DarkUnknownWarrior DarkUnknownWarrior 8 September 2019

Pg Proposal: Wall-E

Oddly confused no one submitted the pure-heart him self. WALL-E 

WALL-E is the main character of the movie named the same He is a old-dusty robot which fall in love with the gorgeous-new modeled EVE. WALL-E's heart was only for EVE. His heart was literally directed towards EVE. He would sacrifice his life for EVE. WALL-E Is also notable for being a sweet-heart towards everyone. He was designed to be an environmentally-friendly garbage-processing robot. As such, he possesses many interesting devices to help him fulfil his directive.

Because WALL•E has been alone for 700 years, he has developed a "glitch": sentience and a personality. He has become very curious and he keeps anything interesting he can find. Even though he still obediently foll…

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DarkUnknownWarrior DarkUnknownWarrior 26 August 2019

Pg Proposal: Sportacus

Sportacus is the main Hero of the cartoon Lazy Town. 

He is a sweetheart super-hero which is protecting the Lazy Town from the evil vicious Robbie Rotten. He though didn't attack or harm anyone in the whole cartoon, he was infact helping pretty much everyone to become better. In the cartoon, Sportacus always eats healthy fruits and gets power when eating an Apple. When he eats the Apple, he would rescuse the Town!

He literally goes and helps everyone in the city! He has nothing against anyone in the city. He's just a pure sweetheart of a hero.... 

Sportacus is LazyTown’s slightly-above-average hero.

He is the real-life embodiment of the action figure every kid dreams of becoming. Fit, agile and an amazing acrobat with lightning fast style, Spor…

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DarkUnknownWarrior DarkUnknownWarrior 2 July 2019

Pg Proposal: SCP-999

  • 1 Who is SCP-999
  • 2 The Work
  • 3 Good Zone/Corrupting Factors
  • 4 Final Verdict

SCP-999 is a Safe-SCP creature which roams the SCP facility for free. SCP-999 is appears to be an adorable-orange-slimey creature which is protective over everyone and everything.

SCP-999 literally does everything it can in order to help someone in pain. SCP-999 would come to depressed people and cuddle with them, making it smell into bacon or anything which makes them feel better. SCP-999 would even jump on a bullet just to save the victims life. SCP-999 is also known to the 'Angel' of the SCP Foundation, for it's declaration to help and protect anyone who it sees. Even the devil him-self SCP-682, the Reptile, would become calmer and softer when SCP-999 is around it trying …

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