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Hello everyone! So, I will be doing Gia from Madagascar, just to see is she can qualify for Pure Good, like Private.


Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted is a 2012 American computer-animated comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount Pictures.1 It is the third installment of the Madagascar trilogy and the sequel to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008). It is also the first film in the series to be released in 3D.

The film follows Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria are still struggling to get home to New York. This time, their journey takes them to Europe, where they are relentlessly pursued by the murderous and deranged Monaco-based French Animal Control officer Captain Chantel DuBois. As a means of getting passage to North America, the animals join a circus, where they become close friends with the animal performers, including the new characters of Gia, Vitaly, Stefano, and Sonya. Together, they spectacularly revitalize the business and along the way find themselves reconsidering where their true home really is.


Gia is a major character of the 2012 American Animated Comedy Film “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”. She is a jaguar who lives in a circus and also became the love interest of Alex the Lion.

She was raised and  lived in a circus along with Vitaly and Stefan, including other animal circus performers.

She first appeared in the film when Alex and his friends try to escape from the Pet Animal Control.

Gia then let Alex, and the rest of his friends  on the circus train after he convinces her that they are circus animals.

When the circus falls into a rut, she doesn't show too much about desperation, just like her father figure Vitaly. However, after she hears Alex's improvised speech, she becomes spurred into the "Fur Power" works. Her act with Alex and the trapeze plants herself even closer to the lion. But their cover is blown by DuBois's arrival, although the penguins manage to get rid of her. When Alex and the gang finally admit their true intentions after their London performance, Gia and the rest of the performers are devastated and heartbroken

Despite being heartbroken of Alex lying to her, she realized that her friends were in danger and convinces the rest of the circus animals to help save their zoo pals. after bringing the blimp to the zoo, Gia swings her way to Alex just in time before he is killed by the poisonous dart that DuBois shot to the lion, and she rescues him. DuBois then pursues to kill Stefano to avenge Alex. Yet before she could kill the sea lion, Gia and Alex come to the rescue, "Trapeze Americano" style, and save Stefano. By the time Alex grabbed Stefano, he also got DuBois. Alex acts quickly and gives Stefano to Gia before DuBois got them both. As Alex and DuBois clash in the air, they were going to land in the penguins' habitat filled with cobras, but Alex whistles for the dogs with rocket skates who rescue them in time, and Alex throws DuBois in his old habitat where Mort sedates her and leaves her there. Gia is taken by Alex with the rocket dogs hanging on his back. Alex then releases a huge mass of balloons up in the air to the children below, then he and Gia smile at each other lovingly before joining the others on the flying circus platform.


  • She helped Alex and his friends as she lets them go on the circus train to prevent them from being captured by the Animal Patrol Safety.
  • She let Alex, Gloria, Marty, and Melman in the circus.
  • She convinces the rest of the circus animals to help save their zoo pals.
  • Saved Alex from being killed by Chantel DuBois.
  • She and Alex rescue Stefan from being shot in the dart by Chantel Dubois.


She crosses the Goodness Zone by saving Alex from being killed by Chantel DuBois.


Here is one I can at least think of, when she (along with the rest of the circus animal performers) realizes that Alex and his friends are not Circus performers, she felt hurt, but despite that, she still forgave them as she was still willing to save them from Chantel Dubois.


Go with yes.