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This here folks is so far my 21st proposal after all the hardwork of reaching up to 20 of them in total, with one rejected at the point, so yeah 19 of them were successful.

But we're not here to talk about that, I want to talk about a certain huge-headed being, a legend from it came from the most well-acclaimed Cartoon Network show that was hence forth known as Regular Show.

From this very day and onward and out of all the characters I've proposed, I want to rest assure if he is worth it. He made a great sacrifice to save his friends and everyone else in it since the very beginning for Pops. In return, I forever cherish my childhood in his honor.

Thank You J.G. Quintel for making my childhood whole, as I give you all: Pops Maellard

What’s the Work?

Regular Show is an animated comedy show on Cartoon Network, originally made by J.G. Quintel. For a show that revolves around some comic relief and hilarious moments, it still holds some serious and dark ones at the point, including character development.

The story starts out with two best friends working together at a local park on a daily basis, however, they sometimes get into bizarrely random situations involving fighting off bad guys, ridiculous jokes, even baby ducks for some reason too? But nevertheless took a turn for a change to their lives and their story separately, as it focuses on a blue jay, a raccoon, an immortal yeti, a hot-tempered gumball machine, a lollipop-humanoid early-elderly, a “hulk”-related man, and a one-handed ghost who wants a high-five.

Who is He? What has He Done?

Pops Maellard, birth name is actually Mega Kranus, is one of the main protagonists in the 2009 american animated comedy series Regular Show. He is the brother and archenemy of Anti-Pops, his evil counterpart, and the adopted son of Mr. Maellard. He is the “Chosen One”  who was born from Planet Lolliland and destined to defeat his brother as Season 8 progressed.

NOTE: This can only cover about 7 Episodes that seem focused on Pops’ actions (if I could remember correctly), including the main arc where he was the “Chosen One” throughout the finale of Season 8’s episodes.

In “Dizzy”, Pops was afraid of taking out a major speech in front of the public and needed help from Mordecai and Rigby to do so. But upon various tries to have Pops maintain calmness, they tried spinning around until he felt dizzy enough, but resulted in Pops heading onto the Dizzy World. In regards to finding Pops here, he was seen with Iacedrom and Ybgir having a conversation about speeches. Upon Mordecai and Rigby finding him, he refuses to make the speech until he realizes making a speech backwards was the answer to the problem. After escaping from the wrath of Iacedrom and Ygbir, Pops performs the speech to the statue, only for it to be this short. But in efforts, Pops got his father’s approval to be proud of him for that.

In “Really Real Wrestling”, Pops was seen talking to Mordecai and Rigby about wrestling when he spotted them doing it and saying he was once one back at his days, upon trying it out again, it went to a result where Pops was harmed and was of no choice by Benson to be place under house arrest. However, Pops sneaks out to see the wrestling match of the night and was mistaken for Huge Head when he got in, causing a wrestling match between Mordecai, Rigby, and him against Hissy Fit and Fourarmaggeddon. Upon winning the match, despite unknowingly stealing Huge Head’s identity, as Benson nearly fires Mordecai and Rigby for sneaking out, Pops takes the blame for everything as he was responsible for what happened, earning a thanks from them with Benson giving in a warning.

In “Rap it Up”, Pops intrigued by the CrewCrew’s rapping but was later humiliated by them because he was an “old man”. Upon using poetry to prove them a point about rapping as Mordecai and Rigby tried to help him by rapping instead, but quitted because of the rude nature behind it. However, it turns out it was causing Pops to lose when he was by himself until Mordecai and Rigby showed up, gladly accepting their help as they dominated Demel-Ishun, Blitz Comet, and Alpha Dog in the battle using poetry, but nothing lethal happen since the CrewCrew started this.

In “Prankless”, Pops was utterly hurt when Muscle Man’s prank went wrong. After being sent to the hospital, Muscle Man’s actions led to him shunning his love for pranks but with a prank war happening from Gene and his men. Pops was requested to fake the prank from the rival park in order to have Muscle Man end it once and for all. Overall, Pops still forgives him for what happened, even though he lied it out to ensure the park’s safety and letting Muscle Man know indirectly that his pranks should at least tone down at minimum.

In “Guy’s Night”, Pops tried his best to be one of the “guys” by doing the milk challenge. Upon his determination, he tries from once to twice and each fails, but the more he consumes, the more it brings damage to him. But in return, the more he remembers the challenges down by his friends, like the time with the Eggscellent challenge, he builds up the courage to drink the gallon one last time but before he could do the pose he faints with his skin turned white. Now transported to the White Room where there are five more people here who also “completed” the challenge but Pops states he had a few minutes left, that caused more of the people inside to regain thoughts if they did or not, upon Russell provoking the Milk Drops for answers, they ended up turning two of the rest into them as Pops suggested their escape. Upon the elevator heading out of here while another Milk drop came in to stop this, Pops kicks it out in self-defense as Russell and the the remaining two thanked him for making it out alive, stating he would raise a jug under his honor. After heading back to normal, Pops completes the challenge in time.

in “Catching the Waves”, Pops’ luck with nature has gone down recently and tries to make up for it by surfing through the waves. However, upon being bullied by Hurl, Merle, and Burl as he tries to surf within the wave’s distance, only to fail and cause them to fall with him by accident as he ran away making enemies with them unintentionally. As Pops was given a chance to practice his surfing skills but ended up backfiring as he was stuck into a water pipe, Dr. Henry states that he can’t continue surfing if he ever takes risks as Mordecai, Rigby and the rest try to persuade him to regain Nature's trust differently. Upon escaping and trying again, Hurl and his buds began tormenting him for trespassing against “their turf”, as the Park gang aids to his need as they try to get the surfers out from the wave until they called upon their friends to cause a riot between it, that was when Hurl tampered with the waves’ control when the guys tried to stop him, only to have broken the system as Pops continues trying to surf while he was afraid, then again he finds the confidence to overcome his fears and surf through the waves. As “nature” congratulates Pops on passing the test as he continues surfing with it throughout the city (though despite a few buildings destroyed at the end, Pops was unaware, given his naivety, and was mostly played for comedy).

In “Pops’ Favorite Planet”, throughout his days growing up, Pops always checked upon his family’s telescope to see the planet, unaware, was born from Planet Lolliland, however, whenever he gets upset upon not being able to see it often, telekinetic energy appears (foreshadowing Pops’ current state in the final season), before letting that slide. Years later in the present, Pops would then gaze upon the skies, possibly thinking about the planet. Afterwards, he implies that he was already for a “meeting” as he ran off without saying another word, then around when Benson reserves a lodge for Pops, he generously rejects since he has a “date” with an old friend, upon it, Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips help Pops find an observatory whereas he could see the planet once again. As they arrive throughout the episode and make it to the building, Pops prepares the telescope until Mordecai and Rigby mess up when the globe actively loses control as it shoots out beams to block them. Upon his frustration, Pops suddenly triggers his telekinetics and destroys the globe, thus was able to see the planet one last time to remember, leaving Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips in disbelief to what they just witnessed inside Pops.

Now then, to chronologically explain all episodes regarding from “Ice Tape”, “The Key to the Universe”, “No Train No Gain”, “Kill Em’ with Kindness”, “Meet the Seer”, “Cheer Up Pops”, and “A Regular Epic Final Battle”.

After a long journey for a year being sent to space then and now, the Park gang are to be tasked on stopping Anti-Pops. In “Ice Tape”, Pops and the rest are to destroy who Pops originally was.

In the tape, it shows Pops was destined to fight his evil brother in order to bring order and balance within the universe, he was then taken in by Maellard and wanted to raise him in living normally. However, upon following his destiny, the message let Pops know to find his destined mentor Earl and his adoptive father’s words made him realize these things.

In “Key to the Universe”, after finding Earl, Pops is destined to fight his brother but must go through some kind of special training he has in mind. But much to the confusion, this type of training represents chore-related activity. However, Pops begins stating that everything he has taught Pops was nonsense and begins to describe Earl’s attitude to him as “unpleasant”. As his frustration allows him to refuse, Earl shows him something that will have him facing reality: a vision where Pops and his brother fought and their strengths cost them the universe. After witnessing the visions, Pops grows more reluctant that he has to face his brother, but the Park crew tries to cheer him up as Earl then shows him his potential when he grabs the lemon.

In “No Train No Gain”, Pops continues his training via song montage but begins to annoy Mordecai and Rigby upon it. Then we see Pops continue his training again but this time when the montage’s music changes, it results into madness as it causes Pops to be put under too much work that it controls him into causing damages to the park unintentionally as everyone tries to stop him. In the end, Rigbys manages to place the boombox on the wood as Pops breaks it, disabling the montage’s control over the park and him.

In “Kill em’ with Kindness”, upon the meeting regarding the Seer. Pops attempts to befriend and change his brother, but Earl scolds him that such a thing can’t prevail and that he has no choice but to continue the destined fight. As they meet within the same location, Pops wanted to offer his brother the cake he bought to have a better connection with him, but spatters it to the ground, making Pops think if he is serious about making peace, only to have reflect back with his words as he states he hates the universe for a lot of reasons, when he tries to offer his brother a hug, he shoves it away and tries to kill Pops now when he was about to escape. When Pops states they don’t have to fight, Anti-Pops still wants to, proving to Pops that Anti-Pops can’t not be comprehended to redemption and that everyone is right that he needs to be stopped, while seems reluctant but has no choice to accept it. That was when it led to Earl sacrificing himself and having Pops know he must finish the fight as they left, leaving Earl to his death under sacrifice to Anti-Pops’ hands.

In “Meet the Seer”, the gang and Pops finally meet the Seer, who's been watching them throughout their journey and the series itself, alongside DVD returning with his sister Blu-Ray, during the time Streaming (formerly Internet) took over. Upon meeting the Seer, they began seeing all their past events, memories, and the scenes where the entirety of the show began. Upon trying to escape with the Seer from Streaming, she tells Pops that the fight is taking place to his home and birth planet, Lolliland, but as reluctant Pops tries to come up with a different way to settle things with his brother. The Seer requests Pops to make it a “jolly good show” before she sacrifices time for them to escape as Streaming finishes off the planet. Thus the gang arrives in Lolliland.

In “Cheer Up Pops”, everyone planned to throw a party before Pops' fight tomorrow, also upon seeing Pops in worry. Despite the efforts to help him cheer up and face reality, it worked a bit too much for him to know that he does not want to lose his only friends he has left if he ever loses. But the gang and everyone invited are willing to support him in battle and to ensure that he won’t fail without help from them.

In the trilogy of “A Regular Epic Final Battle”, he finally stands up and faces reality when he and his brother finally show up at the very colosseum, but Pops first attempts to settle this like gentleman if he wins the universe across it all won’t be destroyed, but Anti-Pops proposes back with a more dishonorable deal. Upon the fight and when Anti-Pops was on close range to destroy all of life multiversally, including reality when Pops was rendered back to his normal self, he was seen saving Mordecai and Rigby from his brother as he then makes the ultimate decision to his own precise conclusion, he sacrifices himself as he carries his brother to the sun, ending both of their cycle of fighting one another to ensure the balance of the universe widely does not repeat itself, under his words to the two, he tells them that this will be a happy ending and told them to take care of each other. Before he died with Anti-Pops, he comforted him when he felt some remorse for his actions, thus telling him he can’t but they can try to be together by ending the cycle, in the end, Pops died reconciling with his brother to their lives at peace.

Because of his sacrifice, everything across the whole universe, inside and out, is now at peace thanks to Pops and even Mordecai stated within the 25th anniversary that they wouldn’t have all of this if it wasn’t for Pops. In the end, Pops was last seen in heaven, watching the entirety of them now living their lives happily and signing off the show’s end with a “Jolly good show” quote.

Admirable Standards

General Standards

With Regular Show being comedic and everyone else who did great things for others but sometimes does bad stuff for the sake of their selves, the admirable standards in the show might have a low chance to its minimum qualification for some characters, but often or not, it usually happened up when possibly Season 2 occured.

For instances, both Mordecai and Rigby did a lot of great things despite their oddly off-track moments of doing things out of selfishness and sometimes involving themselves into trouble but always fix those problems, even saving and protecting their friends and other people in occasions, such as the Zombie attack during the movie night at the cemetery.  Then there’s Benson who saved Mordecai and Rigby from a jury where they’re accused for a crime for “being too cool”, helped Rigby get his reputation fixed during Expert or Liar, and helping his suit avenge his father and putting an end to Rich Steve’s conquest for power. Skips, who defeated Klorgebane twice in order to prevent him from causing destruction massively, was also one of the most helpful within the Park group. Then heads to Muscle Man who honored his father with his ashes placed on the Trucker Hall of Fame and ended a Prank War by pranking Gene and negotiating with him.

Then again to confirm, everyone has corrupting factors that seem to prevent some of them from qualifying, other than that, surely there might be some cases for some characters like Eileen. But for Pops, for someone who cares and willingly helps out the gang, including Mordecai and Rigby throughout their adventures, he has saved his friends multiple times and sometimes directly or indirectly when he also helped out in most situations, as well as trying to be discipline to Benson’s anger and tries to help him be more positive, lastly, him saving the entire universe and reality alike with his own set of resources from his brother does seem to set the standards straight for Pops to have more qualification to his arranged character.

In-Story Standards

Now as it was to date, when Mordecai and Rigby saved the future’s universe from being destroyed by their former science teacher, also coach, Randall Ross, Pops on the other hand did something more admirable that matches up Mordecai and Rigby who had saved the world from the Geese once and when Exit 9B started, when Anti-Pops made his attempts to destroy all reality than just the universe, Pops manages to save the entire multiverse for sake of not only many beings out there but for his friends’ sake as well, even after sacrificing himself with his brother to evade and end the cycle, those last moments shared were to forgive him for everything he’s done. In terms of the series’ conclusion, Pops stands out more than anyone in the show.

Corrupting Factors

Pops might have a few things that may seem corruptive, but in my case to the characteristic upon the lollipop-headed being, almost but precisely all of this seemed temporarily and some may seem only under the progression of a rare moment that sheds away for a moment and back to his good ol’ naive and kinder self.

To discuss, we got Pops’ Moral Agency where the show stated that he is the embodiment of pure good. However, despite what it stated, Pops is shown to have some moments where he does have some demonstration to his personality, such as frustration and anger. There was a time Pops was pushed into helping the rest into pranking Muscle Man in “The White Elephant Gift Exchange”. However, it does not mean Pops is vengeful and mischievous at first, Pops is one to be patient with one’s acts against him no matter what, but didn’t have a choice since Muscle Man started it first, therefore, against demonstrating agency over his actions. But that is still capable of showing regret, when Pops felt bad for Muscle Man when he brought in a TV in the exchange (though it was still one of his pranks), and still learns any lesson given to his morals when the White Elephant thought the gang about this. But as soon as Muscle Man pushes away their sympathy for him with another prank where they carried a TV set with old Chinese food, the gang this time allows the prank to happen since Muscle Man needs to be given something to learn from this christmas. Again, Pops is never one to be mischievous given his naive nature, including sometimes he’s scared and confused during “Marvolo the Wizard”, again, as his naivety is nothing compared to what was discussed.

Now, for things that may seem corruptive. In “Think Positive”, Pops does not allow Benson to yell at Mordecai and Rigby since he needed him to approach them in a more calmer matter or he fires him, again it was his way of disciplining Benson to have a different approach, even if he wasn’t aware how bad Mordecai and Rigby are doing at their job, possible chance is where he tries to believe in their work. But it didn’t work out well when Benson’s anger reached to the point he almost exploded, Pops then decides to put aside his discipline for Benson to ensure everyone’s safety across the park and still apologizes afterwards.

Then for his frustration, it was nothing serious and doesn’t possess such selfishness nor aggression. He can feel such a feeling when things are out of hands, like when Mordecai and Rigby messed up his chance to see Lolliland but didn’t show aggression, instead was only upset but triggered him to use his telekinetics at that point to which foreshadow his potential, then around his training with Earl, it never gotten it quite right at first but the time he saw the vision of him and his brother fighting, he grew reluctant but in the end chooses to continue for the better. Also, for anything related to Lethality, in “Rap it up”, Pops and the rest might have screwed off Alpha Dog and his gang, but wasn’t truly under his intention such his words were the result to it, then we got “Married and Broke” where he shot down the alien Farm Ants using a bazooka, but under defense if they ever try to attack the Park gang again while Muscle Man and Starla won the show.

But was there a time he was antagonistic, not once, not twice to Mordecai and Rigby since he was the only nicest person in the Park. Though in “Brain Eraser”, Pops being seen naked in Mordecai’s eyes caused him to feel runny in his brain, again, is NOT considered a corrupting factor since the real Pops didn’t intentionally mean for it to happen and wasn’t aware of that time.

Now, in “Win That Prize”. He is shown to be intelligent in making his way out of the studio ever since he got an unintentional occupation as CEO there. Though my opinion seems debatable when Pops did so much help to the studio but turned into a prison for him since it wasn’t his intention and given how the people treated him there seems justified.

Overall, Pops might seem to be having issues with his Moral Agency and his factors discussed so far. Given throughout the episodes and up to the final season, it’s made clear that deep within Pops’ character, whatever factors he had corruptive might’ve subvert and his agency in the end is made clear that he is fully aware of his actions, but learns from it despite what the show started him to be, Pops’ character as a whole is very majestic and solely from heart, could describe how much of a kind being he is, no matter where he is from.

Final Verdict

I'd generally think to evaluate Pops' origins and character, but somewhere inside of me is saying yes to this point. Pops has done so much, even if Mordecai and Rigby does do the work (in spite of slacking off), but in terms to at least come off to appreciate the background and beauty behind it that made us laugh while growing up throughout the purest golden age of CN.

Just hope you guys appreciate the effort I put from the heart, in honors of everything this show taught us despite his comedic nature.

Jolly good show in deed
~ Pops Maellard (2010 - 2017).

Again, big thanks to J.G. Quintel for this masterpiece. Rest in Peace, Pops Maellard (2010 - 2017).