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She's like her new counterpart or just a descendant of Twilight Sparkle, but i bet she looks more admirable than she is.

If you asked did i watched the movie, well i did. However, if i were thinking, "Hey! Why don't i make a proposal out of her?". So i decided to make a proposal out of the protagonist Sunny Starscout.

It's been a while since i made a latest PG proposal called Ultraman Zero, and it got approved. So, after watching the movie, i decided to return to make this proposal again.

What's the work?

My Little Pony: A New Generation is an American CGI-animated fantasy comedy film based on My Little Pony franchise by Bonnie Zacherle. The movie was the introduction of the fifth generation of the franchise. Originally scheduled to be released in theaters on September 24, 2021, it was released on Netflix on the same date. The movie sets many years after the events of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

In a magic-less era where Twilight Sparkle and her friends were just a mere legend, the three tribe ponies Earth, Pegasi, and unicorns, have been grown apart and are now live separated under paranoia and mistrust. However, a feisty and idealistic pony named Sunny Starscout's attempt to convince there are still hope for the divided world causing her to be branded her a misfit. After meeting a lost unicorn named Izzy Moonbow, she and Sunny embarks on their quest to reunite all pony tribes and bring magic back to the world.

Who is she?

Sunny Starscout is a main protagonist of My Little Pony: A New Generation and overall G5 of the franchise. She is a feisty and idealistic Earth pony lived in Maretime Bay who dreams of making the world better place by reuniting the three pony tribes and bring magic and harmony back to Equestria.

What she has done?

Sunny first appeared when she and her childhood friends Hitch and Sprout were playing the figurines of Mane Six. After Hitch and Sprout left her home, Argyle Starshine telling her about the tales of old Equestria and how the three pony tribes lived together. While most of earth ponies dismissed those as a legend and now lived in fear of the two pony races, Sunny hoped that the three of them can be together one day.

Several years later, Sunny, now grown up as a young adult, skating into the city and bringing her smoothie stand to sell those around everypony while singing the song "Gonna Be My Day" with Sprout suspiciously spying and chasing her around. She makes her way to Canterlogic building where the annual presentation showace is held, but was stopped by Hitch and Sprout, who reminds her that she was banned here. Despite this, she successfully sneaks inside the building and tried to convince the Earth ponies to unite with Pegasi and unicorns, which caused the presentation to be ruined and she was being jeered as result.

After Hitch berated Sunny for her actions and refused to spread her message to others because he still believed that Argyle's stories is still a legend, she met a unicorn named Izzy Moonbow who wandered around the city. During the Earth ponies panicked at the unicorn, Sunny and Izzy tried to avoid the traps before the unicorn got trapped. After freeing Izzy from the trap, Sunny brings her to her home and hides her from Hitch and Sprout. Learning that Izzy doesn't have a magic, Sunny and Izzy travels to Zephyr Heights after sneaking past from Hitch and Sprout.

When they got to the narrow rock valley, Sunny and Izzy were encountered by a white Pegasus pony. When the two royal guard approaches, the Pegasi flies away from them before the guards captured them. They were taken to the castle where they met a royal family of Zephyr Heights, Queen Haven and her daughters Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm (whom they met before). Noticing the Pegasi were unable to fly, she tried to asked Haven about the magic before they were imprisoned and her journal was confiscated.

At the castle dungeon, Zipp freeing them and returned Sunny's journal. Zipp explained that the Pegasi also lost their magic and revealed that the royal family only used wires to pretend that they're flying. After Zipp showing a stained glass window depicted Twilight Sparkle's cutie mark and a pair of crystals, Sunny discovered that the two crystals fit together like a puzzle which will bring magic back to Equestria. They devised a plan to steal a Pegasus Crystal from Queen Haven.

At the royal celebration, Zipp distracts her family while Sunny and Izzy switches Queen Haven's crown with a fake ones, but both were caught by Haven's pet pomeranian Cloudpuff, which causing a chase that exposed the royal family as non-flying frauds. After Sunny, Izzy, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp were forced to flee away from the city, they are having a bonding time at the campfire. When Izzy revealed that she received a same letter that Sunny wrote with her father when she was a filly, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp decide to join in Sunny's quest of reuniting the pony tribes back together.

When they got to the home of the unicorns Bridlewood, they disguised themselves as unicorns and Izzy telling them that unicorns are extremely superstitious. At the Crystal Tea Room, Sunny discovered an Unicorn Crystal behind the owner named Alphabittle and challenged him for the crystal. When she was about to take the rubik's cube, Alphabittle challenged her through Just Prance game, which is similiar to Dance, Dance Revolution. After Sunny won the challenge, they accidentally revealed their disguises which the unicorns angrily rounded them up before Hitch yelling out those "forbidden words" and they were escaped.

When they are running away, they happened to run over Queen Haven, who recently escaped from the prison to find her daughters. Encountered by unicorns, both of the pony races arguing each other before Sunny breaks up the fight and they can bring magic and harmony back with the crystals acquired. When both Sunny and Izzy unite the two crystals together, nothing happens. Feeling that her mission has been failed, she returned both crystals to their owners and went back to Maretime Bay, with everypony feeling bad with her.

When she returned back home, she was packing away her Mane Six toys and childhood drawings. After discovered that the Earth Pony Crystal has been her possession all along, Sunny runs off to tell Hitch right before both notices the Earth ponies are marching. They ran to the Canterlogic building where they met Sprout, who has been recently promoted into an "Emperor". Sunny and Hitch tried to convince the Earth ponies that the two pony tribes can be friends and are really harmless because they have no magic, but Sprout desperately rallied everypony onto his side. When Sprout activating his machine, he chased both Sunny and Hitch.

Right before they could warned everypony about the impending danger, Sprout's machine arrived to endangered everypony present here. Asked Haven and Alphabittle for the crystals, she, Izzy, and Pipp runs off to the lighthouse to put the crystals together while Hitch and Zipp holds off the machine. When they tried to put the crystals together, an enraged Sprout tried to prevent them from doing so by ramming against the lighthouse. When the lighthouse starts to fall apart, they desperately tried to join the three crystals together. After Phyllis tried to stop her son from descent into madness, Sprout accidentally ram onto the lighthouse for the second time, which almost got Sunny and Izzy killed. Though successfully unite the three crystals, but nothing happened like before. After the lighthouse is destroyed, Sunny realized that it was the three pony tribes that need to be brought together, but not the crystals. Her words moved the three pony tribes moved on and decide to put aside their differences. However, the crystals starts to glow and turned Sunny into and Alicorn along with the magic restored back to entire Equestria. With the three pony tribes brought back together and working together to clean up Sprout's mess, Sunny and her friends celebrates over their accomplished missions.

Admirable Standard

My Little Pony franchise has a high admirable standard where most of the main characters were just doing an admirable heroic deeds throughout the series while the supporting characters are just helping the main ones. So let's compare with the other main characters of G5 first:

  • Izzy Moonbow: Alongside from Sunny, she never showed her prejudice towards the two pony tribes (despite being wary to Pegasi at first) and believed that the three of them can be together. After meeting Sunny, she decide to joined in with her quest to reunite the pony races and bring magic and harmony back to Equestria. She even helped her friends disguised as unicorns to avoid their suspicions. During the final battle, she helped Sunny unite the crystals together. Despite her curiosity and dimwitness, she still does the right thing and helping Sunny throughout the movie.
  • Hitch Trailblazer: Despite being tasked to protect his hometown from any danger and harm as a sheriff, his prejudice towards the other pony races can get in the way of his friendship with Sunny and has no qualms of arresting her for her disobedience. When Izzy comes to Maretime Bay and traveling with Sunny to reunite the pony tribes, he almost considered himself as an antagonist because of this, which he was under the "False Antagonist" type as result. Due to being popular with the Earth ponies, he is shown to be arrogant and overconfident. Even despite accepting Sunny's wish and joined in of helping her reunite the pony tribes, he still wasn't qualified enough to become PG.
  • Pipp Petals: Due to being a celebrity star, she can be arrogant over this as result. Like Izzy, she was also curious to the point of revealing Sunny and Izzy's presence to the public, showing she has no fear of other pony races unlike her mother. After her royal family was exposed as a non-flying frauds, she blamed on her sister Zipp at first before she understands why they needed the crystal. Though she did nothing during Sunny and Izzy's time at the Zephyr Heights, she eventually joined in with Sunny's quest of reunite the pony tribes together and bring back magic and harmony on Equestria.
  • Zipp Storm: Zipp was very rebellious as she was rather doing athletic stuff like parkour rather than her royal lineage and responsibilities, showing to have a jerkish behavior to qualify. Like Sunny, she wanted magic to be brought back to Equestria so that the Pegasi can fly again. Though she was willing to defy her mother to help Sunny, she only does this to help her reunite the pony tribes together and bring magic and harmony back on Equestria. Despite her strained relationship with her mother, she still cares for her. She is also being snarky and sarcastic either.

Sunny, on the other hand, is the only one who passed the admirable standard because she believed to make a world better place and wishes to reunite the three pony races back together and bring magic and harmony back to Equestria. Throughout the movie, she protects Izzy from the Earth ponies including Hitch and Sprout when everypony panicking at her. Finding out that unicorns and Pegasi had no magic, she decides to embark a quest to find the crystals to reunite the pony tribes and bring back magic and harmony to Equestria. Sunny eventually succeeding in her missions by convincing the pony tribes to make amends with each other so they could become friends again, which resulted the magic and harmony brought back to Equestria.

Corrupting Factors

Unlike the other Earth ponies who feared and prejudiced towards the other pony races (especially her friend Hitch), Sunny is the only one who believed the friendship between the pony races and is willing to bring them back together, even believed her father's philosophy about it.

Even though she causes trouble in the Maretime Bay which resulted getting into trouble, she only does this to convince the Earth ponies into believing in friendship and unite the pony races together. Despite her efforts has failed, she has never given up rather than accepting their beliefs. She even showed no resentment towards those who ignored her words.

Despite disobeying Hitch into not freeing Izzy from the trap, she does this to save her from being harmed, showing that she would never hurt others for petty reasons unlike the other Earth ponies. When she brought Izzy to her home, she even showed her remorse for this despite she did the right thing.

During her journey of reuniting the pony tribes and bring back magic and harmony to Equestria, she stole the Pegasus Crystal from Queen Haven and disguised as unicorn to retrieve Unicorn Crystal from Alphabittle, which resulted of her getting into trouble. But she only does this to use them to bring back magic and harmony to Equestria.

Overall, she had no genuine corrupting factors about this.

Final Verdict

I would like to have Sunny to become PG. It's an easy yes in my opinion.