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What if there was at least one Pure Good in Tom and Jerry franchise?

What if a character from the Tom and Jerry franchise that had a chance?

What's the work?

Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon is an animated fantasy comedy direct-to-video film in which Tom and Jerry find a lost dragon and care for it.

Unlike the other films, there are no humans (unless Kaldorf counts as one) and so there are no unseen faces.

Who is she and what does she do?

Athena is the deuteragonist of Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon and the owner of Tom and Jerry in this version.

  • Although Drizelda is her aunt (and possibly her only relative), she preferred to side with Kaldorf.
  • It was she who started Tom and Jerry's friendship in this film (although they didn't get along very well).
  • Years later, she began caring for strays, including species that most people prefer to stay away from.
  • She didn't allow three boys to get on her nerves.
  • As bad as the other elves were being, she was still kind.
  • She refused to abandon Puffy (the baby dragon) even if it was so she wouldn't be banished because he couldn't survive on his own.
  • She came to try to save Puff when he was kidnapped.
  • She saved Kaldorf from Drizela.
  • At Kaldorf's request, she destroyed her aunt's necklace in order to defeat her and rescue Puffy and his mother.
  • She forgave the other elves in the end.

Admirable Standard

Although from Tom and Jerry they are usually created just for laughs, Athena was taken seriously in taking on the responsibilities of caring for strays and saved the village from Drizelda.

Corrupting Factors

While Tom and Jerry have corrupt qualities as usual, Athena doesn't seem to have any.

Final Verdict

This proposal is to give a hypothesis for a character from Tom and Jerry (at least in the movies) to be Pure Good.