Sportacus is the main Hero of the cartoon Lazy Town. 

Who Is He?

He is a sweetheart super-hero which is protecting the Lazy Town from the evil vicious Robbie Rotten. He though didn't attack or harm anyone in the whole cartoon, he was infact helping pretty much everyone to become better. In the cartoon, Sportacus always eats healthy fruits and gets power when eating an Apple. When he eats the Apple, he would rescuse the Town!

Admirable Standards

He literally goes and helps everyone in the city! He has nothing against anyone in the city. He's just a pure sweetheart of a hero.... 

Sportacus is LazyTown’s slightly-above-average hero.

He is the real-life embodiment of the action figure every kid dreams of becoming. Fit, agile and an amazing acrobat with lightning fast style, Sportacus is always moving, flipping through the air and landing on his feet.

Sportacus loves to use everyday items in outrageous ways, often skipping the ordinary when he can do something with flair. It's no wonder he lives in an AirShip.

Sportacus owns a magical crystal that sits on his costume and glows when the LazyTown kids get into trouble. It keeps him quite busy actually. So to be able to charge his batteries, Sportacus always goes to bed at 8:08.

Sportacus is patient, kind, always understanding, and does not tell the kids in LazyTown what not to do. He prefers to lead by example.

Final Verdic

Instant Yes. 

Nick Jr. LazyTown Sportacus Illustrated 2
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