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I have always liked Star Wars Legends more than Canon, and I wanted to propose some candidates to be Pure Good. This is the first and while she doesn’t have a page, I will create it. Without further ado, let’s discuss Nomi Sunrider.

What's The Work

Star Wars Legends is a non-canon expanded universe to the canon Skywalker Saga consisting of stories of the Old and New Republic. For this character in particular, it tells of the reemergence of the Sith after being assumed to be destroyed and the devastating Great Sith War that follows.

Who is She/What Has She Done?

Nomi Sunrider is a major character in the Star Wars franchise, serving as the deuteragonist of the Tales of the Jedi comic series and a posthumous character for the rest of the franchise. She  was the wife of Jedi knight Andur Sunrider and mother of Vima Sunrider who goes on the path to become a Jedi after her husband’s death and becomes intertwined with the fate of the protagonist Ulic-Qel Droma, later becoming one of the most skilled Jedi in the Order and attaining the rank of Grand Master.

Admirable Standard

Now Star Wars does have a high admirable standard even in Legends with two other Jedi Yoda and Qui-Gon Jinn being PG, but Nomi does more than enough to stand out for her heroic actions which include:

  • She defeats Bogga the Hutt’s gang and forces them to retreat.
  • She feels immense remorse for killing the two gang members who murdered her husband even though she only killed them in self-defense as they were about to kill her and her daughter.
  • Travels to the planet Ambria to become a Jedi and refuses to let the dark side mislead her with fear and instead continue on her journey and face her fears.
  • Met Master Thon and his apprentice Oss Willum to begin her Jedi training.
  • Saved Vima from dark side spirits.
  • Initially refused to build a lightsaber as she still felt guilty about being forced to kill her husband's murderers and vowed to not take another life.
  • Despite disliking lightsabers as she viewed them as tools of death, she accepted Master Thon’s lightsaber as a gift out of courtesy.
  • Rescued Master Thon from space pirates and forced them to retreat using a lightsaber, realizing that a lightsaber was part of being a Jedi and not inherently bad.
  • Completed her training from Master Thon and traveled to the Jedi headquarters on the planet Ossus to begin her next training from Master Vodo-Siosk-Baas.
  • Led a team of five Jedi to Onderon to rescue Ulic-Qel Droma and Master Arca Jeth from the Naddist sith cult
  • Successfully defeat King Ommin with Ulic-Qel-Droma and put an end to the Naddist reign on Onderon.
  • Led a Republic peace-keeping fleet to Kronos Major to stop the Krath sith cult from taking over the entire star system.
  • Broke through Aleema Keto’s Sith illusions to bolster Republic forces.
  • Tended to Ulic Qel-Droma’s wounds when he is severely injured by Krath forces.
  • Announced to the Jedi Conclave at Deneba that Ulic Qel-Droma had a plan to defeat the Krath and introduced him.
  • Warned Ulic of the dangers of infiltrating the Krath and encouraged him not to give in to the dark side before kissing him just before he left for the mission.
  • Formed a plan to contact Ulic Qel-Droma after not hearing from him for months and worrying that he had fallen to the dark side.
  • Infiltrated Krath headquarters and allowed herself to be captured so she could redeem Ulic Qel-Droma.
  • Escaped from her captivity and execution by using her battle meditation to distract and neutralize her captors.
  • Alerted Ulic’s brother Cay and Doneeta to aid her in retrieving Ulic and stopping his fall to the dark side.
  • She was disturbed when Ulic killed Satal Keto in a fit of rage even though Satal ordered her execution a few minutes earlier.
  • She tried to bring back Ulic to the light once again and was heartbroken when he rejected her.
  • Although she briefly wanted to rescue Ulic by any means necessary even if it was against his will, she quickly realized that was wrong and that she would only try to persuade Ulic to return to the light out of his own free will alone.
  • Arrived on the planet Cinnagar and pleaded with Ulic once again to return to the light, and once she realized he would keep refusing, she ordered a retreat reminding ner colleagues that they either redeem Ulic on his own accord or not at all.
  • Continued to improve her battle meditation skills with the guidance of Jedi Master Odan-Urr and learned how to cut off a dark side user’s powers from the Force.
  • Helped lead the defense of Coruscant from the Sith and Mandalorians.
  • Sensed Ulic in the Republic War Room and lead a team of Jedi to retake the war room from him and defeat/capture Ulic.
  • Defeated the dark side spirits using her battle meditation, saving Vima, Master Thon, and fellow Jedi knight Sylvar.
  • Helps lead the evacuation of Ossus after a supernova caused by Aleema Keto heads its way to destroy Ossus.
  • Defeated Ulic and cut him off from the force after Ulic murdered Cay which motivated Ulic to realize his actions and redeem himself
  • Felt immediate remorse after realizing the effect of cutting Ulic off from the force was permanent and applied to losing lights side powers as well.
  • Formed a plan to have hundreds of Jedi including herself form a wall of light and used her superior skills to unite and direct the massive light side energy towards Exar Kun, saving the galaxy from his spirit by imprisoning it on Yavin 4 .
  • Even though it wasn’t her fault whatsoever, she felt remorse for the fires that devastated Yavin 4 caused by Exar Kun projected mass dark side energy to collide with her light side wall of light which caused the inferno.
  • Following the Great Sith War and in the following years, she helped rebuilt the Jedi and Republic eventually became the Grand Master of the Jedi Order.
  • She ordered the construction of an underground Jedi city on Yavin 4 to help terraform and rebuild Yavin 4 to restore the moon’s ecosystem.
  • Called the first Jedi Conclave in over a decade after the Sith War, inspiring the Jedi knights to have hope and announcing a new Jedi Council.
  • Although she briefly got angry at her daughter Vima running away and going to Nomi’s former lover/ex-war criminal/redeemed Jedi Ulic Qel-Droma to teach her, she meditated on her life and the differences between her and Vima, she quickly let go of her anger and realized that Ulic was the best example for Vima to learn the costs of being a Jedi.
  • Tends to a dying Ulic and forgives him for all his previous crimes.

Corrupting Factors

Honestly she doesn’t really have any, I mean this is the woman who felt remorse for killing the people who murdered her husband right in front of her even though it was only in self-defense as they were about to kill her and her daughter next. She even initially refused to have a lightsaber as she didn’t want to kill anyone else and instead train as a pacifistic Jedi until she reluctantly accepted lethal force was sometimes necessary in self-defense and especially in wartime….

...However, it should be pointed out that even when faced with a remorseless PE villain like Exar Kun, Nomi created a wall of light and guided hundreds of Jedi to do the same with the explicit intention of cleansing Yavin 4 of the dark side and imprisoning but not destroying Kun’s spirit on Yavin 4 to stop Kun’s plan to disperse his spirit across the galaxy to be unstoppable and conquer the galaxy. In fact Exar Kun’s decision to selfishly reject redemption and try to disperse his spirit across the galaxy by turning into a spirit lead to Kun projecting dark side energy into space which collided with the light side energy to cause a cataclysmic fire that ravaged Yavin 4. Even though it was Kun’s fault and not hers, Nomi feels immense remorse and orders the rebuilding and restoring Yavin 4’s ecosystem even building a city to help moderate the moon’s climate. In other words, Nomi didn’t even wish to kill one of the galaxy’s worst villains Exar Kun but instead came up with a way to stop and imprison him and even felt remorse and devoted the Jedi to rebuilding Yavin 4 when Kun used his dark side powers to collide and explode with the light side energy to cause the fire in the first place all in  a selfish act to keep his dark side powers.

Also Nomi did briefly get angry with her daughter Vima for running away and going to her former lover/ex-war criminal Ulic Qel-Droma to train as a Jedi but after meditating about her life and Vima’s, she let go of her anger and realized that she had neglected to train her daughter due to being busy with her duties as Grand Master and that Ulic training her was for the best. Even when she decides to go to take her daughter back, it was only because she wanted to train Vima and was afraid that Ulic might harbor some revenge or had fallen back to the dark side and might harm Vima to get to her. When she realizes she was wrong, she admits it and tearfully hugs her daughter, and decides to let her continue training with Ulic as she knows he is truly redeemed. When Ulic is assassinated, Nomi embraces his body out of grief and admires Ulic for staying on the light side even after he lost everything, forgiving him for all his past misdeeds.

Final Verdict

She qualifies. She is a pacifist at heart who only reluctantly takes lives in self-defense and wartime. She rescued her mentor Master Thon from pirates, saved her daughter from dark side spirits, and lead a successful rescue mission to save protagonist Ulic Qel-Droma and Master Arca Jeth. However, her best and most unique actions comes from turning the tide of the Great Sith War in the Republic’s favor by defeating and redeeming Ulic from the dark side which allowed her and the Republic to lead a massive counteroffensive against Exar Kun. Best of all, she ended the Great Sith War and saved the galaxy from Exar Kun by using a wall of light side energy to stop him from dispersing his spirit across the galaxy to be unstoppable and conquer it, by keeping his spirit imprisoned on Yavin 4. Overall she stands out for being a pacifist and remorseful Jedi who ended up saving the galaxy and Republic from the onslaught of Ulic Qel-Droma and Exar Kun by redeeming the former and defeating the latter.