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Hello everyone! I thought I can do Arkayna Goodfey as my last character I'm proposing from Mysticons

Mysticons arkayna by figyalova-dbonfla.png


Mysticons is a Canadian animated series that aired on Nickelodeon and Nicktoons.

The series is set in the mystical world of Gemina and in a place called Drake City, where it is followed to the adventures of four teenage girls who are chosen by the all-powerful Dragon Disk to become legendary heroes known as the Mysticons. Arkayna, Emerald, Zarya and Piper undertake an arduous quest to find four spellbooks and animal-themed bracers of mystical power to form the Codex.


Okay, where do we start to introduce to character of the show? oh right.

Arkayna Goodfey is the main protagonist of the Canadian animated series Mysticons. She is the daughter of Queen Goodfey and the sister of Zarya Goodfey Moonwolf.

Arkayna was one of the two daughters (Alongside Zarya) who was born to Queen Goodfey and her late father who was the king of the realm

While she loved her life as crown princess in the royal palace, she was always taught to be level-headed and train harder until the next generation of heroes were chosen.

As her birth father had tragically perished while she was growing up, she came to know Darius, second husband and king consort consort to her mother, as the only father she ever knew. On occasion, her mother had taken a rest from her queenly duties to read Arkayna fairy tales, and make elfin-berry pancakes.

Sometime before the events of the series, she eventually befriended a female teenage dwarf named Emerald Goldenbraid who had came to work as the royal griffin wrangler as she helped look after her faithful childhood griffin mount Izzie.


  • She saved Zarya by Unleashing the Dragon mid-flight and then riding on it.
  • She saved the miners from the cave-in.
  • When Zarya says that she's freaking out because Captain Kaos is ruining her life again, She and Emerald promise that they won't let that happen.
  • She cared and loved her sister Zarya.
  • She and Piper went shopping for a gift for Zarya, as the gift she ordered didn't come.
  • She defended Eartha when the Vexicons call her the weakest link.


The only corrupting factors Arkayna has during part of the series is having a grudge against her step-brother, not trusting her sister Zarya (only because she unaware she was her sister), and humiliated Dwayne even though he did deserved it, but did at least feel guilty and remorse about it,


Your choice to choose if she qualifies, but I think I can go yes for her.