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Warning: in order not to put too much into this proposal, I only put the most important part.

My first proposal for TV Series characters and my first proposal for anime characters.

What's the work?

Cinderella Monogatari is an anime TV series about Cinderella.

It all starts when her father leaves (possibly for a few months) and then her stepmother starts abusing her and forces her to work as a maid for most of the series.

In episode 2 she meets Charles (who in the next episode is revealed to be the prince in disguise) who then becomes her friend.

In episode 23, Cinderella finally discovers her secret identity when he was forced to expose it to Duke Zaral to save Marcel.

In episodes 24 and 25, the part where Cinderella goes to the dance in disguise, then runs away and loses a shoe, etc.

In the final episode, her stepmother redeems herself, and her father finally comes back, but before she marries Charles, they had to face Zaral when he came back for revenge.

Whose are they and what do they do?


  • Cinderella is the titular protagonist of the Tv Series Cinderella Monogatari and as in the other versions, she worked as a maid for her abusive stepmother.
  • When Paulette was about to fall into the fountain, Cinderella (not knowing who she is) saved her.
  • As mean as her stepmother and stepsisters were to her, it never led to a desire for revenge.
    • In episode 21 she had an opportunity to get rid of her stepmother, for her to put her own life at risk to save her, thus showing that she cares for her despite the abuse.
  • She apologized to Charles for accidentally pushing him away the day they met.
  • In episode 8 she helped Marie keep her balance.
  • In episode 11 she helped Laura and Nicolas escape to be together.
  • In episode 13 she sympathized with a boy for his loss and then cooked for him and his father for her will.
  • In episode 17 after one of her stepsisters lost a ring, Cinderella decided to take the blame for what happened and sought it back, but after discovering she was worthless, she decided to keep it for its beauty.
  • In episode 18 she was willing to sacrifice herself for Charles by convincing Zore to finish her painting first even though she knew her soul would be trapped if the painting was finished.
    • After he was released, she gave him permission to paint a new one in peace now that he was no longer dangerous.
  • In episode 19 she protected her stepfamily from the bandits who served Zaral.
  • Although she thought that she and Charles could no longer spend time together due to him being the prince, luckily, they still stayed together.
  • As in the classic versions, she was disguised for the ball to dance with the prince.
  • Although at first she didn't want to wear the shoe, she later accepted when her friends convinced her.
  • In the last episode, Cinderella and Charles defeated Zaral.


  • Paulette is a recurring character in the TV Series Cinderella Monogatari and as in the other versions, she is Cinderella's godmother.
  • When Cinderella's mother passed away, Paulette took it upon herself to take care of her as her godmother.
  • He felt sorry for Cinderella when she was left alone with her stepmother and stepsisters, knowing it wasn't good.
  • Throughout the episodes, she secretly uses magic to help Cinderella and others, though she does so in an emergency.
    • In episode 10 Paulette (knowing that the "prince" was Alex) turned off the lights so that Alex wouldn't be discovered and could switch places with Charles.
    • In episode 11 she turned Patch into a horse to help Laura and Nicolas escape and then used a spell to keep the bridge from breaking until they were able to cross it.
    • In episode 15 she turned rocks into dogs to distract Minch.
    • In episode 17 she shrunk Cinderella so Papy could save her, but then she grew back just in time.
    • In episode 18 she created rain to destroy Cinderella's cursed portrait while freeing Zore from the demon that possessed him.
    • In episode 19 she used magic to put out a fire that had broken out in Cinderella's house.
  • In episode 21 she came to help Cinderella save her stepmother even though she knew she couldn't use magic in the Haunted Forest.
  • In episode 24 she helped Cinderella go to the dance at least temporarily (this time Cinderella learned of the magic).

Admirable Standard


Unlike most versions, this version of Cinderella had a longer history and helped many people throughout the series.

This version of Cinderella is shown to care about her stepfamily as she still protected them from bandits and then puts her life at risk for her stepmother.

Also throughout the series, she and Charles discovered Zaral's plans and stopped him from usurping the monarchy.


Despite being a recurring character, she did one of the most admirable things in the TV Series by freeing Zore from the demon that possessed him and redeeming him, despite the souls he imprisoned, she sympathized with him by telling Cinderella of the tragic past that took him to become cruel.

She was still willing to help Cinderella save her stepmother despite her abuse.

Corrupting Factors


At first she didn't like Charles for being a liar, but as time went on, they became great friends (according to Alex, girls don't like liars when they first meet them, so it's normal).


In episode 4 she turned a horse into a copy of Charles so that Cinderella brought him home (which later caused panic), it turns out it was for Cinderella not to waste any more time finding the real Charles, which would be difficult.

Overall Verdict

Originally I wanted to make separate proposals, but I thought it would be a little better to make a proposal for both characters, making this my first proposal for more than one character.