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Protector of the weak, lover of all life, and a paragon of justice, meet Star Saber.

Alright so I am going to propose candidates for my favorite franchise, Transformers. The first candidate is a lesser known Autobot leader. This also happens to be my first anime proposal. Without further ado, let’s discuss, Star Saber.

What's The Work

Transformers Victory is an anime/manga series that is part of the Japanese G1 cartoon continuity. It is the sequel to Transformers Super-God Masterforce and the predecessor of Transformers Zone. The story is about the current Autobot leader Star Saber and his human adopted son Jan Minakaze and their adventures against the Decepticon leader Deathsaurus and his minions.

Who is He/What Has He Done?

Star Saber is main protagonist of Transformers Victory and the overarching protagonist of Transformers Super God Masterforce and Transformers Zone. He is the legendary paragon and Supreme Commander of the Autobots widely regarded for his idealism and incorruptible nature who protects the galaxy from evil and adopted Jan Minakaze after the deaths of his parents from the Decepticons and his archnemesis Deathsaurus.

Admirable Standard

Now the Japanese G1 cartoon continuity includes the original G1 series along with Transformers Headmasters, Transformers Super God Masterforce, Transformers Victory, and Transformers Zone. Now the admirable standard is rather high with Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime saving the universe from Unicron and the Hate Plague respectively with the Matrix of Leadership. However, Star Saber still passes the admirable standard especially since he doesn’t have access to the Matrix like the Primes did with his heroic actions that include:

  • Even as a child, he was a paragon of heroism, never stole food, never was greedy, and never wet the bed. (Btw yes I know it is weird to imagine a transformer child but it is canon to the story so whatever.)
  • 500,000 years ago, he saved the galaxy from Deathsaurus and his planet-destroying fortress. He defeated Deathsaurus and imprisoned his fortress in the Dark Nebula.
  • Recovered a human child named Jan Minakaze from a human spacecraft destroyed by the Decepticons and adopted him as his own son.
  • Saved the space colony Iron Town from the Decepticons.
  • Defeated Deathsaurus and the Dinoforce single handedly, saving Lunar Base from destruction.
  • Defeated Dinoking, the combined form of the Dinoforce, saving the human staff of Lunar Base once again.
  • Saved Jan’s school from the Decepticons with the help of Road Caesar.
  • Defeated Dinoking and Leozack, saving an energy plant, uranium mine, and an amusement park in the process.
  • Became concerned when he lost contact with Blacker and the Multiforce, speeding to their rescue and helping them defeat the Decepticons.
  • Saved a major American subway system from Deathsaurus.
  • Defeated Leozack and his new recruit Hellbat, resisting the latter’s hypnotic waves.
  • Together with Blacker, he saved Marine City from a neutron bomb and Leozack.
  • Saved Jan and his micromaster friend Holi from Dinoking.
  • Stopped a Decepticon energy gathering scheme with the Multiforce.
  • Saved dozens of human pilots who had been taken captive by the Decepticons.
  • Saved the planet Micro from Hellbat and the two mercenaries Black Shadow and Blue Bacchus, pushing himself to the limit to lift an entire overloading power plant and throw it into space to save the planet.
  • Comforted Jan over his fears that Star Saber would die from the Decepticons.
  • Defeated Deathsaurus at the South Pole.
  • Despite being severely injured by a previous battle with the Decepticons, he entered battle to confront Deathsaurus and Liokaiser (the combined form of Leozack and his Breastforce).
  • Initially refused to deconstruct his friend, God Ginrai’s body when he was fatally wounded by Deathsaurus so God Ginrai could empower Saber as he thought it was immoral to use his friend’s body only relenting when God Ginrai insisted Saber do it, successfully turning God Ginrai into Victory Leo and combining with him, becoming Victory Saber.
  • Saved humanity from being destroyed by Deathsaurus and defeated him.
  • Saved Jan’s school from the Dinoforce once again.
  • When he saw the Dinoforce genuinely cared about each other and threw themselves in his way to save their leader Goryu, he spared them and told them to heal up for their next eventual battle.
  • Exposed Leozack for impersonating him.
  • Organized relief efforts in Portugal when the Decepticons raised Atlantis off Portugal’s coast and caused massive tidal waves.
  • Battled Dinoking for the final time.
  • Allowed Dinoforce to live on Earth peacefully and accepted their redemption.
  • Dueled and defeated Deathsaurus for the final time and destroying his fortress, saving Earth and humanity.
  • In the manga version, he peacefully ended the Victory war with Deathsaurus when he found out that Deathsaurus was trying to free his fortress to save his wife and the other Decepticon civilians.
  • In Transformers Zone, he orders the fortification of Micro when a new energy source called Energon Z is discovered to protect the planet from the Decepticons, renovating the planet which was renamed Planet Z.
  • Ordered troops to protect numerous planets from attacks from the new Decepticon leader Violen Jiger.
  • Sacrificed himself to save the population of the planet Feminia, as he was unable to get out of the planet in time and although he wasn’t killed, he was extremely damaged.
  • Appointed Dai Atlas the new leader of the Autobots as he was impressed by his battle skills.

Corrupting Factors

The only thing I can think of is that he does end up killing Deathsaurus but it was justified. Deathsaurus was going to destroy Earth with his Planet-Destroying Fortress and attacked Star Saber to prevent him from deactivating the fortress. Star Saber only stabbed him to buy Jan enough time to deactivate the fortress and save humanity. Plus Deathsaurus basically killed himself since he decided to rip Star Saber's blade from his chest Killmonger style and set his fortress to collide with Earth out of spite before succumbing to his wounds. Basically, Star Saber only killed Deathsaurus in self-defense and as a last resort to save Earth.

Final Verdict

I believe he qualifies. He has saved the galaxy multiple times from Deathsaurus and his planet destroying fortress, rescued Jan as a child and adopted him after the deaths of his parents, saved Jan’s school and numerous places on Earth, saved numerous planets, and defeated Deathsaurus and destroyed his fortress to save Earth. Although Dinoforce was his enemy, he spared their lives and eventually redeemed them. He stands out as a all-loving paragon who eventually (non-lethally) sacrificed himself to save a random planet and passed the title of autobot leader to Dai Atlas. Overall he is just a paragon of virtue and compassion and should be approved.