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Hello everyone! I thought I can do Monique, from the Disney Channel animated series, Kim Possible as my first character that I’m proposing from Disney.


Kim Possible is an American animated  action comedy-adventure television series that was created by Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle for Disney Channel.

The shows occurred in Middleton, where it focuses on a young teenage girl named Kim Possible who is a teenage girl tasked with fighting crime on a regular basis while coping with everyday issues commonly associated with adolescence. She is aided by her clumsy best friend and eventual love interest, Ron Stoppable, his pet naked mole rat Rufus, and ten year-old computer genius Wade. Known collectively as Team Possible, Kim and Ron's missions primarily require them to thwart the evil plans of the mad scientist–supervillain duo Dr. Drakken and his sidekick Shego.


Monique is a recurring supporting character of the 2002 Disney Channel Animated series Kim Possible.mShe is the female best friend of Kim Possible, who was occasionally forced into accompanying Kim on select missions when Ron is unavailable.

With her fashion and pop culture expertise, She bridges the worlds between Kim's high school and crime-fighting lives, also serving as something of a guidance counselor.


  • She is always responsible and a highly loyal friend with a good heart.
  • She helped Kim.
  • Helped Kim one of her missions.
  • She is always help Kim with her problems such as managing on having a crush on a boy.
  • Forgave Kim.
  • Is sometimes friendly with Bonnie.
  • In a timeline where Future Shego took over the world, She joined the Shegoton resistance force and became a highly skilled combatant.
  • She is often in a position to help Kim through her most vulnerable and insecure moments.
  • Whenever Kim begins to overreact to or misread a situation, Monique will not hesitate to confront Kim and correct her behavior.


She crosses this goodness zone a few times such helped Her best friend, Kim Possible, save the world. Forgave Kim. or joining the Shegotom resistance force to stop and defeat Future Shego from conquering the world.


The only only two corrupting qualities I can think of for Monique is that she and Kim were arguing in one of the episodes, but despite that, she and Kim reconciled. or whenever Ron does anything that is unintentional or otherwise, to annoy or disgust her, she always remains his friend and also helped him.


I will let all of you guys choose if she can qualify for Pure Good.