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Well time for the second Transformers proposal I have planned. Time for the Bigger Good and archenemy of Unicron to hopefully be approved. Without further ado, let’s discuss the creator of the Transformers, Primus.


Note: This proposal is only for the UK G1 Comics and Unicron Trilogy versions of Primus. I split the admirable section into two categories for the different versions.

What's The Work

The Transformers is a comic series published at the same time as the original G1 cartoon, but existing in a separate continuity. Like most Transformers media, it tells of the adventures of the Autobots against the Decepticons and other enemies.

The Unicron trilogy is a trilogy of anime series, Armada, Energon, and Cybertron that is one of the many adaptations of the Transformers mythos. Armada tells about the Autobots quest to protect the powerful Minicons from the Decepticons, Energon is about the Autobots trying to stop a revived Megatron from using Unicron to conquer the galaxy, and Cybertron is about the Autobots trying to stop a black hole crested from the remains of Unicron from destroying the universe.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Primus is the overarching protagonist of the Transformers franchise. He is (usually) the brother of Unicron and always his archnemesis. He is the creator and god of all Transformers who defeated Unicron in the past and is the planet Cybertron the homeworld of the Transformers. Unfortunately due to his fight with Unicron in the past, Primus is incredibly weakened and dormant, rarely appearing unless a truly universal threat is at hand.

Unicron Trilogy Admirable Standard

Now the Unicron Trilogy has a high standard with Optimus Prime saving the galaxy from Megatron and Unicron. However, despite technically being a deity, Primus is severely limited since he requires a lot of function to both function and provide life on Cybertron which makes him confined to his Cybertron alt mode for almost all of the series. That being said, Primus still ends up being the most admirable character with his heroic actions which include

  • Created the Transformers race and served as the living energy core of Cybertron, this not only created life on Cybertron but the various Cybertron colony worlds like Velocitron, Jungle Planet, and Gigantion
  • Saved a young human Kicker Jones from falling to his death and imbued him with the power to detect energon to rebuild Cybertron as vast amounts of Energon was required to so.
  • Imbued the Transformers with the Spark of Combination so they can powerlinx to increase their powers.
  • Advised Optimus Prime on how to prepare for the future and stop Megatron, Terrorcons, and the return of Unicron.
  • Summoned Arcee to help the Autobots pacify Unicron’s head.
  • Revived Wing Dagger when he was killed by Shockblast and rebuilt him into Wing Saber.
  • Healed and upgraded the Autobot army when they were injured by Unicron by infusing his power into them.
  • Upgraded Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme to planetary size so they could defeat Unicron and destroy his body.
  • Saved Rad and Dr. Jones from falling to their deaths when they crashed through his ceiling.
  • Defeated Mirage and secured his chamber.
  • Upgraded Optimus Prime to planetary size again so he can save Cybertron and the Plains Planet from crashing into each other and being destroyed.
  • Stopped Kicker from destroying Unicron’s essence and instead Primus used it to create a new Sun to bring life and warmth to Alpha Q’s new universe.
  • Told his “children” to maintain the balance when his Sun collapses and turns into a black hole that threatens the entire multiverse.
  • Defeated Starscream and hurled him away.
  • Used his power to hold back the black hole.
  • Convinced Jetfire to help the Autobots in their trip to Gigantion.
  • Defeated a now planetary size Starscream once again.
  • Combined the four ancient colony starships into the Ark, using it and all his power to destroy the black hole and save the multiverse from destruction.

Marvel Comics Admirable Standard

Now Marvel Comics has a moderate standard Transformers wise with Optimus and other Autobots fighting against Decepticons as usual and evil entities like the Dark Matrix along with defeating the alternate reality version of Galvatron and stopping him from conquering Earth like he did in his timeline. However, Primus still passes the admirable standard with his heroic actions which include:

  • Trapped Unicron and himself in prisons to stop their battle that would destroy the universe.
  • Created the Transformers and the Matrix, the latter of which was the only thing that could destroy Unicron and had it passed down from leaders of the Transformers to prepare them for when Unicron returned.
  • Created the Last Autobot to serve as the Guardian of the Transformers when Primus would eventually die.
  • Went into deep slumber to cut off his psychic link with Unicron so Unicron couldn’t find him and to buy enough time for the Transformers to become ready to face Unicron.
  • Summoned all the Transformers back to Cybertron to face and defeat Unicron.
  • Appointed Optimus Prime to lead a united Autobot-Decepticon alliance against Unicron, drawing out/exposing the Heralds of Unicron amongst the Autobots and Decepticons.
  • When the alliance fell apart due to the terror of actually seeing Unicron, he through his willing and faithful avatar/servant Xaaron tried to trick Unicron into thinking he still had full power, but sadly Unicron saw through the facade and (seemingly) destroyed Primus.
  • Posthumously made Optimus Prime realize that the Transformers were supposed to carry on after his death, motivating Optimus Prime to unleash Primus’ Creation Matrix to destroy Unicron and save the universe.

Corrupting Factors

Now in terms of the Unicron Trilogy version, he doesn’t really have any corrupting qualities. Yes, technically his plan to create a Sun with Unicron’s essence failed within 10 years and created a black hole that nearly destroyed the entire multiverse, but Primus did not know that would happen and it isn’t his fault that Unicron’s essence would create a black hole since it was something no one could predict. Despite that, Primus takes it upon himself to destroy the black hole and save the multiverse.

In terms of the Marvel comics version, some people might have moral agency concerns when they hear that Primus was a member of the “Light Gods”. However, it is soon revealed thereafter that Primus was created from Unicron by the same creator in parallel to Adam and Eve so no, Primus (and Unicron) doesn’t have any moral agency issues and is full control of his actions.

Also for the Marvel comics version, Optimus Prime initially thinks that Primus is manipulating the Transformers for his own suspicious ends when Primus unites the Autobots and Decepticons to expose the Unicron heralds within their ranks and only sees the Transformers as a means to an end. However, this doesn't really make sense since Primus wanted the Transformers to defeat Unicron to save themselves and the universe not because he saw the Transformers as a means to an end. After Primus dies, Optimus realizes he was wrong and that Primus wanted the Transformers to be take up his protector mantle after his death and inspired by Primus’ sacrifice, Optimus destroys Unicron using the Matrix and saves Cybertron and the universe.

Final Verdict

Both versions definitely qualify. They created the Transformers race and as Cybertron, he provided life on the surface for millions of years. Both saved the universe from Unicron either directly like the Marvel version or by giving Optimus enough power to defeat him. The Cybertron version empowered the Autobot army with the Spark of Combination which allowed them to defeat the Decepticons in nearly all their battles in Transformers Energon, revived Wing Dagger when he was killed by Shockblast, and finally transformed back into his robot mode for the first time in millions of years to destroy the Unicron black hole and save the entire multiverse. The Marvel version not only saved the universe from Unicron in the past, but sacrificed his robot mode to stop Unicron and trap them both. He later united the Autobots and Decepticons to stop Unicron, sacrificing himself when the alliance falls apart, and posthumously inspires Optimus to use the Matrix to defeat Unicron and save the universe once and for all. He is truly is the opposite of his “brother” and archenemy.