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Hello everyone! I thought that maybe I can do Penny to see if she can qualify like Cody from The Rescuers: Down Under. This will be my first time I’m proposing  a character from a Disney Animated Canon film.


The Rescuers is a 1977 American comedy adventure animated film that was released by Disney Animated a canon, as the 23rd animated feature film that was released by them.

The film focuses on a duo couple named Bernard and Bianca, who are sent to rescue a shy orphanage girl named Penny, who was kidnapped by Madame Medusa so she can get the diamond to become rich.


Penny is one of the main characters of Disney's 23rd full-length animated feature film, The Rescuers, serving as the duetragonist of the film.

She is a young friendly little orphan who was sent to an orphanage after both of her biological died.

While she is living with Mr. Snoops, and his pet crocodiles Brutus and Nero, she was then sent by him and Medusa to find the diamond from the Big Bayou’s cave, after she was threatened to not get her teddy back if she doesn’t find the diamond. After giving Medusa the diamond, she instead takes both her and snoops, as she threatened both of them that they will be blasted and killed if any of them tried to follow her, Penny then reminds her that she promised to give her teddy bear back, as Medusa walked away to escape, she falls over, as Snoops,p and Penny tried to take the diamond away from her, with penny escaping from her.

After escaping from Medusa, Penny finally gets adopted by her adoptive parents from the orphans as she thanks both Bernard and Bianca for Rescuing her,


  • She is a very friendly loyal girl.
  • She is very kind towards animals.
  • As Rufus comforts her, she petted him, as thanks for comforting her for singing.
  • She is stood up to both of the crocodiles, Brutus and Nero.
  • She is praying for not only for herself, but for her teddy, Rufus, and the rest of the kids at her orphanage, where she and they will all find happy homes and be adopted by new families.
    • This shows that she cares for the children who are from the orphanage, and is very supportive for them to be adopted,
  • Despite helping Medusa by finding the diamond, she only did it to get her teddy back.
  • She helped Bernard, Bianca, and the rest of the animals escape from Madame Medusa.


Well, the only ones I can at least think of are this:

  • She disrespected and sassed Mr. Snoops.
  • She refused to go get the diamond for Medusa.
    • She also helped Medusa find the diamond, but despite that however, she only did it to save her teddy bear when Medusa threatened her,


I say that she can qualify like Cody, since she is a friendly little child.