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  • DragonisFire3423

    PG Removal: Pucca

    September 2, 2019 by DragonisFire3423


    While she one of my favorite characters I believe Pucca doesn't meet the requirements for Pure Good. 

    Pucca is the titular protagonist of the Pucca show. She's a 10 year-old martial artist who lives with her guardians/uncle in their noddle restruant and is hopelessly in love with Garu, the male protagonist of the show. 

    Despite the positive qualites she displayed and her heroics I feel she doesn't comse close to Pure Good. For one she constantly stalked and forced herself onto Garu throughout the series and sexually harrased him by forcibly kissing him on the mouth despite the discomfort he always shows towards her. She also has quiet the temper which is displayed in several episodes where she physically assualts several chararacters either i…

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  • DragonisFire3423

    Bentley is the deuteragonist of the Sly Cooper series who appeared in all four games. He is the brains of the Cooper Gang, an orginzation of thieves that speciailizes in stealing from other criminals and a childhood friend of Murray and Sly. 

    In Honor Among Thieves Bently came up with a plan that involved feeding miners alive to a giant crocodile to thin their ranks while hoping it would acquire a taste for them so it would go out of its way to eat more. Also, as a thief he would be most fitting as an anti-hero especially since despite the Cooper Gang's code of only targeting criminals there have been several cases where they break it such as stealing the Queen's Crowned Jewels.

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