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My 6th PG Proposal. And my second for a DC character, after my controversial PG Proposal for Batman from The Batman. Today's candidate will be a strange one since I don't know any one-shot heroes from TV shows to be under PG Approved, also, this proposal is for a heroic counterpart of the Joker. So let's jump right in. Today's hero being proposed is... Red Hood from Batman: The Brave and the Bold.


  • Owlman is an evil version of Batman from another reality. He is not an alternate reality version of Batman in the comics, but he is in this show.
  • Silver Cyclone is an evil version of Red Tornado from the same reality.
  • The Crime Syndicate is an evil version of Batman's team from the same show and they originate from the same universe as Owlman and Silver Cyclone.

What's the work?

Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a show centered around Batman teaming up with a different person to stop a different villain in every episode, it's a bit corny but it has it's serious moments. Today's character comes from the episode: "Deep Cover for Batman!". Which is his only main appearance, as he appears in a flashback in the next episode. And briefly at the very end of the show as a cameo character.

Who is he?

Red Hood was a chemical engineer at Ace Chemicals before Owlman and his Crime Syndicate killed his unborn wife and child. He tried to defeat the Crime Syndicate alone, but was dropped into a vat of chemicals that turned his skin white. But unlike his mainstream counterpart he didn't completely lose his sanity. As Silver Cyclone says: "Your sanity was bent not broken". He made a team of superheroes to defeat the Syndicate but ultimately failed. He later created a device to travel to alternate realities.

What has he done?

  • Red Hood, despite losing his wife and unborn child, then being thrown into a vat of chemicals, never gave in to villainy. And was brave enough to fight the Crime Syndicate all alone.
  • He made a team of superheroes(comprised of heroic counterparts to villains in the mainstream universe) to defeat the Crime Syndicate.
  • After his team failed, Red Hood still felt like he could stop the Crime Syndicate by making a portal gun to alternate realities. He sent forth a spade to another dimension before he was attacked by the Syndicate who stole his device while he got away. Owlman visited the universe where the spade came to and Batman fought and defeated Red Hood(Red Hood wasn't expecting Owlman to follow his spade to the alternate reality), this made Batman curious enough to use the device to travel to Red Hood's reality.
  • He tried to stop the Syndicate when they were stealing an isotope for a bomb that destroys all organic matter in a reality. He teamed up with Batman(disguised as Owlman) to stop the Syndicate. Batman was undercover so Red Hood didn't begrudge him for punching him and knocking him out to retain his cover.
  • As per Batman's request he sent coded messages to Batman to help Batman find his location. He also did this while being shocked by Silver Cyclone constantly.
  • When Batman opened the prison cells of Red Hood's imprisoned superhero team, Red Hood alongside Batman and his superhero team took down the Crime Syndicate(which didn't have Owlman's help at the time).
  • When Silver Cyclone revealed that he had a bomb right next to himself that would destroy all organic matter in a single universe(using the aforementioned isotope). Red Hood blew Silver Cyclone up(only because it was necessary as the bomb was about to explode). So that he could send the bomb to a zombie planet to not blow his universe up. In Red Hood's word's: "Zombie planet can't be killed". As a result, he and Batman saved his entire universe from having all it's people being killed off.
  • He thanks Batman for his help, and sends him back to his universe.
  • Knowing Red Hood he imprisoned Owlman when Batman sent Owlman to be imprisoned with the other Syndicate members.

Corrupting Factors

I can't really think of any, since he didn't give in to insanity. So despite being an alternate reality version of Joker, he is still very much a good man.

Admirable Standard

While Batman has teamed up with numerous people in the show, Red Hood stands out among them I think, despite only being a one-shot character. He saved his entire earth with Batman, and managed to stop the Syndicate despite being constantly chased by them. On top of this he appeared in the first season of the show so the admirable standard wasn't that high. Although Batman would save his earth numerous times in later episodes if I can recall correctly. So I think Red Hood stood out enough at the time to qualify.

Final Verdict

I will let you all decide on this one.