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This here is my 23rd proposal so far upon my streak.

Now as you all might've notice this is the third Demon Slayer Proposal, following up to the same base order of Kyojuro Rengoku and Mitsuri Kanroji across the following.

So yeah, just wondering for myself if I should try again since I happen to have a concreted question if there is anyone else in the anime, following its amazing success on Mugen Train and its manga as a whole. I'd figured I might be able to do Tanjiro Kamado next if he's acknowledged to be PG.

For now, I like to discuss about Gyomei Himejima if he counts or not.

What’s the Work?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a dark fantasy and horror Shonen manga and within its anime adaptation.

Like said before, the story revolves around Tanjiro who lost his family and his sister being the only survivor, but at a cost, became a demon against her will. Throughout the anime, he was determined to cure his sister back into a human but the story itself also revolves around humanizing and moral moments to the cause, as well as some humor involved.

Who is He? What has He Done?

Gyomei Himejima is a supporting character in the 2016-2019 dark fantasy/horror manga and its anime adaptation Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is a member of the Hashira and was the Stone Hashira.

His backstory started when he was once a priest living in a temple with nine children he raised and took care of. However, it all fell down when one of the children living with him, Kaigaku, before becoming a slayer and demon onward, has disobeyed the temple rules and encountered a demon until he made an offer to save his skin by offering the people he welcomed him to a new home willingly.

From the attack, everyone panicked and didn’t know what to do, given Gyomei had a very low toned voice back then and was blind. Almost all of them died under the demon’s hands, due to the distrust in his own conditions, only leaving their youngest Sayo to witness Gyomei mercilessly killing the demon with his own bare hands. Upon the incident, Sayo unknowingly thought Gyomei was the murderer and was falsely accused for a crime he didn’t do as what he did was to protect Sayo. After getting released by Kagaya Ubuyashiki, two months later he became a Demon Slayer.

Somewhere around his duties before Tanjiro and Nezuko, he saved Shinobu and Kanae from a demon that attacked them. Thus were taken in and became a member of the Hashira, mostly Kanae before Shinobu till death honestly, but while reluctant of training them, he accepted his role and inspired them as the result.

Then onward, Tanjiro is now restrained under judgement of the Hashira with Nezuko held captive in Sanemi’s “care”. He showed his pity to them about the regards of Nezuko being a demon and Tanjiro in need of being killed to end his suffering. But upon hearing more from Ubuyashiki about Tanjiro meeting Muzan and Nezuko refusing to eat Sanemi, it took awhile for Gyomei to get close to them.

As the death of Rengoku happened and the events from the Swordsmith Village, Gyomei was one of the people to have train Tanjiro and the others next under a session where they are to meditate under a waterfall but were shock to see Gyomei balancing with a log tied with stones on his back and shoulders as he was surrounded across an engulfed amount of flames in balance. Teaching Tanjiro and the rest about that the core inside their body is the most important thing that regard his training to them, along the way as it went on, Tanjiro and the others trains to meditate on the waterfall, carried three logs on their shoulders and pushing aside boulders through a nearby village. While it seems harsh, Gyomei deep down wanted to ensure their strengths and potential, given he overheard Tanjiro and Genya’s conversation of the chant he would often repeat. Once Tanjiro completed all of the three required sessions without any hesitation, Gyomei, who saw the boy looking tired and dehydrated, poured water into his mouth and congratulated him for his accomplishments upon hearing his acts on the Swordsmith Village. Though Tanjiro denies it and honestly speaks out that the decision was made by Nezuko when he had no choice, wishing to not accept his words but was amused by Tanjiro’s honesty. It results to opening up to him about telling his backstory to the boy, saying he once had taken care of children before, Kaigaku, one of them, saved his own skin selfishly that allowed the demon to eat everyone and left with Sayo defenseless as Gyomei killed the demon to protect her, but upon confusion was accused of murder wrongfully before being saved by Ubuyashiki. Thus all doubts he had were gone and fully accepted Tanjiro and his sister no matter what, saying he would ensure the boy had no missteps to his path and patted him in the head to let him know he was very proud of his doings.

Later on with Muzan and his Upper Moons arriving, Gyomei and the rest arrived to stop and fight the progenitor to put an end to his reign, not before the demon regenerated and transported himself and the other slayers inside the Infinity Fortress.

Within the fortress, even when he arrived late, with Muichiro and Genya at near verge to death as Sanemi continued fighting. Gyomei fought off Kokushibo during battle, upon Kokushibou questioning Gyomei about his Demon Slayer mark and pitied him about his life span being exchanged when used, Gyomei disagrees it to be “tragic” and stated it is outdated that knowing he was, plus he would never regret his decision of becoming a member of the Corps as he continued fighting off the Demon with Sanemi as he also separates a part of Kokushibo’s blade to render him powerless. As the fight continued on, Kokushibo was defeated but cost both Muichiro and Genya as Sanemi mourns him heavily, but tries to comfort Sanemi as Gyomei says as Muzan is still here, they still have a chance of ending his reign.

After the fortress collapsed thanks to the efforts of Mitsuri and Obanai, along with Yushiro controlling Nakime. As the remaining slayers fought Muzan, Gyomei saves Mitsuri from being nearly killed under Muzan’s attack, defended her as she was taken in to recover her injuries that were critically damaged, upon apologizing for being late, he, Obanai, and Giyuu continued fighting Muzan as the battle exceeds to higher difficulty as Muzan’s attacks were too strong for them to handle until the rest and himself were given their chances of removing his limbs and whips to render him defenseless as it allowed Tanjiro and Giyuu to deliver the blowing finish until the sun came on rising, as Muzan attempts to escape, Gyomei helped out with restraining him to ensure his demise succeeds so no human can ever suffer from more of his cruelty again, as everyone else helped him out in doing so as they finally succeeded. However, Gyomei, now on the verge of death, refuses to accept any medical attention to his injuries as he accepts his death as a whole and sees the children he took care of in the afterlife, apologizing that they wanted to protect him since that day, as he apologizes back for not protecting, as he slowly passes away, his final words were “Let’s go…” as the other fighters and Kakushi who tried to heal him mourned him.

He was also one of the people who saved Tanjiro’s soul from the corrupting grasp of Muzan manipulating him as Kanao cured him.

In the end, he reincarnated as a caretaker in a kindergarten. That’s the story.

Admirable Standards

To set the record straight in regards to the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba baseline standards. We all know that Tanjiro, Rengoku, and Mitsuri successfully surpass this in any way, though Tanjiro’s potential as a Pure Good is under debate given some argue he may have corruptive factors, though that is up to those who view him through such said potential if so.

Then again, other people in the story still have their respective acts of doing good. Shinobu created a kind of poison from wisteria to ensure the demons’ reign of killing many people ends for sole purpose of no one suffering the same fate as them, though her xenophobic and wrathful nature is what prevents her, then Ubuyashiki has helped the Hashira and led his Corps to defend those about to be murdered by the demons, but his strictness to his family cost him potential yet still tried his best to ensure Muzan is gone for good after many years. As for some Hashira, again from what I said about my last proposals, some of them barely stand out due to some circumstances on their actions and have not, but twice, might have come out in low minimum, though Kanae Kocho could be an exception somewhere in some way. As for the other Demon Slayers, like Zenitsu and Inosuke, though their actions may seem admirable (Zenitsu protecting Nezuko from Inosuke, when he use to be bad, and didn’t care if she was a demon, then Inosuke who assisted Tanjiro to rid away Enmu to ensure everyone’s safety), however, those two still have corrupting factors, even with Kanao trained the trio and cured Tanjiro from Muzan’s blood and influence, it also seems questionable.

For Gyomei here, what started his uprising as a Demon Slayer was to raise the children he took in but when they were slaughtered by the demon, he protected Sayo with his own bare hands under defense of her life (Though Tanjiro did that as well, but he wasn’t the first one to do so), but upon saving Kanae and Shinobu, he was one of the bigger reasons they’re here in the Demon Slayer Corps as of now (despite Kanae died and had impact for Shinobu to be this determined, also if he haven't saved them and have them join the Corps, then Shinobu would've be there with Kanae to have save and adopted Kanao, which somewhat of a key factor when Tanjiro became the unwilled successor of Muzan during the battle's aftermath) and even had the upper hand on his own Hashira Training as he was lenient enough to rehydrate Tanjiro to better health, despite his paranoia and doubt on children because of his past but overcomes it, even forgave them in the afterlife. Despite he and his allies together defeating Muzan, with Mitsuri, in her role of defense, took off one of his limbs to render his attacks, Gyomei restrained him to ensure all together with his comrades in their own actions respectively ended his reign for good. So generally he passes the standards greatly.

Corrupting Factors

Now, much of Gyomei’s character is going to be very complex in descriptive manners but also unique that doesn’t seem to outright back out what he seemed to be in general.

First off is his lethality. Again people, like I said with Rengoku and Mitsuri, it’s justified given the amount of victims Muzan and his populated kind of demons have killed and they are to be put to a stop at all costs since it went on for centuries. Then again, when he first killed the same demon Kaigaku let in to save himself, when everyone was killed when they “didn’t listen” to Gyomei, he had no choice but out of fear for Sayo’s safety, he killed it with his own hands to protect her. Thus his kill was justified because the youngest was defenseless at that time. Also around the same time when he killed another demon to protect Kanae and Shinobu (which then the latter would join the Corps after they were inspired by him, but for the right reasons after their parents’ death).

Second is that he doubted and has low opinion on children ever since he first believe, unbeknownst, that the children from the temple after the demon killed them that very night “distrust” his status that resulted himself making a choice to protect Sayo but upon her confusion, was thought he murdered them and got falsely accused for a crime he didn’t commit. But it’s not corruptive since he was willing to open up to Tanjiro, despite the training he gave him and the rest, was still nevertheless proud of him and told him his backstory, said “corrupting” factor subverts. Also in his last moments, he forgave the children from the temple as he slowly passed away in tears.

There might be a chance his wrath was shown when he tries to comfort Sanemi that Muzan is in need of defeat. Though interrupting him while he mourned for his now dead younger brother isn’t a preventing issue since he was trying to help him be encourage that it will only left him in vain if Muzan is not defeated, again, after what Muzan has done, Gyomei’s said words were justified given the atrocities said latter committed for the greater good of it.

Then as of now, Gyomei has nothing at his own hands to be filled with “impurity” and stayed true to himself as he deep down, his paranoia and doubts to children are just something he was struggling with. But as soon as he sees how hard Tanjiro has worked, Gyomei begins to regain what he was and regains his trust in the youth.

Final Verdict

Another keeper indeed. But I'm leaving that all up to you guys, plus it took me less than two hours to have it all completed by the time I have good remembrance to the manga and anime alike.

I mostly never thought I'd be able to finish this in time, thought it was gonna take forever to remember. Though then again, Gyomei does seem to have a bigger heart alongside Rengoku and Mitsuri at this point