After a long way to my history here, this is my 20th proposal after so many times I've worked off and tried upon to some characters I know.

Not the type of choice to propose for my twentieth, but she's worth something as much as I can give within for. Apart from her nature and what's capable of, it is safe to say not a lot of Shonen Jump heroes get a lot of need to their statuses if the criteria matches them.

But nevertheless would I remind myself to continue doing such arrangements to this.

Give in to my 20th candidate for this month: Mimosa Vermillion

What’s the Work?

Black Clover is a Shonen jump fantasy manga and anime. In the world of the story, it was themed with adventure and action, but while played light-heartedly, sometimes it has serious moments with some comedic/comical graphics.

The story is about Asta and Yuno, two rivals, who are aiming to become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. However, royalty and nobles there often but always discriminated against the poor and peasants, but Asta fought in the hard way to make it to the breach. However, it also descends to hardships and the power within to the climax where devils roam across the world.

Who is She? What has She Done?

Mimosa Vermillion is a supporting protagonist in the fantasy Shonen anime Black Clover and its 2017 anime adaptation. She is a member of the Golden Dawn Magic Knights, one of the love interests of Asta, the cousin of Noelle Silva and Leopold Vermillion, and the younger sister of Kirsch Vermillion.

Her story started out when she was younger, she lived in a wealthy family, who were also royalty across the Clover Kingdom. Her parents and brother discriminated against the commoners, but unlike every royal noble, she genuinely sympathized with the commoners, as she saw the girl share some of the bread with another child younger than her. Meanwhile as she grew, she also sympathized with her cousin Noelle due to her lack of magic, but she believed in her since she knows Noelle has been working hard to achieve her magic’s potential.

After becoming a member of the Golden Dawn, she and her teammates, Yuno and Klaus, one day encountered Asta and Noelle in the dungeon during their mission. Throughout the mission she helps her team using her magic to scan the dungeon’s pathways and not before long they arrive at the gate that’ll lead to the treasury. She informs her squad about the Black Bulls under an ambush.

When the attack occurred to them as well, Mimosa used her healing magic to heal her wounds before it struck her to render defenseless as Yuno and Klaus tried to protect her from Mars. Upon this, she was forced to stay put till further notice, even during the Black Bulls coming into help.

After Asta defeats Mars, she deactivated her magic and responds to Noelle’s question about her condition. Afterwards, they find their way to the room filled with the stored treasury around it, though she proceeds to play around with it for a while.

As Mars then comes back to kill them, she doesn't have no time to react but as she sees Noelle injured, she quickly heals her with her strongest magic spell to heal her. As Mars noticed her, Asta defended them as he fought the latter. Once he was injured, Mimosa reached Asta’s side when Noelle requested her for his injuries but the dungeon began collapsing in doing so.

But with Yuno and Luck saving Asta, she tends to heal his wounds. But due to the amount of magic she has left, she doubts she could heal Asta in time. But after escaping, she moves Asta to a safer place to treat his wounds with all her effort, she was then surprised when Asta woke up, relieved by this.

During the War Merits Conferment Ceremony and the attack made by Rades Spirito, she was seen healing all of the citizens that got caught up with the attack from the corpses.

After the battle and returning back to the capitol, she quickly heals Fuegoleon and Leopold as she was perplexed from her cousins’ current conditions as of now while worrying for Asta. But from what she tried from her efforts, she couldn’t heal the massive damage on Fuegeoleon and suggests other knights to treat his conditions. Afterwards when she was on patrol with Yuno and Klaus before seeing members of the Black Bulls departing from the kingdom, she waves goodbye to Asta and promises to grow stronger.

After events upon the Star Awards Festival and announcements of the Royal Knights Selection Exams, she was partnered up with Asta and Zora Ideale (under the alias of Xerx Lugner) for the said exams as said.

Upon the first round, she and her team were in a bickering argument as she tried to calm them down and work together as they form a plan to their strategy. Upon trying to guard and protect the crystal while Zora falls asleep and refuses to help, she uses her magic to sense the locations of Team B before surprise attack comes to them, thus onward tries to locate them down while protecting their crystal.

As they continued, she fired one of her most powerful spells, Magic Cannon Flower, only to be deflected as she swapped back to sensing the next attacks nearby. She then warns Asta about the team surrounding her and him as all three attempt to attack them until one of Zora’s spells deflected theirs to them. She then heals Asta as she questions Zora about his magic, then destroys the crystal and the team wins.

Then across the first match of the second round, She and her team fought against her brother Kirsch and his team, between the conflict, Mimosa senses Sol’s magic and controlling her golem, she then strategizes how to take control of it.

While fighting Sol was considered a difficulty for her, she then has the higher as grass from her magic restrains Sol’s golem and forces it to uncover the crystal, giving Asta the chance to slash it and win.

With Langris’ attempt to kill Finral with Black Bulls intervening and causing a semi-final, Mimosa accepted Asta’s request for assistance and stated something was wrong with Langris.

With the semi-final round of the event, she continues guarding the crystal as Langris attacked without hesitation and when Asta was overwhelmed by him, she heals his injuries with her Princess-Healing Flower Robe. As the battle continues to a disadvantage as she couldn’t have the upper hand in recovering the injuries received, Zora steps in and defends the team using his Ash Magic once more. Upon the defense, Asta quickly fights off Langris once more as she heals Zora’s injuries, though he refuses, she still insists since they’re teammates. With the battle drawing to a close, Zora criticized Mimosa for freezing up during battle, knowing she has to do better.

The next day, she was accepted into the Royal Knights Squad to defeat the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Once they all arrive at their base, Mimosa heads on with Yuno, Hamon, and Klaus into stopping them, not before they reach the central room with a figure that is floated around by endless mana across the body. By the time Mimosa tries to suggest a retreat, the elves' reincarnation began as her comrades were possessed by the elves.

Upon being scared and confused by this, Klaus and Hamon overpowered and attacked her as she tried to plead with them to snap out of this but in no way prevail. Just as Rhya drops Asta to the room, he promises to protect her before the girl is forced to watch Asta fight Yuno and Klaus.

When Asta breaks the cross and saves Mimosa, Yuno was then under control of his elf’s reincarnation and fought with Asta against the possessed Klaus and Hamon. Upon witnessing the fight and Licht defeating them, Mimosa was too exhausted to continue her healing magic for them.

With the Elf reincarnation at dismay and the three remaining Royal Knights and later healed by Eilia’s Booth thanks to Nozel while also healing the remaining Magic Knights, they made they’re way back to the Clover Kingdom, now in chaos with the possessed Magic Knights.

With Kirsch and En heading onward to defend House Vermillion’s section. Instead of fighting the elves, Mimosa locates and leads those who remained in the building out of here as Kirsch and En masked their locations and distracted the elves until Baval located them. Upon refusing to give up, Baval warns them about the king’s attack and the Shadow Palace summoned.

Mimosa and the rest head to the Black Bulls base to warn the others, but get caught up with trapped within Reve’s Glamour World. A while back Asta manages to exorcise both Drowa and Eclat after destroying their Reflect Iris and undid the doings, so and so on Mimosa healed his injuries due to this.

Upon the Shadow Palace, Mimosa participated in going with Asta and the rest to stop Patolli. When the group separated upon entering the Shadow Palace’s gate, Mimosa and Asta got lost within the palace’s many rooms, upon her agreement, the room they entered got them to encounter Lira, who possessed Rill, and fought against him with Asta.

As Charmy enters and ends up fighting Lira, taking Asta and Mimosa’s place. Then she tied Asta with herself using her magic to escape and proceed to the next room as she healed after the fight.

Upon entering where Yuno’s located, they confronted Zagred, much to her frightened expression. But with Nozel confronting and defeating Patolli, Mimosa proceeds to heal Rhya, not caring if he was an enemy, much to his reminisce of remembering Tetia. Upon relieved on Asta unscathed in battle, she locates where Zagred is currently heading to, with Asta, Yuno, and Patolli heading to finish off Zagred, Mimosa assisted Nozel into saving the others.

While reaching Noelle's location, Zagred’s magic continued pouring down on the rooms each by each, while Licht and Lemiel’s magic seized it. Fana then brings up all the knights into the topmaster floor while Valtos saves them both using his magic.

Upon returning to the kingdom and with Licht and William restoring the kingdom with Asta’s help, also within the aftermath Mimosa heals Asta as Noelle, Secre, and Lemiel stand nearby. She stated he’s the first magic emperor from the statue under recognition, much to Asta explaining this. But as Lemiel passes away, she is sadly unable to heal his body.

Later on she, Yuno, and Klaus read the newspaper regarding Asta’s accusation for the events, thus worried for him as she remembered the judge Damnatio Kira who coldly sent his father under his judgement. Upon receiving a mission on investigating the devils, Mimosa, Asta, Noelle, and Finral were sent to the Heart Kingdom under progress of a curse lying there. Ahead from it, she secures a passage to the kingdom for the three of them while greeted by Gadjah.

But with Asta taken away from the water that trapped him and whisked away, much to Mimosa questioning what Gadjah intended. Upon fighting Gadjah alongside Noelle and Finral, she blasts out her Magic Cannon Flower combined with the efforts of Finral’s portals and Noelle’s Sea Dragon’s Roar as they manage to overwhelm him, upon defeat he apologizes for testing them.

They reunite with Asta and Secre inside the palace, that is where they met Lolopechka. Upon meeting her, she requested for the Clover Kingdom’s aid to stop and defeat the Spade Kingdom’s forces. Months later She, alongside Noelle and Secre, would train under Lolopechka and alongside plans and tactics in defeating Vanica and Megicula.

With the Heart Kingdom under attack by Vanica and her soldiers, she remained by Lolopechka’s side with Noelle as they fought one of the Dark Disciples during the fight. She is then seen handling Robero Ringert, but soon easily defeats him with the help of Undyne. However, Vanica enters the room as Robero gets up without any injuries as she and the rest resolve a way to put Vanica down for the count.

During the fight, Robero wraps her with his tongue before protecting herself using her plants and activates the Control Magic Grass seed. Deciding to take down Robero herself as Noelle and Lolopechak are left to fight Vanica themselves, the latter tries to convince her to give up, but refused as her strong determination to protect Lolopechka came first in mind. The fight ended with Vanica kidnapping Lolopechka as she turned her disciples into explosive bombs as a result.

She and the rest of the knights were saved by Patolli and the rest of the remaining elves. Upon Noelle pleading to train with him to become even stronger, so did Mimosa and the rest who agreed with her pleas in order to save Lolopechka and continue their duties. Three days from now, she and the rest head towards the Spade Kingdom’s capital to prevent the Qliphoth Advent Ritual on their way there.

As the story continued on, it has yet to determine what Mimosa did after...

Admirable Standards

For a light-hearted fantasy anime like Black Clover, it is a wonder to some characters who surpassed the standards generally and in-story. Like there is Asta, who has done so much for everyone in the Clover Kingdom, so is Yuno, but both the latter have a few factors that prevents them from being pure from heart, though Asta was an exception despite his berserker moment.

But apart from them, Noelle has protected her siblings, no matter how harsh and cruel they were to her, same goes with helping a young girl whose incriminated during the Star Awards Festival, despite she has some tsundere moments that prevent her qualifying, not to mention his jerk-ish moments and arrogance that involve she is “royalty”. Everyone else who also did admirable things sometime started off with corrupting factors (Yami Sukehiro, we all know why, Charlotte Roselei, yes she is caring to her team and provided equality for women to become strong, but happens to have a bit of a harsh attitude sometimes, and William Vangeance, who isn’t a fallen hero but was controlled by Patolli in doing so and deep down didn’t have the will to stop him but understood him), however, Julius and Lemiel seem to be exceptions on this, and some have heroism that are nowhere near admirable to the standards (Gordon Agrippa, if possible, even En Ringard).

Mimosa on the other hand is unique in her own way, she has healed up to numerous citizens when needed during battle if they are injured and protected their lives as possible, even healed Asta when he is badly damaged in battle when it is necessary, including her allies. But to confirm, she’s the only noble in the Clover Kingdom as a whole to not have arrogance in one’s status according to their wealth and the only member of Golden Dawn to have accepted Asta, who was a commoner and didn’t care if he was. She even healed an enemy, which was Rhya of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, thus giving him a chance to see a brighter nature on humans once more. Even with her own resources, I think she stands out on the same level as Asta, given her willingness to help others no matter what or who they are from and her determination to grow stronger to protect those she cared for, despite her clumsiness.

Corrupting Factors

She seems sweet at heart, but there are things to clarify before there should be any note of what she had may seem “corruptive”.

First is that her own relationship with Kirsch, her brother, can be seen as a little aggressive. Sure she was annoyed with his eccentric tendencies and his belittling on others because of their status and finding them ugly (which she hated), but also could be seen calling him out for calling someone she cared for, like the time Kirsch called Asta “filthy”. But it did not mean she truly hated him out of spite, she still cared for her brother after he lost and she was happy for his determination despite being dirtied, it was due to her view on equality between commoners and royals. Even if she manages to make her terms with her brother okay, his hobby of gloating his own beauty still annoys her, but it was played comically afterwards and nothing serious.

She also happens to be envious when someone is around Asta, like when Sally hanged around his arm or Noelle helping Asta choke out his food. Again, the first time was played comically while the second shows she doesn’t take her jealousy that much seriously and still cared for Noelle.

Other than that, some would also describe her as “incompetent” given she can only heal others, but there was more to her character than meets the eye. While there were some scenes where she is played comically, she still has moments where she does fight back given her tactics in battle when necessary and isn’t one to commit lethal acts generally.

Final Verdict

I think she's a good keeper, despite her own actions and resources, I'd say she makes a fit to the criteria's sources to comparison on other characters. But hey, it was good to know not all royals are arrogant and bad as they are, but in Mimosa's case, she's incorruptible by heart on this.

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