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Hello everyone, this is my first Pure Good Proposal! My first candidate is Buddy Tyrannosaurus. He is someone whom I've been wondering for some time whether he should qualify as Pure Good or not.

What's the Work?

Dinosaur Train is an american computer-animated kid's tv series created by Craig Bartlett. The first episode aired on September 7, 2009; and the last episode aired on June 15 2020. The series also has a film which premiered on April 12, 2021. There are 5 seasons in the series. The main characters were voiced by the actors shown below.

  • Buddy: Phillip Corlett in Seasons 1 and 2, Sean Thomas in Season 3, Dayton Wall in Season 4, Chance Hurstfield in Season 5
  • Tiny: Claire Corlett
  • Shiny: Erika-Shaye Gair
  • Don: Alexander Matthew Marr in Seasons 1 and 2, Laura Marr in Seasons 3, 4, and 5
  • Mr. Pteranodon: Colin Murdock
  • Mrs. Pteranodon: Ellen Kennedy
  • Mr. Conductor: Ian James Corlett

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Buddy Tyrannosaurus is the protagonist of the series. He is a Tyrannosaurus Rex who was adopted by the Pteranodon Family. His adopted parents are Mr. and Mrs. Pteranodon; and his adopted siblings are Tiny, Shiny, and Don. He is the youngest in the family.

Due to being adopted while he was yet an egg, Buddy didn't know what species of dinosaur he was. It wasn't until he met Dolores and Annie Tyrannosaurus when he finally able to identify his species. He (and his siblings) would later become junior conductors. (By the way, Shiny and Don became junior conductors later in the series.)

Throughout the series, Buddy would ride the dinosuar train with his family (not always with all of them) and meet new friends. He is well known for his famous quote, "I have a hypothesis", and comparing features. He also uses his eyesight to help his family find fish. He is also shown to be selfless, like when he gave his wings to Jackson. Also, when someone is better than he is at something, Buddy never gets jealous (except for one occasion). In addition, Buddy cares for his family and friends. When Tiny would feel down, Buddy (if not Mrs. Pteranodon) would comfort her.

Admirable Standards

Please consider that Dinosaur Train is a kid's show.

  • He uses his T. Rex eyesight to help his family fish.
  • He (and Leroy Lambeosaurus) helped Mr. Pteranodon and Larry Lambeosaurus out of a big mud pit.
  • He (and Tiny) helped King Cryolophosaurus overcome his stage fright so that he could perform his first concert in years.
  • During a hurricane, after Don discovered a cave right below their home; Buddy suggested to tell the rest of their family about the cave, so that they could be safe from the storm.
  • He (and the rest of his family) helped Aidan Adocus and Tommy Ptilodus return home after they got swept out to sea on a raft in the hurricane.
  • He was one of the two who was not falsely accusing Keenan Chirostenotes of stealing eggs; in fact, he was somewhat defending him in a way. He did this despite the fact that Keenan is a bully.
  • When Sonny Sauroposeidon said that he felt that he does not fit in with his family (due to the fact that Sonny was adopted by the Microraptor Family); Buddy told him that he knows how he feels, and that they both have different features of their own; and that Sonny fits in great with his family.
  • The first time Kiera Chirostenotes babysitted the pteranodon kids, Buddy was the only one to behave well throughout the whole time she was present.
  • He helped save Igor Ichthyosaurus and his friend who were beached by a hurricane.
  • He (and others) helped King and Crystal Cryolophosaurus organize a concert to warn other dinosaurs about the Big Pond being overfished.
  • He (and Tiny) asked Thruston Troodon why doesn't he race fair and square. They tell him that it's always more fun that way.
  • Despite having wished he could fly, he willingly gave his wings to Jackson, a pteranodon who had a deformed wing since birth. This proves that Buddy is completely selfless.
  • He (and Tiny and Mr. Pteranodon) helped Mr. Conductor find his father in the Cenozoic Era.
  • At Adventure Island, he and his siblings helped each other reunite with their parents after being separated due to an earthquake. They saved Thurston from robot dinosaurs along the way.
  • He saved Adventure Island, with his siblings helping him.

Corrupting Factors

Here are some corrupting factors I found.

  • He would fight and argue with his adopted siblings (especially Tiny). This almost never happens; but when it does, he would later feel sorry and get over it.
    • After not being able to go out of the nest because of rain led to him fight with his siblings, Mrs. Pteranodon assigned the 4 kids to find a calm space where they would calm down and get along with each other again. Tiny, Shiny, and Don found their calm space; but not Buddy, which made him crankier than before. But, after his mother told him that any place can be his calm space, Buddy went to look again. He eventually found it, calmed down, and was able to get along with his sibling again.
      • As he went out to look for his calm space again; he began to talk to himself about when he becomes a giant T. Rex, he will not need a calm space and he will just stomp and roar and everybody will do what he says. A clear reason for Buddy's behavior is never given. However, considering the fact that Buddy is very friendly and kind towards others; and that right after this, he started to playfully pretend to be a giant T. Rex; one could say that he will never do what he said and that he was not talking seriously about it.
  • During the turtle and theropod race; when Adam Adocus accidently flipped himself over, he asked for help; but Buddy said that he could be violating some rules if he helped him. However, the tone in his voice and his facial expression showed that he actually did want to help.
  • He was jealous of Dennis Deinocherius because the latter was smarter than the former. Despite this, Buddy ended up becoming great friends with Dennis.
  • During autumn, Buddy (and his siblings) were tasked to clean away the leafs before they could play. However, seeing that there was too much work, they wanted to go play instead. Their parents fixed this problem by turning clean up into a game.
  • His siblings play a similar role in the series and have commited acts that stand out over him.

Final Verdict

What do you think? Does he qualify as Pure Good?