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This is my second pure good proposal, Umi Matsuzaki from the 2011 Ghibli film. This proposal does not consider her original manga version, as I have not read the manga.

Note: Sorry if the article looks a little strange, I'm editing on mobile.

One can watch this amazing movie on Netflix. It's got ~ a 90 minute run time.

What's the work/Who is she

Umi Matsuzaki is a character from the 2011 film: “From Up on Poppy Hill” which is based on the manga of the same name. She is a high school student at Konan Academy. There she meets Shun Kazama with whom she works to restore the Latin Quarter with.

What has she done?

  • She raises her flags in remembrance of her late father everyday.
  • She cooks and does laundry for her brother, sister, grandmother, and boarders everyday. On top of dealing with her school.
  • She rushes to Shun Kazama when he unexpectedly jumps into a pool, grabs his hand and tries to save him.
  • When her sister insisted she come to the clubhouse she reluctantly agreed.
  • She helped Shun Kazama with his newspapers. On at least 2 occasions in the film.
  • On her way home from school she tells Shun that the Latin Quarter members should renovate the clubhouse.
  • She invited Shun and Mizunuma to Dr. Hokuto's farewell party, and is even seen helping out the maid.
  • She showed Shun the whole house and showed him her family, this made Shun curious about his heritage, which was 1 of the main plot points of the film. As Shun's adopted father probably wouldn't have told Shun about the third man in the photo leaving Yokohama, if Shun hadn't asked about his real father earlier in the film. Because Shun learned of his real father, it brought him solstice.
  • When the Latin Quarter is being renovated Umi is seen directly participating in the event. Even asking Sora to cook dinner instead due to the twos shared love of the clubhouse.
  • When the Latin Quarter is voted to be demolished, Umi agrees to go with Shun and Mizunuma to the school chairman's office to convince him to let it stay. In fact the scene clearly shows she was the one who inspired him to go.
  • She sang in Side by Side or The Indigo Waves(depending on which version you watch) with the choir to convince the chairman to let it stay.
  • When Shun gets a call from his adopted father about the third man in the photo, Uni goes with Shun and even asks a favor from one of her friends to get there in time.
  • Because she was there with Shun they both pleased the third man in the photo(Yoshio Onodera) due to being the children of his 2 best friends.

Corrupting factors

    • Umi does drop Shun back into the pool after bringing him up half way. But this was due to embarrassment, the fact that he was shown to be able to swim just seconds ago, and the fact that she feels jumping in the pool was inappropriate behavior. But I don't think it is corrupting as she was the first one to come to his aid, he could swim, and she makes up for it by helping with his newspapers.
    • The second possible corrupting factor could be that when her sister bought a 30 yen picture of Shun jumping into the pool, Umi said it was a waste of money. But she only said it in the English version. In the Japanese version she says 30 yen? In a more question like form. It is not a personal attack I don't think. And I don't think it detracts from her heroism since she helps rebuild the Latin Quarter and fell in love with Shun anyway.
    • And finally, Umi made her grandfather build a flagpole prior to the events of the film. But this was because she was still mourning for her father. I think she makes up for it, since everyday she uses the flagpole. And cooks for her family, even enjoying the company of everyone in the manor.

Admirable standard

  • I think she definitely stands out due to her having low resources such as time. And the fact that unlike other Ghibli characters she has no supernatural assistance at all. In fact due to being in school and various other reasons Umi does not have a lot of time on her hands. Not to mention on Bradford Buzzard's pure evil page it says heinousness can be measured by how personally evil they are to the heroes. Inversely Umi Matsuzaki is very personally good with the members of the Latin Quarter due to bringing up the idea of a renovation(which I would say is where she crosses the goodness zone). And the fact that she inspired Shun to learn more about his past. She is I think, as good as she can be with her resources. Not to mention Charlie Brown is approved for being pure good due to the low admirable standard of peanuts. And the fact that he willingly and consistently helps his friends. Umi willingly helped anyone who asked or was in need of help at the time. So I don't think she fails the low admirable standard of the film.

Final verdict

I will let you all decide.