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Hello everyone, Emeraldblade95 here with another post discussing some recent issues and changes on the site. Many of these issues were brought up by various site users, so I've decided to create the announcement you see here to help everyone get a better understanding of what's been going on lately.

Without further ado, let's begin...

Invalid Votes

Since the beginning of the year, I have noticed an unsettling increase in the number of invalid votes, mainly by users who haven't met the criteria yet; in one case, I've caught a user joining the site just to vote on said proposals. As a result of this, I've actually had to blacklist several users because of this, thus making this site's blacklist much longer than the one on Villains Wiki.

Must remind everyone, that you can't just waltz into the site and vote on proposals. You MUST first meet the criteria which is as listed:

1. Have at least 100+ edits on the site.

2. Have at least one month's worth of activity on the site.

3. Once the two aforementioned criteria are met, you must then vote on at least Five (5)

Once all criteria are met, contact either me or Jester of chaos and after a short review, we'll have you added to the whitelist.

New Blacklist Penalties

This was brought up by Misry6, and after discussing this with Jester, the two of use have agreed to implement stricter penalties for invalid votes.

The new penalties will be as followed:

First Offense: User who made the invalid vote will have their marked Invalid.

Second Offense: Same as first, only the user in question will now receive a message on their wall warning them about the consequences should they make another invalid vote.

Third Offense: In addition to being blacklisted as in the past, the user will now receive a one week block for not following voting rules.

Forth Offense onward: User will be blocked for an increasing period of time per offense.

Edit-Spamming to Reach 100+ edits

Recently, I caught a user purposely edit-spamming minor edits on their profile page in order to reach 100+ edits under the pretense that they could vote on Pure Good Proposals. They have since been blocked for this, as such an action is unacceptable behavior.

While making multiple edits on a page is understandable, edit-spamming minor information such as a single number or letter is both a lazy and dishonest action on this site, especially when it comes to trying to meet the requisite to vote on PG Proposals.

To prevent a similar incident from happening again, I have updated the rules about PG Proposals to make it against site rules to Edit-Spam, under penalty of being blocked

Wardrobe Infobox Images

Recently, longtime user NerdWithAKeyboard filed a complaint about various images appearing in various inboxes across the site, namelythose under the Disney Princesses and RWBY characters.

The issue I am discussing is the fact that many of the pages under these series have way too many images of different outfits for the characters (in some cases minor differences in one's outfit or even ones never officially worn by said person in question). Much of the time, this different outfits often times clog up the infobox with an unessessary amount, that it makes navigating them hard.

I've decided that only major outfits or transformations need to be displayed in saidinfoboxes. The following are examples of valid and invalid outfits:


  • Ariel's Mermaid form and her main Disney Princess Outfit in her human form.
  • Wario's normal outfit and WarioWare outfit.
  • Queen Elsa's Coronation, Ice Queen, and Fifth Spirit outfits.
  • Liu Kang's normal and Fire God forms.


  • Aurora's Blue Dress (her Pink dress is used in the official media)
  • Mario's various transformations throughout the Super Mario Series.
  • Any of the Disney Princess's Wreck-It Ralph "Comfy" outfits.

Category Abuse

Recently, an argument broke up over the age range for being a teenager, mainly along the lines of which age one is considered an adult at. After discussing this with Jester, we've decided that the minimum age is Thirteen (13), as that's the age one is considered a teenager at upon said birthday, and the maximum age is Eighteen (18), as that's generally considered to be the age one is considered to be an adult at in most nations. The page will also be permanently locked to prevent further arguments from occurring.

Site Background Update

Through our current background was only added several months back, a request was brought up by Richardgamerxx, who suggests updating the background of the site to be similar to Villains Wiki, albeit more heroic. If you feel that a new background is needed or not, leave a message the comments.

PG Rejected Template

Recently their was a complaint brought up by a user just recently over the color of the PG Rejected template. In the post, they complained how the red color makes the template look "menacing" and "villainous", and requests that the color be changed to fit this site better. I talked to this with Jester, and he thinks that the color is fine as it is, as he claims that the Red color doesn't necessary have any affiliation with villainy, and in fact many heroes have red motifs to their designs, most notably Mario (Super Mario Bros.) and Iron Man (Marvel).

I have no issue with its color too, so there are no plans to change this color anytime soon, but if anyone wish to leave their opinions on this matter, let me know.

Once again, if you have any questions or concerns you wish to discuss, leave a comment below.

Thank you all for your time.