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Hello Everyone, Emeraldblade95 here with a follow-up announcement addressing issues brought up by users from the last announcement I posted a few weeks ago.

Issue with Voting on PG Proposals

Recently, The Humble Nintendo Master messaged me about a concern that has been going since Pure Good Proposals first started in 2019. In the message, HNM states that every once in a while, there is a PG Proposal for a character who originates from a rather obscure work, one that isn't very well-known by most people. Users such as SpaceProtagonist and Invisible Hover tend to do this expecting people to vote in the hopes that their proposals conclude with a decent consensus, but in many of these proposals, next to no one votes.

Now I know what many of you are thinking, "I don't know the work, so I won't vote on a proposal because the work isn't that well-known". Yes, I get it, many of us are guilty of this action (myself included), but the issue is, these aforementioned users, among many others are counting on users to vote on their proposals, and many of them fear that if no one votes, their proposals will be closed as "Inconclusive". Some such as Invisible Hover are even going to great lengths to avoid this, such as messaging users desperately to vote on their proposals.

While I am not trying to force anyone to vote on proposals, I do recommend at least giving these proposals at least a look at, and at least try to vote on them to help these users out, even if you don't know the work that well. Remember that a Proposal can not close without a consensus of at least Three (3) legitimate yes/no votes.

New changes to PG Proposal Extensions

Moreorless a move to help counter Inconclusive Proposals, I have decided to change the rules to how Proposals will be extended if not enough people vote. Instead of being extended once for one day, a proposal will now be extended a normal length to help garner more votes to reach a consensus. This will continue to be extended until either a consensus is reached or it becomes clear no one else is voting.

In addition, after one extension occurs, but not enough people have voted, I will update the pop-up board with a "NEEDS ATTENTION" header next to the proposals that still don't have enough votes when there is one day left to vote. This idea originates from Wikipedia's ITN board, which places a "NEEDS ATTENTION" tag on Nominations whenever not enough users vote on them.

By changing these, this will hopefully help prevent Inconclusive Proposals.

Thank You everyone for reading this, and if you ever have a chance, please help users out and vote on their proposals whenever necessary.