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With my birthday coming up this Friday, October 15, I decided to create a Pure Good Proposal for a character of one of my favorite films from my childhood. Hopefully, I think this man may qualify. Without further ado, here's Dr. Doppler from Disney's Treasure Planet.

What is the Work?

Disney's Treasure Planet is a science-fantasy animated film released on November 27, 2002. The film is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's 1883 novel Treasure Island, albeit with most of the characters except Jim Hawkins and his mother Sarah being replaced with aliens or robots. The film is amazing, as it combines both traditional 2-D animation with 3-D CGI into its characters and environments, something Disney was still experimenting at the time.

In the film, Jim discovers a map left by the dying Billy Bones which pinpoints the exact location of the fabled Treasure Planet. After his home the Benbow Inn is burned down by "the Cyborg", he and Dr. Doppler go on an adventure to locate the treasure by hiring the crew of the RLS Legacy, however little did either of them know that all but to of the ship's crew were pirates.

Though the film was well-received critically, and despite its heavy advertising, it performed poorly in the box office and was quickly forgotten in later years. Interest was revived over the last few years when Disney+ featured the film on its app, as well as a mobile RPG called "Disney Heroes: Battle Mode" featured several of the film's characters. The film is now considered a cult classic.

Who is He? What has he done?

Dr. Delbert Doppler is the film's tritagonist. He is an astronomer and friend of Sarah Hawkins, who often times is a regular customer at their establishment the Benbow Inn. Based on his appearance, he is a a hybrid between a human and a dog.

After the Benbow Inn is burned down by a group of pirates led by "the cyborg". Dr. Doppler helps Jim and his mother escape from the pillaging of the inn. During that time, he allows them to stay at his home as long as they needed until they were able to find a new home. While there, Jim begins to fiddle with a device given to him by Billy Bones, which was in fact a map of where to find the fabled Treasure Planet. Dr. Doppler realizes that this is the key to help rebuild the Benbow Inn, and not only that, give a chance to allow Jim to learn a thing of discipline.

Dr. Doppler funds an expedition to the planet by hiring a crew aboard the RLS Legacy. While on board, he meets Captain Amelia, a cat/human hybrid alien whom initially has a rocky relationship with the doctor after he nearly reveals the secret of the map aloud.

Over the course of the adventure, Dr. Doppler's relationship with Amelia improves significantly, especially after an incident involving a black hole. But by the time the Legacy reaches Treasure Planet, the pirates led by John Silver show their true colors and start a mutiny on the ship. Dr. Doppler, alongside Captain Amelia and Jim escape on a lifeboat, they successfully escape capture, but Amelia is badly injured in the process. When taking refuge in B.E.N.'s house, Amelia begins to flirt with Doppler, but he initially interprets it as her losing her mind, when asked by Jim if he could help her, he frustratedly shouted that he was not a [medical] doctor and that he was utterly useless to help her.

Dr. Doppler and Captain Amelia are eventually captured by Silver while Jim and B.E.N. retrieve the map from the Legacy, and in exchange for their lives, Jim agrees to reveal the location of the treasure to Silver. While captured, Doppler apologizes to Amelia, saying that his actions were useless, but Amelia comforts him by stating that he was in fact very useful. During this, Doppler realizes that he was no longer winded by his hands and manages to trick the alien guarding them to surrender his pistol.

After the planet initiates into a self-destruct sequence, Dr. Doppler took control of piloting the Legacy in order to escape the doomed planet through a portal. Following the group's successful escape, Doppler and Amelia hug, only for Doppler to initially break it before Amelia recuperated her feelings for him.

During the epilogue, Doppler is seen at the grand opening of the new Benbow Inn. There, it is revealed that he and Captain Amelia have since married and had four children: three daughters and one son.

Corrupting Factors

Dr. Doppler, as far as I know has no serious factors that are corrupting. During his escape with Jim and Amelia, he does "kill" several of Silver's henchmen, though this was clearly accidental as he claims during that event he had never held a pistol in his entire life, implying that he is a pacifist.

Though not a wrathful character, Dr. Doppler does get frustrated with Jim while they are hiding on Treasure Planet from Silver, he lashes out by claiming that he is not "that kind of a doctor" and venting on how useless he is with a doctorate. Nonetheless, I don't see this as disqualifying as he was overwhelmed over the fact that the Legacy's crew turned out to be pirates and how he was unable to treat Amelia's wounds.

Some could argue that the above two points could make Dr. Doppler sound incompetent, but I disagree, considering that he clearly states in the film that he has never held a gun in his entire life and is an astronomer, not a medical doctor, thus proving why he wasn't able to fire a gun or treat Amelia's wounds properly.

Resources could be problematic, as he was able to fund the expedition to Treasure Planet in the first place, but while he is rather intelligent, he does have his limitations considering he was never fired a gun nor does he have advance medical knowledge of how to treat Amelia's condition.

Admirable Standard

Dr. Doppler is a good samaritan to say the least. He saved Jim and Sarah's lives and provided them a temporary place to stay while trying to find a new home. When Jim discovered Treasure Planet's exact location on the map, Dr. Doppler willingly convinced Sarah that this was the best opportunity to do so, as the treasure would certainly be able to provide more than enough funds to repair the inn.

Unlike the other major characters, he not rebellious, greedy, nor overconfident. He tries his best to help his friends as much as possible, he was the one who funded the expedition to the planet in the first place. And when the voyage ran into a black hole, his vast knowledge about astronomy and how a black hole functions managed to saved nearly everyone's lives (except Mr. Arrow, who was killed by Scroop). After Silver betrays Jim, Doppler, and Amelia.

He tries his best to tend to Amelia's injuries following their rough escape, despite feeling hopeless to help her, it is strongly implied that he was successful in accomplishing this task. Finally, his quick thinking allowed him and Amelia to outsmart the alien holding them at gunpoint, retake the Legacy, and navigate the ship from the exploding planet to safety.

In short, Dr. Doppler saved many lives, including all of the major characters at least once in the film (in Captain Amelia's case four times if counting correctly).

The only hero in the film that I could say stands out more than Dr. Doppler would be Jim himself and maybe John Silver, but after them, Dr. Doppler easily stands out, and not only this, but doesn't have any serious corrupting factors in his personality compared to the other two.

Final Verdict

It is up to you to decide whether or not Dr. Doppler truly fits the category, but hopefully with this information, I think he has a good chance to qualify.