the Guardians, with Fu barely escaping with his life and the last Miraculous box. Now despite the tragic consequences of his mistake, I would argue that this isn't corrupting since Fu was just a hungry boy who created the sentimonster to get him food but turned evil. It isn't his fault that the sentimonster refused to obey him and turned evil and he only ran away because one Guardian told him to with the last miraculous box since he was just a kid and couldn't fight, which proved immensely helpful in the long run. He was even willing to sacrifice himself to draw away the sentimonster when it was revived to save Paris. He eventually realized that he shouldn't be consumed with guilt and gave back the miraculous to Marinette and Adrien making him responsible for them defeating the sentimonster and reviving the Guardians, subverting this corrupting factor if it ever was one.

I kind of hinted at this above but it is revealed in season 4 that Fu violated many of the Guardians rules like giving miraculous to teenagers and involving civilians. However, Fu only broke those rules because they were wrong and outdated and so he could serve the greater good. This is best exemplified by the fact that the two civilian teenagers Fu chose, Ladybug and Cat Noir were able to defeat the sentimonster with just two miraculous which the entire Order of the Guardians could not do despite having hundreds of miraculous and being far more experienced than Ladybug and Cat Noir. Even Su-Han, the man that is the pinnacle of the jerkish and outdated Order of the Guardians admitted that Fu was right and the Guardians were wrong. In short Fu cared about doing what is right more than following the rules, and this dedication ironically revived the Guardians who would have tried to stop Fu from doing the thing that saved them if they were alive.

Final Verdict

I believe he qualifies. He made Marinette and Adrien into the famous heroes Ladybug and Cat Noir, protected the miraculous box for centuries from evil like the Nazis which indirectly saved the world, gave Ladybug numerous miraculous to give to her friends to help her and Cat Noir defeat numerous villains, was willing to sacrifice himself to save Paris from the sentimonster, indirectly defeated the sentimonster and revived the Guardians by giving the miraculous back to Ladybug and Cat Noir, encased himself to prevent Hawk Moth and Mayura from stealing his miraculous, and most heroically he sacrificed his memories to make Ladybug the new Guardian of the Miraculous to prevent Hawk Moth from getting to him. He is responsible for all the heroism in the show by making the decision to give the miraculous to the main characters and ultimately sacrificed his memories for the greater good and thus should be approved.