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This Proposal is for the version of Princess Zelda/Sheik from Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask. Not her other versions.

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My 7th Pure Good Proposal, and my second for a Legend of Zelda character, after my Wolf Link proposal. Sheik/Princess Zelda from Ocarina of Time. Since Young Link, and Toon Link were approved, I thought we should give Sheik a proposal, since she's a lot like those 2.

Also users who do not have a 100+ edits on this wiki may not vote.

What's the work?

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a 1998 video game for the Nintendo 64. It centers around a Kokiri child "Link" who has to defeat the Dark Lord Ganondorf, and end his rein of terror in 2 alternate timelines.

Who is she?

Princess Zelda, known as Sheik for much of the game, is the princess of Hyrule. As a child, she works with Link to make sure Ganondorf can't take over the world. When Link enters the Sacred Realm and becomes an adult. Zelda disguises herself as Sheik to hide from Ganondorf and assist Link with his quest to defeat him.

What has she done?

  • As a child, Zelda suspected Ganondorf to not be loyal to the king. She entrusts Link with getting the 3 spiritual stones from the Goron, Zora, and Kokiri people.
  • She tossed the Ocarina of Time to Link in an attempt to make sure Ganondorf couldn't use it to get the triforce.
  • Disguised as Sheik she tells Link to assemble the seven sages together.
  • She tells Link numerous instructions like:
    • To get the Hookshot to enter the temples of the sages.
    • Numerous songs for the Ocarina which were necessary for traversing Hyrule.
    • To free the Zora's from their icy imprisonment.
    • To stop Bongo Bongo, and rescue Impa.
    • The fact that he can use the Master Sword to put into the Pedestal of Time to travel between the different timelines.
    • To turn into a child to work his way around the Spirit Temple.
  • When Link assembles 6 sages, she congratulates him and reveals herself as the seven, and final sage. And tells him what happened to Hyrule when he was trapped in the Sacred Realm
  • She states Ganondorf is a "Pitiful man", due to not fully understanding the power of the Triforce. Despite the fact he took over the world.
  • In the final fight, she held Ganon in place using the Triforce of Wisdom to that Link can defeat Ganon.
  • She and the other 6 sages imprison Ganon within the Sacred Realm.
  • She brings Link back to his childhood to live out his days, as a reward for him saving Hyrule.
  • Child Timeline:
    • She gives Link the Ocarina of Time(to prevent Ganondorf from going into the Sacred Realm)
    • She also taught Link the Song of Time in this timeline. Which he would use heavily in Majora's Mask.
    • She also works with Link to imprison Ganondorf.
  • While non canon. She helps defeat Ganon, Bowser, Tabuu, Galeem, and Darkhon in the Smash series.

Corrupting Factors

She did hide her identity from Link initially, but this was for her protection. If she was captured by Ganondorf, she couldn't give him all the advice she gave him. Other than this, I can't think of anything else.

Admirable Standard/Goodness Zone?

The Admirable Standard of the game(s) is not low. However since Link couldn't have defeated Ganondorf without Zelda's help, such as imprisoning Ganondorf in the final battle. And giving his a lot of important advice. I think she does just enough to qualify.

Final Verdict?

Like most of my other proposals, it's really up to you guys to decide. Though all her other versions are considered PG on this wiki.