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My 4th pure good proposal, this is interesting because most versions of batman aren't considered pure good. Due to being anti-heroes or other reasons. But I think this version could qualify.

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What's the work?

The Batman(2005) is a television show developed by Warner Bros.. It centers around Bruce Wayne AKA Batman fighting against crime in a show really great till the 5th season.

Who is he?

Bruce Wayne is a billionaire traumatized by the death of his parents. He fights crime in memory of them. Including 2 PEs: Joker and Hugo Strange. Aside from fighting crime, Bruce funds a charity for kids.

What has he done?

There are many admirable acts this Batman does so I will try to list the most admirable acts

  • Batman has fought and defeated many villains, including the 2 aforementioned pure evils.
  • Batman tried to redeem Joker and Poison Ivy, with no success. And Clayface, with success, since it's implied he cured Ethan Bennet from his Clayface form.
  • The first time he defeated Joker he made sure to pop Joker's hot air balloon filled with Joker toxin under the sea, he then sucked up all the toxin into a vial to create a cure for an Arkham Asylum employee.
  • He defeated Penguin when he stole in Gotham and China.
  • He made sure Spellbinder couldn't get away with robbing several billionaires, via hypnotizing their butlers.
  • He convinced both Ethan Bennet and Ellen Yin he was what was best for the city. Working with Yin to stop Riddler's bombs over the city and numerous other crimes.
  • When Joker hacked into Gotham's Cable network to broadcast his crimes, he saved Mayor Grange and Detective Shades. As well as the whole city from Joker toxin.
  • Braved into Joker's twisted mind to find Yin's location. Rejecting corruption.
  • He defeated Scarface when he used a computer chip to become giant.
  • He truly had faith Ethan Bennet could reform. And defeated Joker when he stole from Wayne Enterprises.
  • When Batman originally defeated Mr. Freeze, he told him not to get the diamonds when they fell into a cryo pod.
  • Stopped Penguin and Mr. Freeze from stealing an underground treasure.
  • Defeated Firefly and Mr. Freeze when they attempted to freeze all of Gotham.
  • When the Cluemaster kidnapped 3 people, Batman went to rescue them. And defeated Clue master as well.
  • He defeated Riddler, Penguin, and Joker st the end of season 2.
  • Despite the fact that they were polluters, Batman tried to stop Tembloor's attacks when Tembloor was sent by Ivy.
  • When Batman was saved by Batgirl, he decided not to tell her father that Barbara was Batgirl.
  • Stopped a rogue toy company from creating lethal toys.
  • Saved Prank from being Jokerfied.
  • Batman built a custom car to defeat Gearhead.
  • Batman worked with Batgirl to defeat Maxie Zues. After realizing Batgirl did most of the job, he gave her extra equipment.
  • Saving Gotham from Ivy twice with Batgirl.
  • Defeating DAVE and imprisoning Hugo Strange for creating him.
  • Adopted Dick Grayson when his parents were killed. He also stopped Tony Zucco.
  • When Penguin created his own team, Batman taught Robin and Batgirl to cooperate with him as a team.
  • When Riddler's exgirlfriend was found out to have had a role in making him the Riddler, he had her arrested for incrimination.
  • Prevented himself from unleashing Strange's zombie virus.
  • Worked with Martian Man hunter to defeat the Joining twice.
  • Working with Superman to defeat Lex Luthor.
  • Worked with Green Lantern to defeat Sinestro.
  • Worked with Flash to defeat Mirror Master.
  • Worked with Hawkman to defeat Shadow Thief and Black mask.
  • Worked with Green Arrow to defeat Count Vertigo.
  • Stopped Joker from unleashing his bombs under Gotham, within abandoned mining facilities.
  • When Joker 2.0 was made, Batman defeated him.
  • When Firefly turned into Phosphorus he built a special suit to defeat him.
  • He felt great remorse for Joker when he thought he died after being electrocuted.
  • He rescues his entire rogues gallery when they were going to be killed by Rumor. Showing that he is not lethal.
  • Cured Joker from his vampirism, despite him being pure evil.
  • Defeating Dracula, and preventing him from turning the entire world to vampires.
  • In his old age, he defeated Mr. Freeze, stopping him from stealing a rare diamond.
  • He wrote instructions to defeat Mr. Freeze in binary on steel walls.

Admirable standard

Having saved the earth from the joining twice. And Gotham multiple times I don't think he fails this.

Corrupting factors

He prevents Batgirl and Robin from fighting crime initially. This is because he thinks they are too young to fight crime. Considering that the GCPD have trouble too, I don't think it's corrupting, since he let's them fight crime alongside them. He also didn't let them fight The Joining initially, but he thought they were too dangerous. Though eventually he allowed them to fight with them.

One could argue that he is aggressive, but it's never excessive and always for a good reason. It also always wears off.

He also killed Dracula, but only because he thought it was necessary, since he's a possible Near Pure Evil. With his only redeeming quality I remember was his love for his wife.

Final verdict

I will let you all decide.