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This is my 26th proposal so far from the given (after a very long hiatus given my PE Proposal works at the Villains wiki). Aside from this, I have quickly became a big fan of Squid Game and I just admired how the entire plot and background brought it such uniqueness to any Korean show available. However, there has been many reasons why Squid Game never had an actual PG to begin with regarding everyone having too many corrupting factors yet have good qualities to themselves and their actions.

You see, I've been on edge on how this character was discussed for the Near Pure Good wiki and so far not a few but another few stated their votes on him declared NPG, while on the other hand, other people abstained due to other debating factors heading onward.

Ironically I never thought of having more time to make any Pure Good Proposals ever since my work on the Villains Wiki lately. After having to propose one of my favorite characters in Shonen History. I might as well get back up to my feet and reminisce what I remember about the guy, I give you Ali Abdul.

This proposal is done in collaboration with Romeo and Robot, please make sure to give him credit as well.

What's the Work?

Squid Game is the 2021 South Korean survival drama series that premiered and streamed on Netflix, which was directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk himself.

The story revolves around 456 players, who were people that lived under financial and debt problems, to which they are to participate in a series of specific games related for children, only to have realization that the games are outright deadly and murderous for a chance to earn and win 45.6 billion won. In order to survive the games and make it out alive, Seong Gi-hun (Player 456), must have what it takes to reach the last game while everyone else he knew and just known makes it out alive.

Who is He? What has He Done?

Ali Abdul is one of the main characters of the 2021 Netflix South Korean drama series, Squid Game. He is a illegal immigrant from Pakistan who tries to provide for his family, which consists of a wife and child, to that being the reason he worked within South Korea and joined the Squid Game to earn the money for them.

There wasn't much to Ali's story, but it was stated that Ali had many siblings back at Pakistan then soon get married to his fiancee. Sometime later he and his wife had a child together who was just born, however, Ali began to find work within South Korea to provide for them. Ali worked as an employee under the occupation of a metal worker for a metal workshop but has not been paid for months by his employer who was a greedy man. In order to provide for his family, he ends up becoming a participant for the Squid Game alongside all 455 players in total.

Ali was first seen saving Gi-Hun from getting killed by falling during the Red Light Green Light game. After the two make it to safety, Ali tells Gi-Hun what matters is that he is alive. Ali was among the players who voted to end the game. Afterwards, Sang-woo assisted Ali by paying for his bus fare and a phone, much to Ali’s gratitude.

Ali confronted his boss over not getting his six months worth of payment. His boss claimed to have no money but this was a lie as he had a envelope with money right in front of him. Ali tried to get the money from his corrupt boss, leading to a tussle which lead to the boss’ fingers accidentally getting crushed in material. Although horrified, Ali quickly took the money and fled. He gave the money to his wife so she and their child could safely get to Pakistan before returning to the Squid Game’s.

Ali joined the group of Gi-Hun, Sang-woo and Oh-Ill Nam (the evil host of the games unknown to the them but at the same time a genuinely friendly and kind old man). After complete in game the honey comb challenge, Ali helped protect Gi-Hun from Jang Deok-su and his group when they started a riot at nighttime to cull as many of the weaker players as possible.

Ali found a follow non-Korean player for the tug of war game to play on their team and successfully beat the other team, much to their sorrow and regret. Ali and the others would stick together for the night and successfully talk Deok-su out of starting another riot. The next challenge was the marbles game.

Due to their earlier friendship, Ali picks Sang-woo as his partner only to learn they would tragically be playing against each other. After Ali gets Sang-woo’s marbles, the latter snaps and accuses Ali of cheating until a guard begins to threaten him. Sang-woo apologizes to Ali and begs for another chance since he has a family (his mom) Ali points out he has a family too and he can’t leave them but Sang-woo reminds Ali of how he helped him at the store.

Ali’s good-natured personality gets the best of him and he decides to play against another team. However, Sang-woo uses this opportunity to take all of Ali’s marbles and replace them with other rocks, winning the game. As Ali attempts to regroup with Sang-woo, he realizes how Sang-woo tricked him. Heartbroken, Ali merely stares ahead in his final moments as he is shot in the head from behind by a guard, much to Sang-woo’s sadness. Ali’s body is then taken away to cremation.

Admirable Standards

In contrast of the work being a survival game where the masked men are mass murderers and some players have either greedy intentions or givin' off others the cold shoulder, it's never clear to say but to the extent of how the work here itself still has a low admirable standards yet I think there are about a few characters who did good throughout the series. Before we got onto Ali, we need to detail each character first to compare with him.

First off with got Gi-hun Seong, while he was able to protect some of his allies and survive with them throughout the entirety of Squid Game, then to getting to taking custody of Kang Cheol, Sae-byeok's little brother who was orphaned, to be adopted and left under the care of the mother of his childhood friend, Cho Sang-woo, and even leaving all the earned 45.6 won to provide for them instead his after learning much experience from the Squid Game. By the end of the series he would make an attempt to stop the Squid Game once and for all, but that is yet to be explored on the next season.

Then we got Hwang Jun-ho, the brother of the Front Man, who attempted to expose and arrest all members who are responsible for the mass murders of the missing people who participated in said game. But he came close when confronted by his own brother that shot him non-fatally, but the attempt he tried to reach to the station was left ambiguous, either it was sent there but was not there in time, though it is likely this admirable act failed yet he did his best either way, there's no indication if the station received his messages or ignored them.

Presumably out of everyone who did anything near admirable but nowhere seemingly enough, especially for prime examples like Cho Sangwoo, an fallen character-turned-anti-villain who survived for himself to win the won, and Kang Sae-byeok, an anti-hero who managed to tell other players about the second game. We then proceed to Ali himself, while some argue he fails the admirable standards, this is solely nowhere the case to begin with.

First off, Ali is actually one of few (if not the only) individual who actually surpasses the admirable standards since he was the very first person to actually save someone during the first game of Red Light, Green Light, to which said person was Gi-hun and if Ali wasn't there to grab him when he tripped, Gi-hun would've died back then. Throughout the screen time and resources Ali had, he does what he can to help his formed alliance and he played his part throughout the near entirety of Squid Game before being betrayed by Cho Sang-woo in the end, not to mention giving away the money he had every right to take from his greedy employer to let his wife and newborn child leave the country for Pakistan, also one of his most admirable actions to where he ensures their safety and provide for them with ease, this is compared when Gi-hun gave away all his billions of won to Sang-woo's mother and Cheol to provide them but never for safety since it was an act of kindness and sacrifice, Ali's case to his family is to get them off the country to save themselves from any upcoming trouble heading Ali's way for them. So in general, Ali makes the cut to the standards.

Corrupting Factors

The most trickier part to entail and explain at the same time. However, I purposely believe there is some hope to fully explain Ali's corrupting factors properly based on how he acted through them while not seemingly much of a bad example.

While he did cause his boss to get his fingers crushed, not only did the boss deserve it due to refusing to pay Ali for no reason other than greed and pushing Ali first but it was completely accidental and Ali was clearly horrified by it. He only stole the money and ran to give it to his family and help them get to Pakistan safely.

He did lightly mock Mi-Nyeo after the tug of war game but this was nothing overtly serious as he was merely pointing out her hypocrisy. While he did return to the Squid Game’s knowing they were death games, it was only to win the money so he could help his wife and child and he had no way of knowing some of the games (such as tug of war and marbles game) involved actually killing other players. Ali takes no joy in doing such acts, even willing to continue the marbles game after he won to give Sang-woo a chance for them both to live.

So in general, there's basically no such arguable corrupting mitigations placed on a good soul like Ali who was trying to do the right thing.

Final Verdict

Although there was much effort placed here, surely there can be some reconsideration to anyone who has seen Squid Game and this should be noted to all the details me and RaR placed to this proposal.

So for any agreements, that's your choice viewers. Though for personally watching Squid Game, Ali seems to be a justified yes for the given above, unless you all want to argue differently, that's alright.