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This here is the 22nd proposal I had in mind. Also, yes, it's about another My Hero Academia character, just like last time with the second one but somehow backfired.

Now from before, I had once encountered a user whose made four proposals regarding who is capable of being NPG in MHA so far being Eijiro Kirishima, Shoto Todoroki, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Hawks being those people, but greatly people such as Iida and Ryukyu for example could be next.

So in return that user recommended me, not request, there is a difference. So yeah I did this on my free will and I had to give more thought if she does, indeed qualify for either the PG criteria or the NPG's in case and doing so to that progress. But I had to see if she does have the potential to stand alongside everyone since there are some capable and full-ongoing potential to it, despite some argumentative characteristics I am willing to risk for the sake of knowing if this will be considered true or false to the point onward.

But I hope you all can just appreciate, again, any effort made in this proposal to know how well she did and tried to do.

Give it up for Momo Yaoyorozu as of today.

What’s the Work?

My Hero Academia is an original superhero Shonen Jump manga and up to its anime adaptation made by Kohei Horikoshi. For a series that was mostly inspired by DC and Marvel, it sometimes has moments that come off as comedic, serious, moral learning, adventure, and dark times.

The story is about a world where a quirkless boy named Izuku who dreamed of becoming a hero one day, but back then was discriminated against for being quirkless. One day his idol All Might gave him his quirk to make the kid his successor. Upon making his dreams a reality as his life goes on, there is still a road ahead of him where he has to face villains and fight his opponents to reach greater lengths and heights.

Who is She? What has She Done?

Momo Yaoyorozu is a major supporting character in the superhero Shonen Jump manga My Hero Academia. She is a student of Class 1A and its vice president, coming after Iida who is the main representative of the class.

She first started out coming from a rich family, though she dreamt of becoming a Pro Hero from the start as she spent most of her time studying throughout her childhood.

In the Entrance Exam Arc, she was seen as one of the students to partake in the Quirk Apprehension Test as she knew everything about the expulsion process was a lie and thought it wasn’t necessary to speak upon and apologized for that before the results came in.

In the Battle Trial Arc, she was partnered up with Minoru Mineta, who was quickly disgusted by his perverted advances during their round. Upon Izuku and Ochako battling with Bakugo and Iida, she commented and criticized their performance, not out of harshness, but makes a point for the reckless strategies made as Iida was the only one to perform well in terms of his role as a villain. She also stated that her classmates need to wholeheartedly think of what to do if they were to be heroes.

In the U.S.J. Arc, the next day during class, everyone was to vote on who would be the representative of the class as well as its vice president. Upon elections finished off, Izuku was voted higher than Momo, much to her dismay. Later on after the incident with the press and afterwards a ride to the U.S.J., upon arrival and the interference and invasion by the League of Villains, onward to Kurogiri separating everyone as a result to different locations of the USJ. Around the Mountain Zone, Momo, Kyoka, and Denki were seen fighting a grouping of villains as Momo created a net to trap the other remaining villains as Denki electrocuted them. Upon Tesla holding Denki in persuasion to Momo and Kyoka, while trying to save Kaminari, the Pro Heroes at U.A. managed to arrive in time and save their students from the villains. Later after the battle, Momo began to re-think upon what happened that day.

In the Sports Festival Arc, upon the upcoming event, she was seen studying to create tactics of creating new items under the process. Within the first round of reaching the finish line, she came up with ways to deal with the villain bots within the obstacle, such as making cannons for example, including running fast as she can to get away from Mineta’s perversion. Upon the second round of a cavalry battle, she joined up with Iida upon capturing the bandanas to earn points, as then came down to a match between Izuku and Bakugo’s team before time was up.

Later on, she was seen fighting against Tokoyami in the final round before she lost, therefore losing her confidence for a while and head on.

In the Vs the Hero Killer Arc, she signed up for Uwabami’s internship alongside Kendo in hopes of learning what she could do in her career from her, instead it was one of her biggest regrets as she had hopes for better understanding instead she was participated into doing a commercial with her mentor alongside Kendo. However, by the time she was heading out for patrol around the city with her interns, they seemed to finally have the perfect opportunity before it backfired again.

In the Final Exams Arc, she helped her classmates study to prepare for the final exams. On the following day, she was paired with Todoroki into fighting Aizawa. Within the battle, she and Todoroki gave all they got in strategized tactics in capturing Aizawa within the area, but given her lack of self-confidence shattered, Todoroki encouraged Momo that she is skilled enough to lead the entire class via her instincts and charisma, also revealing he voted for her as that reason. Upon getting her self-confidence restored, she and Todoroki manage to defeat Aizawa in use of Todoroki blocking his technique and with Momo setting up everything using her Quirk in doing so. After Aizawa was restrained, both Momo and Shoto passed but she believed Aizawa allowed them to win on purpose, knowing her tactics were for nothing, but he confirmed that he was distancing himself to just to avoid their trap, upon realization, she tearfully felt overwhelmed to know that she could as Todoroki thanked her. After the exams and passed alongside her classmates (with exception of Mina, Kirishima, Sato, Denki, and Hanta), she and her classmates all head out to the public mall but unbeknownst that Shigaraki was there with a chat to Izuku.

In the Forest Training Camp Arc, she and her classmates went on a trip to their summer training with the Wild, Wild Pussycats across the forest, whereas Pixie Bob lands all of Class 1-A within the forest’s depths as she and her classmates fought off one of the ground beasts Pixie-Bob made while on their way back to the primary campsite, in a scene she created a cannon to blast off one of them as she and the rest were determined to get back. In the morning as of now, she was seen practicing and training the potential of her quirk alongside Sato under the process. Later on helped out setting up the task of cooking their own dinner. Within the following day until night, she was paired up with Yuga for the next training session, but resolves to the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad attacking from both areas in the forest, resulting in some of the students harmed either way, in both Class 1A and 1B respectively. Momo was seen giving out gas masks she created due to the poisonous gas sent by Mustard, known students as Kendo, Yui, Juzo, and anyone else caught up from it. She was then seen with Yosetsu guiding his classmates from his group away from the forest, she even told Yuga to watch over Kyoka and Toru when they were poisoned as a result to ensure their conditions. But on the way, the Chainsaw Nomu attacked them, leaving Momo with an injury on her head, as Yosetsu carried her to escape from it. Upon the retreat of the Vanguard, Momo placed a tracking device with the help of Yosetsu’s Weld in place into the Nomu as the incident was at cause.

In the Hideout Raid Arc, she, Izuku, Kirishima, Todoroki, and Iida, reluctantly at first, were above no choice but to do what they can to rescue Bakugo, even if it meant breaking the rules and doing nothing. Thanks to Momo’s tracking device, the five were reached to Kamino and disguised as random citizens into finding the League’s lair, only to find the laboratory where the next batch of experimented Nomus were taking place, upon viewing what was going on, Momo and the rest watched as Mt. Lady, Jeanist, and the others infiltrate the lab, restraining all Nomus as All Might and the rest capture the league of villains. Upon thinking they are no longer needed, that was when All for One appeared before them. Frightened from his presence as Bakugo fought the league as All Might arrived to stop his enemy. Momo and Shoto would later leave the battlefield as Izuku, Kirishima, and Iida successfully save Bakugo then meet up with them as they continued watching the battle as a result: All Might won.

In the Provisional License Exam Arc, she and her classmates have already moved into the dorms but she along with Izuku, Kirishima, Iida, and Todoroki were told off about breaking the rules and were given warning if such a thing were to happen again. Upon rearranging their rooms and having a contestant about it, Ochako called Momo and the rest under Tsuyu’s request, apologizing to them for being so harsh from that day, knowing she didn’t want them hurt or worse, Momo and the rest accepted her apology as Momo comforted her. On the last days of training for the exams and arriving there upon meeting new faces, she and the rest were then separated amongst the first test, in the Non-canon she, Shoji, Kyoka, and Tsuyu were within the building areas as they were targeted by Saiko Intelli and her classmates, injuring Kyoka’s jacks and trapping them in the same room as one of them sets the temperature to a colder minimum, causing Tsuyu to be put under a hibernating condition, as Momo created a blanket to keep her warm while she tried to come up with a strategy regarding the cold room and being trapped by their enemies, upon realization to their actual intent, Momo created four headsets and an amplifier to Kyoka, despite her injury, cooperates with what Momo intends to do with her for the next seconds to come. Upon creating a supersonic burst, she and the rest manage to defeat most of the Seiai students, though Saiko survive as she locks the door as she prepares to defeat Momo before Tsuyu and the rest took restrain on her, knowing in their belief to her, Saiko and her comrades were defeated as Momo and the rest won. Upon the second and last test, it was to be rescuing pretend bystanders as part of the exam, but given the situation to most of it, Momo guided Ochako and the rest to a strategy of saving one of them, starting with taking charge to the rescue operations and leading the group to perform it all properly in doing so. She was able to pass afterwards the rest, though Todoroki and Bakugo were exceptions for obvious reasons (Todoroki fighting with Inasa and Bakugo not doing a single thing).

In the Joint Training Arc, following up with the Shie Hassaikai, Remedial Course, U.A. School Festival, and the Pro Hero Arcs, all of Class 1A are up against their rivalry class, 1B. During the second match, she was up against her primary rival Kendo, who backed up with Kinoko, Kuoriro, and Manga, while Momo was paired with Tokoyami, Yuga, and Toru. Upon their friendly conversation before leaving into battle, given the different strategies made, Kuroiro made his first move into controlling Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow within the battle as Momo created nets to capture said being before evading when Toru got him out of Dark Shadow. With Kuroiro taken care of, Momo then proceeded to the expectations of the battle’s result before Kinoko kicked in to Plan B. Upon panic, she yells to them to keep calm as she tries to regroup them back before Manga separates them using his Quirk. Upon fighting Kendo after being isolated from the others, Momo tries to counterattack but Kendo proves to be stronger from experience as she barrages her using her fists. Refusing to believe she was outmatched and to submit defeat, as well as trying to earn the respect she was given and remembering Kendo’s compliments to her, Momo manages to deflect and resolve the fight as she created a cannon, much to Kendo’s surprise, as she fired it off from the corner of the wall, only to launch out a “Lucky Bag” for Tokoyami to find an ethanol to rid away the mushrooms made by Kinoko’s Quirk, in which succeeded before Momo could trap Kendo with her using a rope she created. But upon defeat by Kendo and her team, the effort she made was acknowledged by them, mostly Kendo, to know she was one step ahead from them in both power and charisma, even in strategy amongst the battle.

Later on during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, following her internship with Majestic alongside Setsuna during the Endeavor Agency Arc. During the raiding with the Pro Heroes about to fight the PLF’s warriors and the awakening of Gigantomachia heading to where Shigaraki is within the battlefield, along with Midnight encouraging Momo into knowing she’ll make a great leader in a team one day. Momo was determined to strategize into stopping Gigantomachia from getting near the city with the help of her classmates and those from 1B. Leading them to the plan she prepared with combined efforts from them as she created more than dozens of vials with sedatives to put the gigantic villain to sleep, as Mt. Lady goes along with their trap, the students and Momo do what they could to keep Machia at bay, as they try to restrain and attack using what Momo created before both Mina and Kirishima threw in the sedate in its mouth. Only to avail when it came to assist Shigaraki in battle, but given the effort they put, mostly Momo for leading them into the situation costed them the mass destruction from the mountains to the city, but did give time for Izuku and the rest to continue fighting them off when Gigantomachia was under asleep and later arrested that day.

As far as Momo’s character arc, it has still yet to continue onward.

Admirable Standards

In the entire world and respective lineage to My Hero Academia, both canon or non-canon to its continuity. The anime knows how to see up a pretty good comparison to each of the characters’ heroic actions and respectives resources in their own limits in admiration to it.

First off, we already know how high Izuku’s standards are also in comparison to All Might, his mentor, then we got Mirio Togata to top that off. Plus we all know why, Izuku saved his classmates, notably Bakugo since the Sludge Villain attacked, and saved Eri, though also same with Mirio but in different ways to compare. Then we got All Might who saved more than hundreds of people.

Then to head off, Ochako and Tsuyu, who were very supportive of each other’s well-being and concerns of their friends, even alongside saving them given their own resources and limits onscreen to the point of them.

Then we got other characters who did their respective acts. Such as Todoroki who was willing to accept his father and is on verge to forgive him slowly, saving people after his redemption at the remedial course, and was the one who gave Momo another purpose to what she could do, but nevertheless still holds some detailed corruptive traits to it, then there’s Bakugo, who has a very, VERY low admirable standard if dependable given his own minimum, not to mention his actions to that point from his past, but given his road to redemption starts off slowly, alongside protecting Kyoka from Togaru’s attack and Izuku when Shigaraki nearly killed him, but too many corrupting factors is what prevented him, but again, a very low one indeed (unless the Heroes Rising where he helps Izuku defeat Nine counts given the continuity connection with both Manga and Anime). Then to Kirishima and Tokoyami who had their fair share of great things, but with Kirishima having the potential to stand out alongside everyone else if his “mischievous” side isn’t morally minor to prevent and Tokoyami only to general pass but not in-story, there is debate up either of them if once or twice. As for everyone else in Class 1A, Kyoka gave the idea of helping her classmates perform for the school festival as a way to ease all the students there to enjoy, but again, serious corrupting factors, and then to everyone else, maybe their actions are too standard to do so, while same can’t be said for Class 1B, who barely did anything beyond the standards, with Kendo and Tetsutetsu being the only ones (minus Monoma whose standard is the opposite of Bakugo’s: WEAK in comparison), to have prevent Mustard and defeated him from continuing the smoke.

As for the Pro Heroes, well Ryukyu, Fat Gum, Sir Nighteye, Miruko, Mandalay (exceptions to other members of her team), Best Jeanist, Hawks, and Endeavor may come out as accountable. Given some Pros’ actions are a bit standard and nothing else (Edgeshot in a possible matter and Kamui Woods), then up to those who generally stand out closely (Mt. Lady, since some say she was the first to do real Hero work from the beginning but nevertheless still as corrupting factors, minimally), it has a clear given, also including Aizawa and Midnight under some circumstances. Though major problems are some of them stand out generally in questionable debate to their actions in comparison to others and some have many or less corrupting factors to the given.

As for Iida Tenya, who did, however, made his own acts of loyalty and heroics by calming down the remaining panicked students when the press broke into the school, called out the Pros of U.A. to save their students, and has led the entire class well under proper order. Iida has, nevertheless, a minimum of factors that are problematic to his character and throughout all the Arcs he wasn’t given much more screen time to his actions, despite playing a bigger role in the U.S.J. Arc, the Hideout Raid Arc, the Vs. the Hero Killer Arc, and somewhat in the Provisional License Exams Arc under his own resources to his actions by minimal standards.

Momo here might be as greatly near Ochako and Tsuyu’s standards, nor anyone else but could be arguable if she did, indeed, does stand out given not only her own resources and actions based on her role. But what counted is that everything that happened could all throw back to her efforts, given her great sense of leadership to protect and save her classmates and everyone else, also helping them become better in terms of what a “hero” needs to be. Despite from the beginning and all the way up to her character’s arc, along with the given of her aspects and comparisons to what Iida had done to lead the class, it’s made clear that she has more potential that what Iida could offer after his past character arc and so far on. Then up to the momentum to what capability Momo has for her future chapters to her character and how much she tries to do, she clearly stands out alongside Ochako and Tsuyu, even if her actions sometimes fail, it’s the effort that counts to how far she has grown alongside their classmates.

Corrupting Factors

This here is going to be like a court case with her people, no matter how many times there could be something wrong with Momo, let me assure you that what’s going to happen next is on me when explaining it all. But nevertheless I will try to justify those actual and argumentative factors.

At first glance to Momo’s character is that she is firstly introduced as a little arrogant, too serious, and a little cold, given how she stared at Mineta when he looked at her pervertedly. But that was because she was trying not to be like that to her fellow classmates (unlike Shoto who was completely cold until Izuku helped him), as harsh as her words describe the performance of both Bakugo, Izuku, and Tsuyu. But does not completely mean she’s always like that since after her loss to Tokoyami, that was when she had to go through some things that changed her for the better as whatever she had seemed corruptive subverted, but some wouldn’t say best for her rivalry with Kendo, she did not seem arrogant to the 1B president as she was still competitively friendly with her, even in battle in the Joint Training.

As for her “cold shoulder” trait, she was not shown to have such a thing afterwards, possibly after her loss to Tokoyami or either from the experience from the U.S.J., not to mention how she felt disappointed for Izuku giving up his position to Iida, it didn’t last long since she somewhat accepted it and is still friendly to Iida nevertheless.

Then to Mineta, her treatment of him was justified. Same as Tsuyu’s, but before she wasn’t tolerant given how bad he was and even called him “despicable” when he peeked on the hole on the wall next to the locker room, again, all girls are sometimes like that but afterwards she still treats him equally as a friend despite his perverted antics. As of now, concrete evidence shows when Mineta tries to convince Aoyama to switch places but instead of feeling disgust, she felt a bit uncomfortable this time, given her enthusiasm and optimism to the minimum of her personality that dominated her serious side to a kinder one at best.

So to begin with the discussed traits she once had, it’s clear Momo became better as the story of My Hero Academia head onwards to the heights that gave her in return. As of now, she’s still able to show what she could do as a hero.

Final Verdict

I just hope I could get my answers of clarifications and clearances to know the potential she might possibly hold. If anyone is willing to say yes for good and understandable reasons or a no for harsh and again, understandable, reasons, I honestly have no opinion considering this.

Though in my belief deep down, I clearly won't regret making this proposal for her as what I did to make it convincing could lead to something that might come to surprise me if so. Though I'll still admit, I'm willing to make use for her potential in the NPG criteria if up to you guys.

Then again, I still would like to believe if this is worth a shot.

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