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IMPORTANT NOTE: What you'll be reading is advised to provide spoilers from the manga since the second season of the series will be coming up. To those who are new to the series and the characters, prepare yourselves.

This is my 25th proposal so far, and probably going to be one of my biggest and greatest achievements of a proposal to date. Not that I'm bragging or what not. I'm just heavily excited to finally propose a greatly written character I have beloved since the first time I watched the anime itself.

His character is so amazing in comparisons to another beloved character that helped him grow more, the story and himself taught me about cherishing life and the warmth between a loved one, not to mention facing crueler realities and having no choice but to say goodbye in the end. I ultimately cried every time I watch it all, even in the manga with all my heart.

It's just that... there's so much more in everything made into the anime that kinda make much more realization to what life offers at the fullest in extent of it all.

So without further ado, let's read and cry together upon reading this proposal because it involves some parts that are what make him fit all of the criteria and how well-meaning he meant to others, so let's take a look at the well-known purest boi in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the protagonist, Tanjiro Kamado.

Though funnily enough, even with the second season coming up next month. I thought maybe this could mark a special occasion for another one of the Kimetsu no Yaiba characters to be approved, making Tanjiro my fourth so far. Not to mention today is the very day I was born till then.

What’s the Work?

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is a dark fantasy and horror manga and anime.

Story revolves around a young man who lost his entire family to a demon but with his sister as the cost of her humanity turned into a demon by force. He is sent out to avenge his family and to ensure no amount of tragedies will exist, as the anime itself is often dark and heartwarming given the story, and also provides comedic moments.

Who is He? What has He Done?

Tanjiro Kamado is the main protagonist in the Shonen Jump dark fantasy and horror anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He is the eldest son in the Kamado family, son of Tanjuro and Kie, as well as being the eldest brother of Nezuko, Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, and Rokuta.

(NOTE: Apologies, but I can only cover for some of the manga chapters adapting to the anime, I might have knowledge to some chapters that near the end of the Demon Slayer manga, but I easily forgot or don't remember them right as of now. In addition, it gets foggy due to my mental health actually, but I can still keep a few short sentences on the last bottom. But also note, there might be some longer when I read the manga in doing so).

His story started out being born in the family, as it went throughout the years and before what happened. Tanjiro was first seen selling coal to provide for his family and was taken in by his neighbor for tonight.

However, fate wasn’t kind when he came back home, knowing the next thing that his own mother, younger siblings, and Nezuko were seen killed upon arriving home. He then carries Nezuko, now knowing she still has a pulse, as he proceeds to get her to the doctor. However, it ends with Nezuko turned into a demon against her will as she attacks him, Tanjiro tries to get Nezuko to recognize him at that time, it was also when Giyu came in to kill her. He pleads Giyu to spare her but only made Giyu call him out for being weak but advised him to not do such things that others take advantage of, upon harming Nezuko, Tanjiro was given no choice but to fight Giyu upon a strategy of throwing the axe up and charging straightly to Giyu before knocking him out and avoiding the axe, impressed with his skills and Nezuko protecting him, Tanjiro then woke up and was told by Giyu that he should visit some named Urokodaki.

Upon reaching the mountains after getting Nezuko a bamboo-made basket for her to be carried on, he made his way to a temple where he killed his first demon reluctantly alongside Nezuko but given his morals about killing others, he let the sun rise to eradicate the Temple Demon. He was then seen arriving at Urokodaki’s home, where he is to be trained by him to pass whether he is determined enough and worthy of being a Demon Slayer or not, through the whole way of making it to the mountain, Tanjiro’s first task is to arrive before dawn as he is to avoid the traps set by Urokodaki himself, after making it back alive, he is now set to the intensive training he’s been given for nearly about two years as of now, but during one of those training sessions, he is to cut down the boulder using his blade, even if it meant doing it countless times.

Then what came next was the ghosts of Urokodaki’s deceased students, Sabito and Makomo, who taught Tanjiro and helped him improve his techniques. During most of the days Tanjiro was seen practicing with Makomo, regarding the unnecessary movements to his sword fighting. Thus she instructs Tanjiro with the concept of Total Concentration Breathing, in which he expands his lungs to breathe more air to his bloodstream. Six months later he used what Makomo taught him to fight Sabito, as he succeeds in splitting up his mask, but also directly to the same boulder he is tasked to split apart, in which he does, before Sabito and Makomo’s spirits vanished as a proud and worried Urokodaki congratulates Tanjiro.

In the ground of Fujikasane Mountain, he makes his way to the Final Selection, whereas he immediately fights demons and protects a defenseless slayer against the Hand Demon, the one that killed most of Urokodaki’s students, including Sabito and Makomo. It took much for Tanjiro to strategize on aiming for his neck to end his killing spree and when he succeeds, he looks at the demon with pity, letting it die in peace just by holding its hand, he would then go around asking other demons if there is a cure, due to the fact he didn’t bother to answer and kill Tanjiro, he was given no choice but to slay them and at dawn there was no avail.

He would then proceed to the top of the mountain within the seventh day, he and the remaining survivors, Zenitsu, Kanao, and Genya received their own ore for their forged blade and Kasuigaigarsu as a companion. But when Genya picked up Kanata and acts rude to her, Tanjiro nearly broke his wrist under defense of protecting the girl, when it was time for Tanjiro to leave and head back to the mountains, he sees Nezuko, now awake and hugs her in tears as Urokodaki comforts the boy.

Days later, his swordsmith Haganezuka forged Tanjiro’s blade and was now sent on his first mission to investigate a recent demon activity across a nearby village, whereas he meets a heartbroken man named Kazumi to find his missing fiancee. But during night time he encounters the Swamp Demon, while fighting both three of the same being, Nezuko backs him up and when two are now dead, he spares the last one for answers of Muzan’s whereabouts. Frightened about this, the Swamp Demon attempts to kill Tanjiro before killing it under self-defense. Afterwards, Kazumi would then mourn his already deceased wife as he yelled at Tanjiro about losing someone important, not before Tanjiro left one last moment of gently comforting Kazumi as he leaves, knowing that Tanjiro also lost someone else, as the latter apologized while Tanjiro waves goodbye to him as a sign of forgiveness.

He then makes it to Asakusa, Tokyo, with Nezuko as around that time he would encounter Muzan Kibutsuji, the very demon that massacred his family and turned Nezuko into said demon, until he found out he has a wife and child (who were human at that time), which would give Muzan an idea to distract and escape Tanjiro by turning an innocent man into a demon outside of the public. As Tanjiro restrains said man, he calls out to Muzan that he’ll hunt him till hell before Tamayo and Yushiro intervened to save Tanjiro and the man, afterwards he and Nezuko followed Yushiro back into his and Tamayo’s hideout, where he was told of their past and that he should be assisted to help them find a cure until Susamaru and Yahaba were sent to kill them all. During the fight Tanjiro was facing Yahaba while Nezuko faced Susamaru, his fight with Yahaba was tough before finding a way to decapitate his head and would soon head his way to help his sister before Tamayo took care of killing her, he would then sympathize the latter for her death. He would then leave with Nezuko while still following the request of Tamayo’s upon getting a sample of demon blood for a cure before he bid farewell to them afterwards.

He later goes to his next mission across until he met Zenitsu along the way, disturbing a young girl he thought he will marry until Tanjiro intervened because of how he was acting, though he was still friendly with the latter. On their way they saw two kids frightened near a mansion, Tanjiro suspected a demon was living there as he and Zenitsu (unwillingly) goes inside before they, alongside the kids from earlier, got teleported and separated from one another, during the mansion inside, Tanjiro was protecting the small girl, Teruko, while having to have fight Kyogai when he spotted them, but when Inosuke came in, he fought recklessly to the point Tanjiro rebukes him for stepping on Teruko, he would then be transferred to another room where he found Teruko’s older brother as he ensures their protection after learning his blood is "marechi". When both him and Kyogai came face to face once more, Tanjiro manages to defeat him in singular combat before slashing his head off, once he sees Kyogai in remorse and answered his question, he admitted he was great but does not forgive him for his crimes, even though he pitied him and did wish for him to rest, it shows that Tanjiro still considers him human in the end. He would then bring and guide Kiyoshi and Teruko out before noticing Zenitsu harmed by Inosuke, angered by the act, Tanjiro fights Inosuke into defending Zenitsu before both of them end up going too hard on one another until Inosuke's mask fell off, they would then stop fighting and have a chat about themselves until Inosuke passed out, he would then get the bodies out of the mansion with Zenitsu, the three siblings, and even Inosuke (out of competition) and later on said their goodbyes to them with Tanjiro trying to hold back Zenitsu, that came in was comical argument of Inosuke incorrectly saying Tanjiro's full name.

They'd soon made way to the Wisteria Mansion and took their rest there, even after everything Inosuke did, Tanjiro remained friendly and then when the three went to sleep, Tanjiro would symphatize how Inosuke lived with no family in the mountains raised by a boar. Later on he would introduce Zenitsu to Nezuko before a misunderstanding occurred, later on the morning Zenitsu naively chases Nezuko under affection before Tanjiro intervenes, causing another ruckus with both being chased until Inosuke entered in, being all energetic enough to chase and attack them.

Later on they were depart and head over to Natagumo Mountain, where they would encounter the possessed group of slayers controlled by the Mother Spider Demon as Tanjiro and Inosuke, backed up with Murata, make attempts to free them until it felt too late since most of their bones were fractured and are killed from the process. When Inosuke sensed where the Mother's strings were at, Tanjiro immediately follows the path until coming across one of the Mother's final resorts before both him and Inosuke defeated it, he would then find the mother and slash her head off, but upon doing so, he sympathized and pitied her death in sorrow.

He and Inosuke would then reach up to the other side, even needed to treat his wounds until they encountered the Sister and Father Spider Demons, the Father separated both him and Inosuke apart, leaving the latter to fight the gigantic brute until Giyu saves him. Tanjiro and Nezuko are left alone with Tanjiro himself witnessing Rui abusing the Sister for failure, he would then come out and call him out for his abuse towards said demon as that isnt how a strong family bond is made before Rui ends up getting enraged so bad he killed a random slayer attempting to kill him. Rui demands to Tanjiro to take back what he said, but he ends up fighting Rui just because he said something that was right to begin with, not before repeating it again because Rui's act of a "family bond" was outright awful and Tanjiro had the right to say it.

Upon avoiding his threads, Tanjiro fights with all he has got even when Rui did show mercy to take back his words, not before continuing to rebuke him that he's being wrong about his beliefs. The more the struggle, the more it became difficult to avoid nearly as then Tanjiro performs one of his techniques to finish off Rui until his blade got slashed in half by the threads to then Tanjiro got scratched by it, now under a defenseless situation with Rui as of now, even remembering the time of how he reminded himself his promise to Urokodaki and Haganezuka, before continuing to fight and reminding himself not to be overcome by despair, being careful until Nezuko ends up protecting him from the many webbed threads aimed at him. Tanjiro would then drawback to check on Nezuko's conditions, it was when Rui becomes fascinated with Nezuko protecting him, in return Rui wants Nezuko to be his "sister" in exchange for Tanjiro's life spared, in response he ultimately refuses since Nezuko is the only family member left and the fact she is not something to trade away, additionally for her being alive. But Rui felt apathetic about his response and stated he would train her not to defy him, earning Tanjiro's scorn to him. He would then protect Nezuko while fighting him, after knowing he is a Twelve Kizuki.

The fight was fierce not before Rui ends up being too strong for Tanjiro to defeat while Nezuko is painfully restrained by the latter, now more determined to save her but Rui overwhelms him to the point he uses one of his most powerful threads, Cruel String Prison, to fully finish Tanjiro to a near death trap. But upon remembering his family back at his younger days and also remembering the dance his father did, the Hinokami, it given Tanjiro the will to mysteriously unlock it after being reminded of this, he ends up breaking free from Rui's deadly attack as he fought back with powerful force from the flames of the Hinokami Kagura, overwhelming and dominating Rui's threads and the latter himself as then Nezuko would wake up after her mother posthumously reminds her to help Tanjiro, using Exploding Blood to somehow burn the threads as Tanjiro powerfully beheads Rui with enough power to defeat and kill him in order to save Nezuko.

However, even after the battle and saving his sister, Rui turned out to be alive as he was about to kill him until Giyu intervened and protects Tanjiro. With Giyu able to easily defeat him using Dead Calm and without hesitation kills Rui instantly, but after remembering his past and how he became a demon, he ends up showing remorse as he tragically apologizes to his parents who held him in the afterlife as their souls descend to hell to the point Tanjiro sympathetically holds grip of him to feel warmth to let him die in peace. As Giyu reminds him not to pity the demon, he would then share his experience of other demons he killed to put an end to their murders, but he still wants to sympathize the pain they felt because they were once human, proving that he does not see them as real heartless beings but tragic individuals that went through too much, giving a point to Giyu. But when Shinbou encounters them to kill Nezuko, Tanjiro was told by Giyu to take Nezuko with him as far as he can until Kanao came in. Luckily both him and Nezuko were spared when they were needed back into the Demon Slayer Headquarters alongside the other victims treated, even Zenitsu and Inosuke.

At the Headquarters, Tanjiro is then seen standing before him was the Hashira, altogether were Rengoku, Giyu, Shinobu, Mitsuri, Muichiro, Tengen, Gyomei, Sanemi, and Obanai present as Tanjiro has been found guilty and in trial for bringing a demon with him. As Tanjiro tries to explain that Nezuko was his sister and he was trying to bring her back as a human, but they all refused to listen or believe him, as then Sanemi came in holding the box that carried Nezuko, he would then slashed the box inside using his blade, only to provoke Tanjiro into stopping him by a headbutt, even calling him out for not being worthy a Hashira if he can't tell what is a good or bad demon. Then came in was Ubuyashiki, who requested his hashira to allow and welcome Nezuko, but under denial they refuse to accept it (though Mitsuri and possibly Michiro accepted, whilst Giyu and Shinbo remained quiet upon this), when Tanjiro then heard the letter that Urokodaki would commit seppuku in order to ensure Nezuko's safety, Sanemi still refuses until Ubuyashiki tries his best to explain it to them, even with Tanjiro meeting Muzan, but things went out of hand with Sanemi attempts to prove Nezuko is not worth living. After Nezuko refuses upon remembering her family and Tanjiro has been acknowledged by Ubuyashiki to do his duty before being taken away by the Kakushi to Shinobu's home, he would then rush to ask Ubuyashiki permission to headbutt Sanemi again for hurting Nezuko, though it seemed only right considering Sanemi went too far and Tanjiro was only going through his protective instinct for his sister, not before he was knocked out by Muichiro and taken away.

He is later seen arriving at the Butterfly Estate, where he is taken in custody of Shinobu Kocho to regain his strength and practice his breathing. Though the days within said training were tough for Tanjiro until he got help from Sumi, Kiyo, and Naho in doing so every night and when he was blowing gourds under the process. Though one night he would speak to Shinobu in regards about her sister's death under Douma's hands, he would then keep on with practicing his techniques and fulfill his promise. Later on, he would then succeed in most of his training, even with blowing down the gourd after all of it, he would then convince and motivate Zenitsu and Inosuke to train as well before Shinobu did so for him. He would then have his Nichirin Blades remodeled by an angry Haganezuka and his companion who smiths Inosuke's blades, then on the next day he would finally beat up to Kanao in training and keep up his pace. But as soon as he was examined by Shinobu for his conditions, also asking her about the Hinokami Kagura before responding no as she does not know the details, but recommends Tanjiro to ask Kyojuro into knowing this.

He would then be tasked and leave with Zenitsu and Inosuke when an incident occurred in the Mugen Train, before he could leave, he speaks with Aoi has he thanked her for her care and to Kanao as he then tosses the coin for a decision to let Kanao decide from her heart. While he, Zenitsu, and Inosuke arrived at the station, got in trouble thanks to Inosuke, and went on board, they would all soon encounter Rengoku on board. Tanjiro tries speaking to him in asking about the Hinokami Kagura. However, Rengoku was not aware of such a thing before the two ended up getting along well. That was when Enmu placed them into a deep slumber.

Tanjiro was later seen in his dream world where his family was still alive and Nezuko wasn't a demon, it didn't took long to notice that he was trying to warn himself that everything wasn't real and it was all just a dream by Enmu. Upon wanting to remain here after Nezuko uses her Blood Art to have Tanjiro notice everything, he runs away, leaving behind his loved ones once more in the dream world crying, he would then wake up to see Nezuko, then realizing the ticket he had stamped earlier and everyone else asleep was all Enmu's work. He would then have Nezuko use her Blood Arts to separate Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Rengoku but to no avail, that was when he encountered Enmu's pawns, who were sick and frail, he knocked out all three except the one who tried to destroy his cores, he spares and sympathize him before leaving with Nezuko to find Enmu.

He's later seen fighting Enmu on top of the train when Enmu provokes him about his family as he uses what he can to stop Enmu before having to place him in another dream where his family despises him, only to continue resisting before getting more angry at Enmu for using his family in a dream like that. To the point he manages to cut off Enmu's head, it only revealed that he fused his entire body into the train, preparing to kill all 200 of the passengers on board before having help from Rengoku who severed most of the parts of Enmu inside the train while Tanjiro was told that he needs to find Enmu's brain and would later along with Inosuke, trying to go forth to the front train to stop Enmu. But while doing so, it was hard given Enmu still attacking him and Inosuke at that point Tanjiro could've end up successfully cutting Enmu down to his death after looking into his eyes but ends up slightly wounded by the conductor in protecting Inosuke. He and Inosuke would then continue fighting before he uses Hinokami Kagura to finish it all, but at a cost the train crashes off the tracks and left Tanjiro seriously injured.

After recovering his wound with Rengoku's help to advising him with proper Concentration Breathing, this was when Akaza appears as he and Rengoku fought to near death, Tanjiro tries to help but to no avail due to his wound. After Rengoku was badly wounded by Akaza, just before he could be finished off, the sun rises as Akaza runs away, Tanjiro went after him and pierces his blade into him, calling him out for his cowardice and stating that Rengoku won fair and square for the honor he showed. He is then seen talking to Rengoku one last time, leaving him info about the previous Hashira's notes of the Hinokami Kagura, Tanjiro tries to believe he'll be okay, but Rengoku wishes him to promise to tell his brother and father the exact words he said before Rengoku believed in Tanjiro and his sister, saying he's proud of him and the other two being Inosuke and Zenitsu, believing they'll make great Hashira for their generation as he inspires Tanjiro to continue moving forward as Rengoku passes away smiling at the vision of his mother.

As Tanjiro mourns, guilty for not being able to help him, he would then be encouraged by Inosuke to continue moving forth no matter what, reminding him that he still believed in him. As word of Rengoku's death spread, Tanjiro continued mourning him, wishing to stay strong in the end...

In the District Arc, he assists Tengen Uzui in his mission to rescue his wives, believing they're held captive by demons in the process. Upon the climax Tanjiro fights Daki with Nezuko, in her grown form in assistance but when she got out of control he calms her down. Later when Gyuutarou appeared Tanjiro fights him respectively as then there was a way to kill off Gyuutarou and Daki. But once they appear to fade away while arguing, Tanjiro calms them down and gave them peace, despite they berate him in their business.

In the Swordsmith Village, he is taken there to talk to Haganezuka about his sword as he would meet up with Mitsuri Kanroji. Upon giving him the idea of using the Yoriichi Type Zero to probably train his techniques, while in his time there, he does manage to have some proper ground with Genya, befriending the latter despite their first time seeing each other back at the Final Selection. When Gyokko and Hantengu appeared, trouble fell into the village as Tanjiro takes on Hantengu and his many personalities, alongside Michiro, Nezuko, and even Genya while Mitsuri did her part on Gyokko's mutant fishes. But upon finding the real Hantengu, as the sun rises and Nezuko gets nearly burnt from it as Hantengu attempts to approach the villagers, Tanjiro is then kicked by Nezuko to run after the demon, knowing well of the consequences if he abandoned her, he proceeds to finally kill off Hantengu for good to prevent more deaths, but in a cost of Nezuko before relieved that she can now walk in daylight.

In the Hashira Training, after his recovery, he began his training through each of the differents courses, from Tengen's training of strictness on basic stamina, Mitsuri's flexibility training, Muichiro with quick movements, Obanai on sword skill revisions, Sanemi mercilessly "killing" the student via physical combat, and then to the last being Gyomei whose tasked with muscle reinforcement. But before that, he accepts Ubuyashiki's request of talking to Giyu for the last four days before he finally spoken about his past and how he failed the exams, when Giyu wishes him to continue his training, Tanjiro could only cry and compare to how Sabito's actions are similar to Rengoku's. Tanjiro would then remind Giyu of what Sabito entrusted to him, leading Giyu to remember his times with Sabito and began to reflect on his immaturity to which Tanjiro began realizing what he said and in actuality, didn't mean to make him feel bad before having another idea of having a soba-eating contest, in attempt to make converse with him, getting him to fully commit into the training as requested from Ubuyashiki.

He would then proceed to train in Tenzen's area, working out his stamina as Tenzen would then allow him to proceed his training to Mitsuri's next in the next ten days after a optimistic moment with him and his wives. He goes to Muichiro's next, giving his all to the point Muichiro praised his body coordination and proceeds to the next training session, surprising Tanjiro that is was only five days since then. He then heads to Mitsuri, having his time spent with her cooking pancakes with her homemade, kept honey to enjoy, that is before proceeding to the flexibility training but no harm was done. Tanjiro proceeds to Obanai next but because he and Mitsuri exchange letters (love birds...), he truly wasn't happy with Tanjiro spending time with his "girlfriend" to where he trains him to practice his sword swings while avoiding the tied up, Tanjiro avoids them but fighting against Obanai became a highly difficult challenge, after he completed it, Obanai didn't hesitate to let Tanjiro proceed, but was still mad he spent time with Mitsuri, this dishearten Tanjiro. He then proceeds to Sanemi's training, but Zenitsu intervenes as a warning implication to said training, when heading back with Sanemi, the latter responds he still does not accept him, but Tanjiro responds back equally that he doesn't either for hurting Nezuko for a good point, much to Sanemi's annoyance to him. During training, it was brutal as Zenitsu said, even when not trying to let his guard down, Sanemi manages to crush him to a pulp fast, later on he sees Sanemi and Genya arguing, when Genya stated he eats demons to channel his techniques, Sanemi ends up trying to harm him before Tanjiro saves Genya. Tanjiroes tries to calmly stop him before Sanemi shuns it off and says Genya leaving the corps is a good way to forgive him, Tanjiro only rebuked that he can't force the latter to quit and has no right in doing so, he even saying Genya risked his life fighting demons and made a point that if not for him, Hantengu and Gyokko could've had their way. But Sanemi proceeds to crush Tanjiro before stopping his attack, only to kick the latter to the ground, telling Zenitsu to take Genya away from him as he continues fighting him, but given Sanemi was the one who started it, but the blame was still placed to Tanjiro as his training came to a halt and was banned from approaching him (due to the first meeting of the Hashira, which was something Tanjiro did not intend to do after what happened).

Then to Gyomei's training, he was tasked to do everything in his will to balance his muscles when pushing aside boulders, carrying logs, meditating through water and never gave into complaining during that time with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Genya. After completing all three of these training tasks days later on, Gyomei rehydrates him and congratulates Tanjiro for passing all the sessions, but Tanjiro doesn't feel anything like that since Nezuko made the choice to let him, he honestly answered everything and thanked Gyomei. But regardless Gyomei is impressed with his honesty and still accepts him, he would then tell him his backstory on the children he raised from a temple he once had before Kaigaku sold everyone out to a deal he made to a demon, they were killed that night as Gyomei protected Sayo when punching the demon to protect her, but upon confusion he was accused for murder until Ubuyashiki intervened. After the story was told, Tanjiro promises to do his best after hearing Gyomei.

In the Infinity Fortress Arc, Tanjiro alongside the other Pillars attempt to finally get rid of Muzan for good before all of them were transferred into the Infinity Fortress, Muzan's and the Upper Moon's base, Tanjiro swore to not let Muzan get away as he and Giyu roam around to find him until they catch up to Akaza, during the fight it was nothing but a challenge as Tanjiro was left knocked aside while Giyu tasked himself to protect him, but when the fight got off the bat, Tanjiro comes in and hits Akaza down before throughtout the battle of Akaza reminiscing his past, as Giyu sets Tanjiro aside to get away from the attack, Akaza attacked himself and tries to prevent himself to regenerate, Tanjiro could see in confusion of what was going on before Akaza finally passes away in peace. He would pass out when exhausted from the fight, Giyu would wait for him to wake up as Giyu was re-heating Tanjiro's sword. The two would later head on within the fortress, but once they hear news about those dead: Shinobu, Genya, and Muichiro, Tanjiro couldn't be help but mourn while heading forward in this reality state he's in now. Once Muzan revived and begins killing all the squad slayers, even Tamayo, Tanjiro meets up with an enraged Yushiro, afterwards they finally encountered Muzan in a newer form, Tanjiro's anger of what he did to his family and Nezuko grew stronger but calming down as Giyu said, not before hearing Muzan's remorseless speech of how they should be grateful they survive his cruelty towards the loved ones he killed and tell them to personally move on with their lives like it was nothing, this earned Tanjiro to put aside avenging his family and comes to a realization that Muzan does not deserve to exist after all the things he had done to others.

But as they fought, Muzan's strength is not to be compared with a Upper Moon as they quickly try to buy time for the sunrise to start while fighting him. Then came in was Mitsuri and Obanai saving Tanjiro before Yushiro manipulated Nakime in avenging Tamayo as he angrily ranted on Muzan, then proceeds to shift and move the fortress within as the fight continued with no luck out of here, Tanjiro would then save Mitsuri when she was about to be stabbed by Muzan using one of the blades from one of the slained slayers, as then the fortress finally collapses, but the brutality of the fight continued on as Mitsuri, Obanai, and Giyu cautiously fought him as Tanjiro was seen trying to join the fight but he coughed blood and soon Muzan reveals to them that he was poisoned by his blood. The poisoned Tanjiro would then be taken by Murata to recover and take treatment from the poison, however, Tanjiro would then have a memory vision of meeting Yoriichi in the body of his ancestor Sumiyoshi, he began sharing his backstory with him when he was still young and was living with Michikatsu (before becoming Kokushibou), meeting Uta before her death (including her unborn child), meeting Rengoku's ancestor then leaded his path into becoming a Demon Slayer Hashira, then all the way up to meeting Muzan and Tamayo for the first time and how he failed to kill the latter, then soon exiled from the corps for his failure and his brother becoming Kokushibo at that matter. Tanjiro couldn't find the words upon this and sympathized Yoriichi for a few moments before having to carry Sumiyoshi's daughter Sumire with his wife returning with chestnuts, comforting Yoriichi as the dream ends. Meanwhile as the fight goes on with Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanao joining in, Tanjiro's seen getting treated by Yushiro as then he finally wakes up and has the strength to continue onward, he would first save Kanao when Muzan nearly killed her and apologizes for being late, he would then settle things with Muzan.

He would then remember the moves from Yoriichi from his memory vision and the words of Tanjiro himself promising to carry on, thanking him for saving his ancestors if not for him, he would've been born to defeat Muzan. He would use whatever he has in the flames of his Nichirin Blade to fight Muzan off in a corner, using the same movements Yoriichi did, but even when his strength is stronger, Tanjiro continued fighting back, using all the Sun Breathing Techniques till then, all twelve forms from the furthest he made but still brutally swished by Muzan's whips, but still continued resisting the pain as he fought before Muzan noticed himself struggling with his speed before realizing the drug used from Tamayo aged him over nine thousands years to weaken his status, giving Tanjiro a higher advantage as he continued the cycle of his techniques left and right.

As the fight almost led Tanjiro off balance, he's saved by Obanai in the last minute before fighting alongside him (despite his eyes were wounded) as they formed both their attacks directly towards Muzan's defense as then Tanjiro notices the scars around Muzan, meaning they haven't healed and it led to Tanjiro realizing a guided path to defeat the latter thanks to Yoriichi. As before Muzan escapes in attempt and murders the other slayers in his run, Tanjiro throws multiple blades at him to prevent him for running and Obanai comes in striking Muzan from behind as he and Tanjiro both fought once more before nearly overwhelmed. The fight continued on so when it lasted near for dawn to break, just before Muzan paused for awhile, a force backed him and Obanai away as they were left paralyzed from the shockwave, he tries to move before Inosuke and Zenitsu joined in to prevent his escape and fought, Tanjiro tries to stop them from getting killed but Zenitsu encourages him that he and Nezuko will finally go home to the house they were born in, in order to continue moving he pierced himself using the blade to weaken the paralysis. It was not before long as Inosuke could've gotten immediately hurt or killed, Tanjiro finally made a move to use one of his techniques on Muzan's closest attack, fnally having management to continue fighting him alongside Zenitsu at his full power, just as Tanjiro finally aims Muzan into the nearest wall, Mitsuri and Sanemi ripped off his arms to prevent him from attacking more, just as Muzan tries to devour Tanjiro, Obanai took the aim as then when sunlight finally comes in, Muzan attempts to flee with more force he could offer, ripping Tanjiro's arm in the process before Tanjiro could continue focusing pierce his blade to him before Giyu assisted him, just as then Muzan enlarged him with the body swallowing Tanjiro into him, but inside he continued piercing the blade, as then everyone continued preventing Muzan from entering any shade for the sun to finally burn him down, but when doing so, Tanjiro has been unconsciously inherited Muzan's entire blood, turning him into a demon against his will, a more powerful one that still shares his strength.

After the fight was over, Mitsuri, Obanai, and Gyomei loss their lives in the cost, but Tanjiro has been fully turned into a demon, influenced by Muzan's evil clutches in the afterlife. While as a demon, Tanjiro wasn't fully in mind due to Muzan's influence as he attacked everyone he loved, leaving no hesitates to anyone as they reluctantly attempt to kill him under the mercy of not letting him kill anyone after what happened to him, Inosuke and Zenitsu tried to call out their friend, even Nezuko, now a human, attempts to get her brother to recognize her before Kanao could aim a cure to fully turn him back to normal.

But while in Muzan's clutches, he tries to break his spirit by saying no one wants him and it was better off living as a demon for the rest of his life as his successor, but Tanjiro rejects Muzan's words, saying he wants to apologize for hurting them as the hands of all the dead Hashira and Genya aimed him up back to reality with the others, just before Muzan tries to sway him away from the hands, Tanjiro continued to believe all the hard work everyone has done to protect others and finally embraces them to go back to being human, leaving Muzan devastated and forever damned for his unforgiving presence.

With Tanjiro finally human again, he finally sees his sister, fully human, tearing up and apologizing for all the harm he unintentionally caused, including to everyone else, with Muzan's demonic presence died out in pure relief, the demon race's ongoing carnage is finally over...

Three months later in recovery, Tanjiro reflects on how the demons are finally evaded that no one will no longer suffer, but at a cost, he still continues to stay alive for them as tomorrow comes. He would remember the very night he talked to Yushiro about Nezuko's immunity to demon blood cells when Tanjiro was still a demon, when Yushiro leaves, being the only demon left alive, Tanjiro tells him to continue living and keep Tamayo's memory alive. Later on he is visited by Tengen and his wives, Senjuro and his father, the Swordsmiths from the village, and the whole Kakushis. Then sooner he meets up with Kanao, looking at the blossomed tree named "Victory", as well as meeting up with his mentor Urokodaki and Giyu alongside Nezuko, then onward to paying their respects to the dead, those who fallen in battle to Muzan and the remaining Upper Moons. Then as Tanjiro and Nezuko, alongside Zenitsu and Inosuke, headed back home, Nezuko greeted their old neighbor Sabiro as he teared up in their reunion, as they finally came home after two years, seeing their loved ones' graves bloomed flowers, Tanjiro and Nezuko could only remember them while tearing up.

Throughout the rest of their lives together, Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke have been living together as a family since then, enjoying their lives and spending time with each other happily.

But in an extra chapter page of 205.6, after praying to their family, Tanjiro and Nezuko broke down crying, finally being home as Zenitsu and Inosuke comforted them. Tanjiro would then receive a letter about how their neighbor and the whole town kept the house clean over the last years in case if they are ever welcomed home. They would still prepare to clean the house afterwards, then sooner, Kiriya would have Tanjiro and Nezuko read the wills of those written by the Hashira and others, letting them know of what they left for them. As flashbacks of his descendants reflect on what his life was like, it implies that within those flashbacks Tanjiro and everyone else is finally living their lives at the full happiness they all deserve after two years for Tanjiro fighting demons to protect others and after decades of Muzan's terror finally over, with one scene showing Tanjiro and Nezuko reading the wills, Inosuke chopping wood with another scenes spending time with Aoi, Tanjiro and Kanao enjoying each other's company, the whole group eating watermelon together, with another scene showing them having fun at the time of winter when it snowed, Nezuko wearing a flower crown by Zenitsu presumably, and the whole group enjoying the time of spring.

But what truly ended was the words of everyone Tanjiro knew, both alive or dead, saying the greatest things about Tanjiro. As the touchingly, heartfelt scene concludes... with Tanjiro holding the hands of Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Kanao together, gazing the skies...

Admirable Standards

Obviously for reasons in the series' admirable standards to be quite balanced for its own characters, especially if some were low in minimum due to the lethality despite being used for proper duties, Tanjiro sets up a high admirable quality to himself and everyone else who stands out with him, being one of the most notable in the Hashira: Rengoku, Mitsuri, and Gyomei being the only three in their own unique way, as for Giyu and Shinobu, it also says otherwise despite their own corruptive qualities.

But for future references of which stands out most, Rengoku has trained his brother Senjuro so far, but him fighting alongside Tanjiro and the rest against Enmu during the train and when Akaza nearly attempts to get rid of the same passengers while fighting him honorably does sound enough, but it was him inspiring Tanjiro to move forth is what makes him stand out. Mitsuri indirectly helped Tanjiro grow stronger in his sword skills and she managed to save dozens of the swordsmiths within the Swordsmith Village, even when arriving late, she does manages to stand out when giving Tanjiro more time to kill Hantengu to prevent him for killing others and saves Tecchin, the chief of the swordsmiths. Then to Gyomei who protected Sayo from the same demon Kaigaku let in, saved Shinobu and Kanae that led them to becoming Demon Slayers in the first place, which says more than enough. Giyu chose to spare Nezuko after seeing her protect her brother, which then led him to make Tanjiro a Demon Slayer indirectly, then we got Shinobu who cured most of the Spider Demon Family's victims and together made a serum with Tamayo's assistance to de-age Muzan into a weaker status indirectly in battle. Nezuko, while she did protect other people while fighting alongside Tanjiro, boosted a chance for her brother to slice off Rui, then shoving him aside to finish his duty on finishing off Hantengu when the sun rises, knew very well what would've happened. As for everyone else, I could barely think of anything if they do stand out or not, regardless, that solely depends.

But in the case of Tanjiro’s actions, he makes a very big impact on characterization and development for others, including himself as he progresses through his actions and lessons learned, made, and thought of. While wanting to avenge his family, he would often make a sacrifice for the greater good, even if it meant leaving it all behind like Nezuko, but has always protected, saved, and fought alongside her upon their fight against demons, even protecting those who are in need, but directly defeating Muzan by killing him for the right reasons like no one deserving to suffer the same fate as him being more bigger than avenging his family and rejecting Muzan’s influence on him when he was a demon says so much more to Tanjiro.

Easily enough from the given, Tanjiro surpasses both generally and in-story for his actions, selflessness, and the resources that took account to show how much his worth made him grow within the series.

Corrupting Factors

NOTE: In case for any new users here recently with enough edits, read the full sentences probably before judging Tanjiro's character.

Tanjiro is constantly one of the most purest characters in Shonen history, even stated when Genya looked into his eyes during the Swordsmith Village Arc, however, there might be some considerable (possibly potentially) corruptive mitigations people might think differently of Tanjiro under some circumstances to his character. Luckily enough I was able to see through some of it and decided none of them ultimately prevent them from becoming the same but possible criteria of a NPG. Yes, this is the part where Tanjiro's candidacy as a Pure Good can be considered controversial (If you like to consider the same reference with Douma's controversial PE case, LMAO, but humor aside though).

Well for good reasons to justify on how any of this doesn't not entirely remain or detract what made Tanjiro who he is for starters:

  • Is Tanjiro's Lethality justified?: Well or more less in doubt, Tanjiro's willing to kill Demons in the process, but for good reasons. If you all remember why the demons must be exterminated despite being human once, its because the demons (even Muzan himself ultimately) have been running rapid for the last decade of at least multiple murders and the people from the Demon Slayer Corps are to finish them off with no choice left since this is either an ideology of "killed or be killed" to save other lives and prevent other tragedies. But in Tanjiro's case, even if he kills them, he's still willing to show remorse at least and sympathize them (examples were Rui, the Hand Demon, and the Mother Spider Demon), despite their horrible actions, he knows well that they are tragic beings. But willingly forgiving them wasn't that easy, when and after killing Kyogai, he still wishes the demon to rest in peace despite not forgiving him for his murders, but Tanjiro still wants the demon to be at peace. Apart from all those qualities, Tanjiro being lethal doesn't have a sense of corruptible senses to him, but even when it comes to a demon who is truly vile, such as Enmu, he was willing to kill him that one time, even if provoked due to the illusion he showed him about his family berating him for "surviving, not giving a darn to save them", he still manages to focus while calling him out for it, but it was only to ensure he wouldn't have full control of killing all 200 of the passengers in the train, he also killed under self-defense when he was asking around other demons within the Final Selection Exams. But when it came to Muzan and Akaza (who killed Rengoku), that's where it became difficult to comprehend the character of Tanjiro, despite the flaws behind it, Tanjiro might be willing to call out Muzan, saying he'll end up until hell got them, during the final battle after hearing Muzan's remorseless speech, his vengeance for his family was put aside into knowing Muzan's a force that doesn't deserve to exist, to the point he kills Muzan, the Pure Evil of the series, as a result of Tanjiro's ideal to ensure no one doesn't not deservingly suffer like he did, even in the afterlife of Muzan attempting to corrupt him, he refuses. As for Akaza, well it's understandable Tanjiro was ultimately inspired by Rengoku's passion and strength, but when encountering Akaza again after calling him out for his cowardice and justifying he lost to Rengoku when he did his duty into saving everyone, Tanjiro attempts to avenge Rengoku when fighting Akaza and when he said he was pleased with the latter's death, Tanjiro only grew mad from it but only calmly said it through that tone while remembering Senjuro and his father when he badmouthed about him, only to just rebuke his beliefs that are not genuine compared to what Tanjiro experienced, but upon Akaza finally remembering his past and admits defeat, from Tanjiro's part on smelling his gratitude, he puts aside said vengeful emotions and when he sees Akaza finally fading away in peace with his wife, relieved it was over but it could imply Tanjiro saw peace in Akaza. So overall to the statement, Tanjiro may not seem to forgive the cruel action the demons committed, but he still has every right to sympathize them afterwards, so whatever he had in his lethal kills could be justified despite the drawbacks from it.
  • Is Tanjiro demanding/controlling?: To Zenitsu and Inosuke obviously, but not for the wrong reasons. Sure Tanjiro can be strict, but for the right reasons since he's mostly very polite and respectful towards others, not to mention his discipline is used reasonably when Nezuko was seen hugging Tamayo as she teared up (remembering her children while Tanjiro wasn't aware), he panicked and told Nezuko that it was "rude" given the expression before realizing what it meant, nothing bad but he was being reasonable if its too uncomfortable. Then we go onto his discipline towards Zenitsu, it happened when they first met when he was disturbing and harassing a girl he thought immediately love him as Tanjiro had the right because Zenitsu was scaring her, even if he did, he still defends him when pulling away the same girl he harassed began attacking him. However, there are times Tanjiro can be fed up with his annoying habits and reckless behavior sometimes, but he still treats his discipline to Zenitsu with the slightest of reasoning and even when he thought of his annoyance when fighting Kyogai, it wasn't out of harshness but with Tanjiro still intact of his patience and kept it to himself, he was still willing to save him from Inosuke at that matter after protecting the box that had Nezuko inside. As for Inosuke, he's loud and more reckless to Tanjiro's dismay, but regardless still acts friendly to him afterwards, yet fighting him when he attacked Zenitsu was understandable and he did try to reason with Inosuke before the situation got miscalculated and despite breaking Inosuke's rib cages, it was under the defense of how strong he was in battle, Tanjiro did apologize afterwards. So onward to how he treats Zenitsu and Inosuke with reasonable antics is only because at often times they start something first that got Tanjiro to become serious about this for good reason, another fact to know is that most of the times he disciplined Zenitsu and Inosuke is played outright for laughs instead, comically for most of the time period. Then again, after Sanemi's act towards Nezuko he did demand a request permission from Ubuyashiki to forehead him again, but it should take note that Tanjiro did this under protection of how badly hurt Nezuko was when treated by the Wind Hashira, he had at least one right in doing so but afterwards in the current arcs he doesn't hold a grudge on Sanemi despite mentioning he hurt Nezuko, but he still treats him maturely and only fought him again when he was looking down on Genya (unbeknownst he was trying to protect him), so this case was Sanemi's own bringing. So whatever discipline and "demand" Tanjiro gave is only out of pure generosity and slight reasoning instead of just going outright reckless or self-righteous at that point, and again, also played for laughs at times and not actually seriously.
  • Is Tanjiro's vengeance for his family and friends put aside first?: Well he does in these occasions. If you remember the time he called out Muzan everything he's done to his family while holding them the transformed demon in public, he does happen to put others before his family even if it meant leaving it all behind. Remember, what happened to Tanjiro is understandable and even if said importance to his family is gone, he'll accept reality even if it costed him pain, like when he leaves the dream world where he still lives with his family and sister (who's not a demon at that time) and when he left Nezuko behind to finish off Hantengu, even if she wanted him to continue his duty when he was in a situation where he's left with no other options to save Nezuko while defeating the demon, even if he told her to run when the sun was rising, he made a sacrifice in doing so to kill Hantengu, only in order to save the other villagers in the process, but let's be glad Nezuko now has the ability to walk into the sun. But's let's not get off-topic, even when he finally encounters Muzan with Giyu, he thought about avenging his loved ones but after hearing Muzan's remorseless speech, he realizes now than Muzan needs to be stopped and placed aside his vengeance in order to prevent more deaths under his hands. This proves Tanjiro is capable of putting things like this aside to fight for the greater good, even if it meant killing said demons, but Muzan's the most unsympathetic in Tanjiro's case, and killing him is a justified act of a PG ridding off the PE righteously since Muzan's murders has been longing for decades at least. Now for Tanjiro's case of avenging Rengoku when encountering Akaza, sure he was mad at him for his death at first, Rengoku was someone Tanjiro admiringly looked up to till then, but upon the fight he still focuses on fighting and finding a way to defeat Akaza when proven to be too powerful and even when Giyu was in the middle of protecting him when he was knocked aside for awhile. Tanjiro seemed to have shun it off while fighting him and only calmly called him out of his beliefs on the weak, in which he makes a point and couldn't forgive the way he thought of others who were inferiors, especially when he told him to not speak of Rengoku in doing so, then proceeds to defeat him in order to not let him do as he pleases, this shows Tanjiro is doing his duty on the line despite what Akaza did to Rengoku, this proves he's willing to set this aside and think about others before his hands, this was something Rengoku wanted him to do. So overall, Tanjiro does indeed put aside such needs to fight for what is truly right.
  • Is Tanjiro's anger controlled or used properly for good reasons understandably?: His anger is very controlled unless provoked, but does not utterly go berserk as he still remains civil and calm in doing so. Of course it does resolve to cases with Genya and Sanemi, for Genya, Tanjiro did break his arm wrist, but only because he was trying to defend Kanata when he grabbed her roughly and acted rude when he wanted his sword immediately, he didn't manage to fully damage his wrist and when Genya mentions this up again, Tanjiro only responded that Genya went too far with it and brought the fault to himself but he still talks with him in a kind demeanor, but that scene's also played for laughs to the point Tanjiro grew concern that he still remembered Genya pulling off one of his teeth. Then there's for Sanemi's case of him hurting Nezuko by stabbing her many times and awfully incriminating her just to provoke Tanjiro, though he didn't let anger get to the best of him as he only called him out that if he can't tell what makes a good demon, then he can't considered himself to be a Hashira, but still it was to protect Nezuko given his history with her and justify that she never made any killing intent on humans for the last two years, then again even when he tries to ask permission from Ubuyashiki to headbutt him for hurting her, again its his protective instinct as a brother and to make it even with Sanemi, then again even if Tanjiro seems to hold a "grudge" against him, it does not seem to be taken seriously as Tanjiro still acts friendly despite how he treated Nezuko, he was even willing to try to calm him down after he and Genya got into conflict and did have the lenience to try to reason with him when fighting Giyu, he even smelled his emotions into knowing he does not hate Genya as he stated to him himself. So with these cases evaded and never looked back on, but his anger and hate to Muzan was used for good reasons despite having to have killed his family, even for a moment and after Muzan's speech, he still chooses to end his reign and life only for the sake of others to fall victim after hearing such words, even with anger intact, he's still under control when fighting him. Tanjiro's anger does not seem to be taken seriously but rather lighter to his dismay, but in the least of those worries he's no berserker, then again, there was a time Yushiro called Nezuko "ugly" and yes he got mad at him for calling her that but saying something about her beauty isn't something he was bragging, but more of something he was justifying, but given the graphics, the scene was mostly played comically and yet he still acts friendly with Yushiro, even when he called Nezuko pretty after all, thus again, that moment back there was him only defending Nezuko from something Yushiro said could've been offensive. But to gather everything from it, sure most of his angry scenes are played comically, some are played with the right reasons (if you remember Tanjiro calling out Rui for abusing his "Older Sister", despite they're demons, Tanjiro was right about how wrong Rui's beliefs were, not to mention delusional, but he still sympathized his death though), and him expressing his hate for Muzan is justified, given he needed to be stopped, even if it meant taking his life as one last resort since he's already an PE whose beyond redemption. So fittingly enough, Tanjiro's wrath is justified properly.

Now for Tanjiro becoming a villain near the end of the manga- NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE! Because first off, when Muzan was about to burn, he transferred all his remaining blood to Tanjiro to make him his successor against his will, causing the latter to become a powerful demon the exact same amount of strength and power as Muzan's. Even when turned to a demon, Tanjiro does not have full control over his state when Muzan tried to corrupt the latter in the afterlife's vestige, when Muzan tries to break his spirit and make him accept his heritage to him, Tanjiro still refuses and chooses to resist the evil Muzan's giving him, as he'd then grab onto the hands of those he knew and love back to reality when Kanao cured him. This proves Tanjiro is incorruptible despite the flaws we knew were only used wisely when he was brought back to life.

However, you could have other argumentative facts if Tanjiro's flaws are real, but on contrary, none of them were taken seriously like I said, these moments were only played comically to the point Tanjiro detracts them or they were never looked back upon throughout the story. Mostly because Tanjiro's just innocently misguided (maybe slightly but nothing occurring for him) on how he uses his decisions or actions but only for good reason and slight protection for the people he cared for, even his own kill count does not severe the purity he holds as he still sympathized the demons (even when they use to be human, some choose to do so for evil intents or good reason, but their murders are no excuse), always having every right to show compassion to them, even going as far into viewing them as tragic being (much to his opinion on how Muzan is, being the most unsympathetic compared to them). As a matter of fact, despite this, Tanjiro's core during the time one of Enmu's pawns try to kill him stated that it was kind and gentle when the spirit incarnations of Tanjiro's soul guided him to it, being the very symbol that proves all the flaws we saw from Tanjiro can be overwhelmed by the kindness he holds dearly, despite used in some situations, even if it does not seem to be a greater reason to Tanjiro's character, it shows to state that Tanjiro will always remained kind and compassionate, dominatingly overwhelmed his corruptive mitigations if so, even if he has to put that aside to face against those who were awfully bad, but still has the right to at least understand them. Another symbol can be seen when Genya strangled him during the fight with Hantengu, he can truly see the pure innocence in Tanjiro's eyes that one time.

Overall, Tanjiro continued what he could to set himself ablaze.

Final Verdict

I was extremely blessed to have been born. Please never forget to smile, when you cry, it makes me so sad, I'm never able to bear it. Never feel guilt about anything you do. Just remembering that we were once alive is good enough, we fought together and we smile together, like brothers and like parent and child. Please hold your head high, I was extremely lucky to have met you and it was a blessing. Your presence saved me, and it helped me cast aside my loneliness. When I think about you, I can feel a burning strength rise from the depths of my body. If it was possible, we wanted to live and stay by your side, that has been everyone's greatest wish. But we had to make a choice, on whether we lived or we died, whether we won or we lost. Yet, being able to choose is still a blessing on its own, tough situations strike like avalanches, they swallow you whole instantaneously, and you won't get a choice in anything. I just wanted to protect you, your life was more precious than my own. Happiness never lasts for long, still, I wanted to see just how happy I truly was. Not once in my entire life, have I considered myself unlucky or accursed. Never give up, never run away, keep believing. I always, did the best I could do at every moment. All my strong emotions became a great blade that struck my enemies down. But this was the strength of everyone. I would have never won without the help of every single person around me. Living is a miracle in and of itself. You are an honorable person. You are important to me. Please, live the best life you can possibly have, my beloved comrades.
~ From the words of Tanjiro and everyone in Chapter 205.6. Thank you Gotouge for creating such a beautiful masterpiece. But more importantly, thank you for creating Tanjiro Kamado, because if not, I wouldn't be here proposing him with all my heart. I continue believing in who I want to be and sometimes I wish I could've think or care like that one character. Even if he wasn't real or not, I am still saying this from the bottom of my heart... Thank You Tanjiro Kamado, thank you for all the memories I'll cherish.

He will forever be a yes in my book. Though I'm pretty sure you all have different opinions on all of this, as complex as the characteristic itself can be, that likely depends. But even though still, Tanjiro has been such an amazing impact throughout my life's inspiration of becoming a mangaka someday (though it was Kohei and his manga that did so, but it was the kind and warm presence that did so).

I could understand if anything I did in my power to justify or explain well upon proposing said character wouldn't mean anything, but still it was a pretty big achievement for me to propose one of my favorite characters. I was actually proud on writing this while listen to Homura by LiSA at that time, just hope one day if any new users who are fresh beginners reads this and one day gets a spot in the whitelist, pretty sure they'll work hard under inspiration of reading this. But doing so on the very day I was born makes it more cherishing to know this was something I've always set my heart ablaze before entering adulthood, as I reflect and look back at the happier days since childhood and the hardships during the teen years.

I wanna thank everyone for letting me have an opportunity and place here in the Heroes wiki, as well as letting me think of it was my second family. Though Villains wiki can also be considered as my second cousins but still they're apart of the second family no matter what, it has been a long destination for me here, and I'm still wondering what will be the next for me in the near future, I just hope that one day someone by my side will help me guide through the path of who I want to be and have the strength to finally embrace myself and let go of my troubled past. I matured all the way up to make it here, and because of my efforts, I am now proud of myself for making a change despite my flaws, I just wish I can finally be at peace with myself one day as I continue finding a way to inspire others to set their hearts ablaze as well.

Before I go, there's still some shoutouts to some people here as a way of showing my appreciation for letting me be a part of their Wikis (both Heroes and Villains), I don't know if this is allowed on each Proposal if any user has a birthday, but I want to do this as a way for thanking them for my growth so far and for a few words to say:

  • Emeralde, thank you for letting me have an opportunity to propose some characters here. Some succeeded mostly, some failed entirely, but I continued re-thinking carefully on who I should do first, I know this wouldn't mean much but it was a great blessing for me to mature on how I re-evaluate the criteria and understand better thanks to you.
  • Ivan, you introduced me to all the wikis that made me the person I am today and meeting you has been such a blessing since day one when I first met you on Youtube. I helped you redeem your way back into the community's content (before afterwards to changes), despite some things, but you're one of the greatest friends any guy like me could have, but when I was blocked and banned from Villains wiki for some purposes unintended, you always advised me to do better and this wiki was my answer, I gradually matured since then. But my times spent with you were something more to it, even for the last few months we never talked much since then, but please know you are my very first, genuine friend since then. Always remember to continue doing things your way and never continue backing down in the end. Thank you for being my friend for the last two years.
  • Mary, You may not have worked well in the wiki. But please next time, follow what seems to be true to yourself and always read with proper care, but most importantly, follow your own original ideas and don't take inspiration too seriously. I believe you have potential to be who you want to be, don't be like me or everyone else around you, just be you. Being yourself is all I want form you, thank you for supporting me and my channel, but now, it's my time to support you back, taken yourself seriously and be original in your own opinions, your background, your character, and don't think of this as criticism or advice, think of it as something that'll help you become better in terms of who you truly want to be. Mary, you'll always matter for being who you are, always remember to stay true to your words :).
  • Jacob Torres, having you here when I first introduced you was an experience. You've did what you can in efforts to work alongside other users in terms of proposals, but your knowledge in what you can do in those edits you did is what made me prouder of you. I can understand you're not that interested into continuing wiki work here, but I want you to know that if you still have that same potential, I'll continue to support you if you needed it. But during my times in Youtube with you, I always felt that you and I were always brothers with differences, but to me you'll always be the big brother I never had, you, Dakota, everyone back at the community within Youtube, just wish you guys will stand here alongside me, working together here. Thanks for being someone I never had to think as a brother, continue doing what you love, maybe one day if you can have Dakota or anyone else we knew to work with us here, it would be appreciative to consider. But you have your own talents, being a Youtuber.
  • TAD, Pro-Wrestler, Bazilsiraj, and Sun, I don't know if we've ever gotten along more then well said, but meeting you guys has been some miracle since I was only trying my hardest to take back my place into the PE Permissions. But my time with you all changed me for the better, I was able to re-evaluate my mind and re-think my ways thanks to the four of you, without neither of you or Brandon meeting me at this point somewhere, I would've remained the immature, brain-dead idiot like SMG4 I was to be (not offense to the latter). But I just hope you all and I could continue what any of us users would ever do. These words may no be much, but I hope to enjoy our rare times and moments when said occasion pops up, if you guys ever want to hang out, I'd appreciate our discussions we'll talk about one day for some common ground between all of us.
  • SleepingGuy, you and I are like Yuji and Junpei. I don't know if there is much to say man, but remember: no homo here. But I guess meeting you for the first time since who knows, months ago could be the case, but I always felt that you and I have somewhat to have a lot in common and apart from Torres whose a friend of mine, you're also one of the brothers I never had, I guess you can say it's like Yuji and Todo but in real life low budget lmao. But for real, you had my back whenever I needed some time to speak with someone to feel like I'm not always going to be alone and felt that I'm never left out in anything else everyone else does in their lives. You may think I'm saying futile words, but you're one of the most genuine friends I had since then, I've been grateful to have someone like you in my life, and you're the reason why I've begun Moral Dayz since then, even if there was also CrystallicWolf108, but still, I just hope you and I will continue speaking of fantasies and Waifus, but otherwise said, you'll always be one of my bros, SleepingBro.

On the day of August 28th, Happy Birthday to me!