Shanti as she appears in The Jungle Book 2

This proposal is about Shanti from The Jungle Book and its sequel.

Who is she? / What she has done?

Shanti (originally known as "The Girl") is a girl from the human village and the love interest of Mowgli. She is the water collector for her village, and she was the one who lured Mowgli to the man village. In the sequel, aside from Mowgli, she is also a friend of a young boy named Ranjan. When she believed that Mowgli is in danger when she saw him heading to the jungle with Baloo, she and Ranjan did everything they can to rescue Mowgli, and when he was really in danger when Shere Khan appeared, Shanti and Ranjan, along with Baloo and Bagheera, helped Mowgli to defeat Shere Khan.

Admirable Standards

Shanti is a kind-hearted, sweet, caring and polite girl. She is shown to deeply care for her friends, Mowgli and Ranjan. However, she is also mature and serious and she has a strong sense of duty as she takes her job seriously and she often gets irritated at Mowgli and Ranjan when they prank her, mostly about the jungle and the story of Shere Khan. She does not want Mowgli and Ranjan to run into troubles, so she stopped Mowgli before he and the children arrived at the river. Also, she was very afraid of the Jungle until she overcame her fear in order to save Mowgli. She also helped Baloo to protect Mowgli from Shere Khan by using the gong to distract the tiger.

Final Verdic

I think she is a very good candidate. She also appeared in the Pure Good page in Heroism Wiki.

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