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Hello everyone! I will be proposing K.O. from one of the popular Cartoon Network shows, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.


OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes! Is a 2017 comedy adventure animated series that premiered on Cartoon Network from 2017 to 2019.

The show focuses on a young boy named K.O. who wanted to become a hero.


K.O. is the main titular protagonist of the animated franchise of the same name. He is the son of Carol Miller and Professor Venomous. Who wanted to become a superhero when he grows up.


  • He helps Joff and Nick Army with their pickle jar problem.
  • He helps Mr. Logic with his hair cutting, making one of his mother students happy with her new haircut in the process.
  • He helps A.R.M.S. deal with Brandon's annoying drumming.
  • While the cool kids act cruel towards K.O., it didn't stop him from making them feel good about themselves. He proves this by fixing Red Action's bad haircut, Drupe's sense of self-worth in her fashion blog, and Gregg's confidence in their intelligence. And while the three don't fully thank him, Gregg later came in by themself and said thank you to K.O. by whisper.
  • He broke free from T.K.O. when the latter goes after Carol.
  • He felt remorse for hurting his friends and family while he was under T.K.O.
  • He decided that he is okay with Carol and Mr. Gar dating.
  • He and T.K.O. agree to work together to solve the mystery of Shadowy Figure.
  • He felt worried for the rest of The Cartoon Network heroes that were turned to stone by Strike.
  • He helped Ben, Garnet, and Raven stop Strike and Save Cartoon Network City.
  • He stayed for the weekend with his father, Venomous to try bonding with him.


He was upset and anger at the Plaza for treating him as a weakling, it was not enough to make him trigger T.K.O. He was also possessed/brainwashed by T.K.O. but he did felt remorse for the did he did despite being possesses.


I would go with yes for him.