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Hello everyone! I thought I can propose this hero, Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson: and the Olympians, but only the book version. I will try to see if he qualifies just Like Stanley Yelnats IV and Roy Eberhardt. This one will be my third character I’m proposing from both a novel and film.


Percy Jackson & the Olympians is a fantasy adventure book franchise novel written by American author Rich Rioran.

The book focuses It on a demigod teenage boy named Percy Jackson who is the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon.


Percy Jackson is the main titular protagonist character of the fantasy adventure book franchise and movie franchise of the same names.

He is a young  eighteen-year-old teenager who is a demigod, and the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon.

in The Lightning Thief, he gets framed by Luke Castellan for stealing the Lightning, with him and his best friend, Grover, and his love-interest Annabeth, on investigating who got him framed for stealing the Lightning.


Let’s check if he passes the Admirable Standard.

  • He advises Annabeth to give living with her dad and stepmom one last chance.
  • He broke the cycle of half-blood arrogance, after learning what Hercules did to Zoe
  • telling Nico to join in with his birthday party, after realizing that he probably hadn't been to one in his entire life.
  • He doesn't care about power, money, fame, or any other temptation that Kronos throws his way.
  • At one point he had both Zeus's Master Bolt and Hades' Helm of Darkness in his possession and didn't even think of the immense power this would give him.
  • Throughout the entire series, Percy is never tempted to make the choice to turn against the Olympians, even when they were being Jerkass Gods to him; the closest he ever gets is when he thinks about how releasing Hope from Pandora's Pithos would stop the war and bloodshed Kronos was causing.
  • Percy also has a tendency to make peace with the people he loses and move on, which is something that many demigods are incapable of doing. In The Demigod Files, Percy, Thalia and Nico encounter Melinoe, the goddess of ghosts. While Thalia and Nico are swayed by her power, Melinoe is shocked by how Percy has literally no one who's death he is haunted by.
  • He never excuses the wrongdoings of any demigod or even god which is more questionable deeds of his father such as taking revenge on Minos by having his wife fall in love with the sacrificial bull or raping Demeter in horse-form) in both Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods


By advising Annabeth to give living with her fathe and step-mom, and forgiving her, and standing up to his step-father Gabe.


Well, so in Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, he gets framed by Luke for stealing a lightning, even though he barely even stole it.


Go with yes, as like Stanley, and Roy Eberhardt, he definitely stands out as he is always there to help people.