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My third pg proposal, and my second for a Ghibli character, after Umi Matsuzaki.

Note: I posted this earlier but didn't write anything. I'm sorry for not adding to this post earlier, my week wasn't the best.

What's the work

Spirited Away is an anime movie from 2011 about Chihiro Ogino who learns to be responsible.

Who is he

Haku is a kami of the great amber river. He saved Chihiro from drowning when she was a child. His river got drained and he travelled to Yubaba's bathhouse to be her apprentice. He later lost his name, and became Yubaba's slave. Aside from this not much is known of his background.

What has he done

  • When Chihiro was younger he saved her from drowning in the Great Amber River.
  • Despite the fact that humans drained his river, he doesn't have any misanthropic traits.
  • At the beginning of the film he guides Chihiro to a safer spot from the approaching spirits on a raft. Since the spirits in the bathhouse didn't like Chihiro, he probably saved her from them.
  • He gave Chihiro some food from the spirit world so that she wouldn't vanish.
  • He guided Chihiro to the bathhouse so that she would be safe from Yubaba. By making her work.
  • He later comforted Chihiro by showing her parents to her.
  • When Chihiro's old clothes get taken away he got them back so she could return to her world.
  • He gave food to Chihiro to again, comfort her. And later told her that in order to have any chance to free her parents, she would have to:
    • Work extra hard.
    • Remember her name.
  • He made a deal with Yubaba that he would bring Boh back to let Chihiro's parents return to her world, by escorting both Chihiro and Boh back to the bathhouse.
  • At the end of the film he assures Chihiro that they woud meet again.
  • He ultimately inspires Chihiro to be as admirable as she is. And she's approved PG as of the time this proposal was made.

Corrupting factors

  • After Chihiro gets assigned to work, he seems to be very cold, especially when he states that the spirits could eat Chihiro in 3 days if her smell didn't get better. But this was most likely a ruse, to not look soft on her and thus jeopardize her act goal of saving her parents, as he acts kind to her when no one is around.
  • He does steal Zeniba's seal but he only did so because his name was stolen by Yubaba, and was thus her slave. So I don't think it's corrupting.

Admirable standard

Obviously the film has Chihiro, who is considered a pure good. But I think he counts due to having less screen time than her. And ultimately saving Chihiro(on multiple occasions) and her parents. Which was especially difficult with Yubaba having some control over him via him forgetting his name. And of course ultimately inspiring her to be as admirable as she is.

Final verdict

I think he qualifies but I will let you all decide. To me this proposal was easier than Umi Matsuzaki's. Due to the fact he has saved 3 lives, but Umi hasn't saved any, and counts due to helping wherever she can, such as helping the other with the Latin Quarter.