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Alright so the last 4 proposals I made were for characters I was 60% sure would make the cut. But this candidate may be less than that. Soos from Gravity Falls.

What is the work?

Gravity Falls is a show from Disney Entertainment centered around twins Dipper and Mabel for Disney Channel. It focuses on the twins' misadventures throughout the titular town of Gravity Falls.

Who is he?

Jesus "Soos" Ramirez was born in the early 1990s, not much is known of his early life. Except that his father left him at an early age. On his birthday he would be hired by Stanley Pines as the replacement handyman of the Mystery Shack. he remains the handyman for 10 years, and eventually aids Dipper and Mabel in their misadventures.

What has he done?

Season 1

  • Before the show began he would do whatever Stan wanted, such as scratching Stan's back and fixing anything the he wanted.
  • In the pilot he showed support to Dipper when Dipper thought that Mabel was dating a zombie. Even giving him a weapon to defend himself.
  • He accompanied Dipper and Mabel on their journey to find the Gobblewonker, being a big help in their journey. He provided them with a boat, and supported them all the way through. He even called Dipper and Mabel out for abandoning Stan for their journey, calling them "The Real Monsters"
  • He helped Stan get into shape in "Dipper vs. Manliness"
  • He became a DJ for Stan's party for free.
  • He helped build Stan's Mystery Fair.
  • Soos advices Dipper not to fight Robbie and Rumble Mcskirmish for his safety.
  • He tells both Stan and Mabel not to make fun of Dipper due to being shorter than Mabel. He also helps Stan set up his mirror maze(which was Soos' idea that Stan stole, but Soos didn't begrudge him).
  • Soos warned Dipper and Mabel of The Summerween trickster. And when the trickster blackmails Dipper, Soos helps them collect candy for the Summerween Trickster to prevent Dipper from being eaten. He even accidently crashed into the trickster, though this didn't work so they went to a costume store and Soos after being eaten by the trickster. Eats him from the inside, allowing the trickster to have solace knowing that someone likes eating him. Also saving Dipper's and Mabel's lives, as well as Candy's, Grenda's, and Gourney's.
  • Soos decides to become the Mystery Shack's mascot; Questioney the question mark, to get customers excited for the attractions. He even helped Mabel beat Stan at a bet.
  • He saves Dipper and Mabel from The Tumbleweed Terror pinball machine. Stating saving them to be a great life accomplishment.
  • He tries to save inflatable ducks from their supposed enslavement when he believes they are sentient.
  • He finds Ford's hidden study in the Mystery Shack, and tells Dipper and Mabel to not fight over their differences. He also reveals that he tolerates sleeping in a boiler room that spews steam at him frequently. Ultimately due to his kindness, Dipper lets Soos have the newly found room.
  • Soos helps Dipper get a photo of a pterodactyl. When Waddles got captured by the pterodactyl, Soos helped them get Waddles back by telling Dipper and Mabel to walk between a baby pterodactyl's eyes.
  • Soos followed Dipper and Mabel into the mind of Stan to prevent Bill from getting the combination to the safe. Throught the episode he tells Dipper not to begrudge Stan over his harsh tasks, because earlier Stan told Soos that he gives Dipper hard tasks to toughen him up. Soos then helps Dipper and Mabel fight Bill at the end of the episode.
  • Soos brought Dipper, Mabel, and Stan to his grandmother's house when Gideon took over the shack. Soos takes up various jobs to cover their expenses, he helps the Pines family expose Gideon as a fraud. And as a bus driver he tries to save them from Gideon.

Season 2

  • Soos helped Stan for the grand Re-opening of the Mystery Shack, he initially tries to save Dipper and Mabel from zombies until he was turned into a zombie himself. He gets cured later on. Since he became corrupted by not by his own choice it isn't a negative quality.
  • He accompanied Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy when they went into The Author's bunker. He helped them defeat the shapeshifter and found a laptop which helped them find the author later on in the series.
  • He cheered for Mabel when she was playing mini-golf.
  • He repairs the aforementioned broken laptop for Dipper (although Bill destroys it later), and helps Mabel with her sock-puppet show.
  • To please his grandma, Soos tried to get a date with a girl for his cousin Reggie's engagement party. Ultimately Dipper and Mabel suggest a videogame to help him. Even though he thought that his virtual girlfriend; .GIFfany wasn't sentient, he still showed her kindness anyway. He showed kindness to Melody when he was riding a tiny train meant for toddlers. He tried to kindly tell .GIFfany that she wasn't for him(which infuriated her). He later admitted that it was his fault that .GIFfany was attacking them in a restaurant(though it really wasn't since he was right about his relationship with .GIFfany not being able to work out, but he still humbly stated it was). He burns .GIFfany's game disc and reconciles with Melody and ultimately pleases his grandma.
    • .GIFfany didn't actually die, as revealed in Journal 3. Journal 3 also shows that Soos wrote .GIFfany's entry in the journal for Dipper. It also showed that .GIFfany was happy to be dating Rumble McSkirmish.
  • He helped Dipper, Mabel, and Wendy to uncover Mcgucket's lost memories. Even fending off the members of the Blind Eye.
  • When given a time wish, he thanks Dipper and Mabel for showing their care for him, as well as this, he cleans them up to play laser tag.
  • He convinces Stan to lighten up to kids for the Woodstick Festival. He sets up his balloon, which made him please Stan once again because it frightened away children much to Stan's enjoyment.
  • On Stan's orders, he guards the Mystery Shack vending machine, he tries to stop Stan from opening the portal since it had the possibility to end the world. When Stan's shows that he did it for his twin brother Stanford, he immediately forgives him.
  • He helped Stan prank other tourist attractions. While this may seem like a bad thing, he's only doing it to gain Stan's respect, besides which Stan states that other tourist traps pranked the Mystery Shack as well(it is likely Stan was telling the truth).
  • When Weirdmaggedon started he helped numerous strangers get to safety.
  • When Dipper, Wendy, and himself were falling in Mabel's prison bubble, he used himself as a body shield in case they were going to die. So that the former Dipper and Wendy could live even if he couldn't. He also helped Dipper, and Wendy rescue Mabel from Mabeland.
  • Soos supports the townsfolk as well as Dipper, and Mabel in their quest to save Ford and Gravity Falls consistently, even calling Mabel's apocalypse sweaters comfortable, and stating that if Bill is defeated, they will grant a party to Dipper and Mabel. And assisting McGucket with the building of the Shacktron.
  • He helps topple Bill's throne made of townsfolk turned to stone. He is also one of the members to stand in the zodiac with the others.
  • Soos helped Stan regain his memories after he had amnesia. He later on becomes the Mystery Shack's new owner, his first acts as owner of the Mystery Shack are to hire his girlfriend Melody, and build a statue of Stan. As well as this, because he owns the Mystery Shack, his grandma is able to live in a better house.


  • In a canon comic book tie-in to the show. Soos encourages Stan to love comics again and saves his friends from being defeated by the Indestructi-Buddies by rewriting the narration box to give them all superpowers. He later encourages Stan to print his old comic strip, once again pleasing Stan.
  • In shorts where he appears, he is supportive of what Dipper and Mabel do.

Corrupting factors

  • Soos often gets himself and his friends in trouble due to his carelessness and dimwittedness. However he always gets them out of the situations he causes and apologizes or learns from his mistakes.
  • Soos often does things for Stan that while bad, is never really law-breaking. And it's to earn Stan's trust. He is also the only main character of the show to not have a criminal record.
    • Stan has commited numerous offences.
    • Dipper and Mabel got arrested from making counterfeit bills with Stan.
    • Wendy stole Blub's and Derland's car.
    • Ford has done numerous things in the multiverse that branded him as a criminal.
  • He did give in to Mabeland's version of his "perfect father", although knowing he was fake and accepting Dipper and Mabel were his new family already. But this was because he wanted to play just one game of catch with the father he never had. He only played one game of catch with him. And when Dipper told Soos that they were escaping Mabeland with Mabel, he didn't begrudge them at all(even though he would lost his "perfect father").

Admirable standard

While Dipper and Mabel exist in the show. It's still true that Soos is still as good as he can be with his resources, fixing up anything he can. And ultimately being a big help for Dipper and Mabel in the firstplace. Without Soos, Dipper couldn't have found the laptop, which was a major contributing factor to finding the Author. So I don't think he fails the admirable standard.

Final verdict

I will let you all decide this one, Soos is definitely an interesting case. I have worked harder on this proposal than any other, if you ask me, he has a decent chance at getting approved.