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This is currently my 24th Proposal so far, yet another My Hero Academia character that is in need of complete observation to ensure if said character is in perfect written source to qualify or not.

But to keep it short, with the series now at its highest with at least a number of eight Pure Good heroes, and the other having a number of eight Near Pure Good heroes, there's kind of a certain divided in all of this.

Now then, I was wondering if one or two more should qualify for either being the 9th PG or the 9th NPG... Holy sh*t I just realize, this is clearly a "One for All" reference amongst all the heroes proposed for this equally.

But let's not mind that, we're here to do serious business with yet another hero in mind if he does count or not... meet the overarching protagonist of the series: Yoichi Shigaraki.

What’s the Work?

My Hero Academia is an original superhero Shonen Jump manga/anime series.

Story here revolves around the quirkless Izuku who is now given the opportunity to become a hero when his idol, All Might, passes down a Quirk called “One for All” into making him his successor. As the story progresses to not only his development but others as well, it also focuses on the conflicts between heroes and villains under both background and some moments that regard both comedy and dark toned scenarios.

Who is He? What has He Done?

Yoichi Shigaraki is the overarching posthumous protagonist in the My Hero Academia anime/manga series. He is the younger brother of the series’ overarching antagonist, All for One.

Yoichi first appeared when the era of Quirks began manifested, but not everything around it seemed fine with others who viewed those with Quirks “monsters”, with numerous conflicts regarding the situation as of today in their current society, the anarchy for humanity and the phenomenon of Quirks. Upon the rise of Quirks, AFO begins to exploit and bring order to society under his own twisted methods, understanding his true motivations when his brother switched two individuals' quirks, both Quirked and Quirkless, as that example. Upon knowing Quirks should be used to restore order, Yoichi does what he can to stop his brother from ruling Japan.

But due to not having a Quirk and has a very weak condition to his body, he could hardly do anything to stop his brother but watch helplessly as AFO has committed various crimes and already has at least hundreds or dozens of Quirks at his disposal, even gathered more than many citizens he made into pawns under his manipulative influence to commence further his plans of becoming Japan’s ruler.

AFO tried to show Yoichi he was only trying to “rid away the conflict”, but in his eyes, he can only see others corrupted and manipulated by him, doing his bidding as he calls him out for his claims. He is later imprisoned by him as AFO tries to reason with Yoichi but still refuses to listen to said manipulative statements, that was when it happened… AFO forcefully implanted a Quirk inside his brother in a twisted way of affection with an intent to join him, but unbeknownst was that Yoichi had developed a Quirk that would merge with the one AFO gave him… thus led to One for All...

But upon still being imprisoned, he was then rescued by two vigilantes who fought against AFO’s ruling and rescued him as he accepted the offer. To some unknown circumstances to how he died, Yoichi fought against his brother but was not strong enough and instead entrusted his power to be passed down to the two individuals, during the past generations of OFA passed down, he hoped to have see the day his very quirk will grow stronger to defeat his brother one day, then after years and so, after Nana’s passing and sacrifice, with All Might (Yagi Toshinori) now passing it to the current successor… Izuku Midoriya…

With his ghostly vestige now prevailing inside the Quirk through Izuku’s conscience, first seen during the Sports Festival as he and the rest woke him up during Hitoshi’s battle.

Then onto the Pro Hero Arc in Izuku’s dream, he saw the flashbacks of the first user’s memories, regarding his origins of him and AFO in the past where he once ruled Japan, he then sees Izuku in person as a vestige, primarily glad to meet him, thus his dream ends.

Through all the way of Izuku unlocking Blackwhip, during the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, during Izuku’s fight with Shigaraki while possessed by AFO himself, they were seen in the mindscape where AFO took hold of him as Nana and Yoichi appeared before them. Upon trying to extract OFA, Yoichi stops the decaying and fully understood the intentions of why AFO chose Tomura to begin with as he proclaims to not have Izuku harmed and praised him for his resolve of saving others, which was something he tried to do despite he was weak back then, as he deems him worthy of having his Quirk before the manifestation woke Izuku up.

When Izuku fell into a coma, he was then met up with all the other OFA users, even Nana in present, revealing to Izuku about each of themselves’ investigations of dying at a young age due to hold OFA as the Quirk itself held more than one Quirk, thus concern was brought given Hikage, the 4th, died at age 40. Yoichi would then explain the many factors of the predecessors’ Quirk factors and the process of the passing results to one of the said users’ lifespan shorten, implying that Izuku may be the very last holder.

After being questioned if Izuku should kill Tomura under Nana’s request, Yoichi tells Izuku in warning that AFO purposefully raised Tomura to be his vessel for his plans of taking One for All back but had failed twice in attempt.

He would then understand Izuku’s resolve but tells him that killing Tomura must come at a necessary last resort in case, but as he happily accepted his answer, he tells Izuku he’ll be there for him with the rest as he leaves, now turning back to the second and third users, having a talk with them to know that they may need to help Izuku once all is clear with AFO.

Throughout the current arc, he is seen with the rest of the vestiges guiding Izuku as he defeats other villains like the current ones such as Lady Nagant and the other Tartarus prisoners, like the Dictator...

Admirable Standards

Upon the given state of the admirable standards of My Hero Academia, again, some qualify, some don’t, and some flunk.

Sure we already know for Izuku’s part after Koichi, aka the Crawler, in his part. Then to others like All Might, having a big reputation of saving up to possibly a hundred, Mirio who saved Eri and dreams to saving a million people one day, then we got the only three girls in Class 1A, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Momo having their own part done of their deeds done, with Ochaco saving Deku once or twice, Tsuyu who protected Izuku and Mineta from a large of group of villains and warning her classmates regarding the dangers of rescuing Bakugo, and Momo leading her classmates, both 1A and 1B, into stopping Gigantomachia.

For everyone else, that depends on their actions basically, both for students, Pro Hero, etc. In this case for Yoichi, probably the same as Eri in her own resources since she is a child, Yoichi on the other hand is a citizen back from his era and as well as a prisoner to his brother, Yoichi only wanted to do what was right despite his extremely weak condition before realizing he does indeed have a Quirk, but for being just a normal person and not a real hero, he never gave into his brother’s manipulative attempts to join his side and corrupt him, then when he was rescued and possibly died trying to stop his brother, he passes it onto his two rescuers to ensure one day his Quirk will grow strong enough to defeat his brother once and for all. Thus while each of the characters made their own impact to either inspire or leave a legacy within the series, Yoichi was the one whose responsible for One for All’s existence in the first place even though AFO indirectly made it, but by using the power he has to transfer it to his successor than the rest, he has made himself a long way legacy of those fighting against AFO while his spirit lives in his Quirk under a vestige, thus indirectly and posthumously continue fighting his brother alongside other OFA users until All Might came in and next being Izuku, with him and the others (well, mostly Yoichi leading them to guide Izuku into mastering all the Quirks) guiding the boy into finally defeating AFO, not to mention that maybe at that choice and chance to receive, Yoichi somehow and probably surpasses the standards of being the one who started the events of One for All’s legacy and continuation to grow stronger.

Corrupting Factors

Yoichi’s character isn’t one to overlook and given what was said about the first user creating the legacy of One for All, he may have been against his brother for all the atrocities he committed does not necessarily mean he loathed him dearly, he just wanted to stop him before things got worse.

However, given his critical weak condition and “lack of a Quirk”, it does not necessarily mean he truly let his brother continue his influence and power on purpose or not doing anything hardly, but he genuinely wanted to stop him even if he has no Quirk until realization, he even refuses to join him under knowing how evil he has become from all this. Overall to exactly state this, Yoichi may seem powerless to watch AFO commit these acts but that was until the creation of OFA will stop his brother posthumously and still has the will to continue what is right under his spiritual legacy.

Final Verdict

It kinda depends on all of you. Because, for starters, yes, the standards are high and frequently it would seem impossible for Yoichi, but given he has created the legacy of One for All, I think it made me get a feeling to give him a shot of what he has to offer in character.

If you guys either agree or disagree, that all depends. But he can always be the 9th NPG if so, but maybe when future chapters get release involving more of Yoichi's story and how he died, maybe there's still a chance for him.