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Unlike other mice, Despereaux is a bold mouse with a pure heart.

My next proposal is for Despereaux which I promise will be approved.

What's the work?

The Tale of Despereaux is a 2008 computer-animated adventure fantasy film, it all starts when a queen dies of a heart attack which results in the soup and the rats becoming illegal, shortly after that Despereaux is born who after growing up, becomes different from the others mice, but that's for the sake of being honorable.

Who is he and what does he do?

Despereaux Tilling is the titular protagonist of the movie The Tale of Despereaux that unlike the other mice, he had things that made him unique.

  • The first thing he does in the film is to carefully remove some cheese from mousetraps.
  • He genuinely gives some cheese to the rats, despite his friends telling him not to.
  • Even though his brother told him to eat some books instead of reading, he read anyway and got to know a beautiful fairy tale.
  • He was saddened to see King Philip heartbroken by the loss.
  • He talked to Princess Pea and found out that she misses soup and rats.
  • He was the first to see kindness in Roscuro when he secretly saved him, then spoke to him in the stories.
  • Despereaux was the only one to hear Princess Pea's help.
  • He tried unsuccessfully to bring her necklace to her father.
  • He unsuccessfully tries to ask King for help.
  • He tries to ask the other mice for help, but when they say he is dead, he rings the bell to try to alert them.
  • After he is unable to ask King nor the mice for help, he tries to ask Chef Andre and Boldo for help, though only the latter offered him help.
  • While being attacked by rats, Despereaux tried to protect Boldo.
  • He released the cat to scare the rats.
  • He fought and defeated some rats.
  • Convinced the mice to stop being afraid.
  • Thanks to him, the soup and rats were accepted back and Roscuro joined his owner.

Admirable Standard

  • By reading the story of a hero, Despereaux became a gentleman with a pure heart.
  • Although he rang the bell to prove his survival, it was by ringing the bell that Andre decided to go back to making soup despite the law, this put an end to the misery and the sun appeared (which was useful in defeating Botticelli).
  • He convinced Boldo to be a hero and to have courage and honor.
  • Although it was Roscuro who defeated Botticelli, it was thanks to Despereaux that he got the Princess Pea's pardon and later returned to his owner.
    • Roscoro became temporaly evil just because she didn't forgive him and tried to avenge her (although he later regretted it), Despereaux however is incorruptible.
    • Also because of Despereaux the other mice are no longer afraid.

Corrupting Factors

  • He got his family worried about not following the rules and was banned for it, it turns out he was smart enough to know that mice weren't supposed to be afraid of danger.
  • He poked Chef Andre in the foot with a needle just because he wasn't listening to him, however, he was running out of time and it was the only way to get his attention.
  • Despite knowing that Mig is also a prisoner of the rats, he didn't try to save her, to be fair, he was running out of time for Princess Pea, but luckily Mig was discovered by Gregory (who ends up finding out that she is his daughter) which means it didn't take Despereaux to save her (if Despereaux had saved her, she wouldn't have stayed together with her father).

Overall Verdict

To me, he is an easy yes, for he is an honorable gentleman and has no corrupt qualities.