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Hello everyone this is my first PG proposal so let's get into it. A proposal for Wolf Link, the mainstream version has been approved so I'm sure he will get approved too.

What's The Work

Wolf Link comes from the mid-2000s video game: "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess". He is the form of Link taken when he enters Twilight space or that time he was cursed by Zant. Otherwise he is a hylian in his late teens. At a ranch. Little do people know he is the descendant of the Hero of Time. And would become a hero to save Hyrule from Want and Ganondorf. He would be known as the Hero of Twilight.

Who is the Candidate/what have They Done?

Link's story is very long so I will have to compress it by a lot.

At the beginning of the game Link does his routine of rounding up the cattle into a barn at his friends place. He later takes the job of presenting a sword made by the village swordsman to the royal family. From there Link does many acts:

  • He saves Colin and his friends when they get imprisoned.
  • He restores the tears of light to 4 different spirits of light all, cleansing Hyrule from Zant's influence.
  • Frees a possessed monkey from mind control.
  • Saves the Gordon tribe leader after he is turned into a fiery behemoth.
  • He saves Colin from King Bulblin.
  • Saves Queen Rutela's Zora son.
  • Restores Leah's memory. After bringing her to Kakariko.
  • He brings Midna to Zelda to be healed.
  • Gathers all the pieces of the shadow helmet so Midna can use it to defeat Zant.
  • He frees the ice Yeti like being's wife from a shard of the mirror of twilight.
  • He allows the weird yellow bird things to go back to the city in the sky.
  • Gathering all the shards of the mirror of twilight are corrupting, so gathering them to stop Zant was good since they could no longer corrupt anyone.
  • Defeats Zant, a pure evil. He doesn't even kill him. Because Midna does.
  • Kills Ganondorf so that Midna can be freed from her curse. And because he was too big a threat.
  • He allows the Hero's Shade to pass on in peace knowing that he passed down his knowledge to a worthy successor.

Corrupting Factors

There are 2 corrupting factors I can think of:

He does kill numerous people, but only when necessary. He did not know how to free the shadow beasts when they were brainwashed by Zant, and he only killed Ganondorf because he was too dangerous. And while he does kill numerous members of Ganondorf's army, many other Links do that too.

Second off, he seems to have very little personality but that's true for pretty much all canon versions of Link. So I don't think it's disqualifying.

Admirable standard

I think this version of Link stands out enough, even though he only appeared in one game. As Colin sees him as an idol. And Ganondorf was just as if not more dangerous than his OOT version due to being an older variant from an alternate timeline where he was not beaten up by Link. And the fact that being a wolf at numerous times he could not access his numerous tools like other Links.

Final Verdict

I will go with a yes since all canon versions of Link are approved as can be seen when you click on the current headlined article.