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Hello everyone, Jechiro here. This is my third PG proposal and I think I'm willing to push my luck this time. Today we're going to be talking about Jack Kline, the Tritatagonist of the hit CW series, Supernatural. DISCLAIMER: I'm going to be talking about several major plot points in the series, so if you haven't completed it, I suggest you finish the show first.

What’s the Work?

Supernatural is a long running CW television series about the Winchester brothers, two monster hunters that travel across the United States looking for monsters to hunt. Along the journey they meet many strange, eccentric characters. One of which is today’s subject, the Nephilim, Jack Kline. Before I get started though, there are several pieces of lore that are relevant to this discussion. Firstly: angels in Supernatural are as Dean would say, a bunch of dicks. They’re misanthropic, cruel, conniving and often sadistic, it’s no wonder then that several of the big bads are angels. Secondly (this one will be very important later), the human soul in Supernatural basically gives people a moral agency. Meaning if a human loses his or her soul, they can no longer discern good from evil. Angels and Demons however are exempt from this rule since they act as a soul when they inhabit a vessel. Lastly, Nephilim in Supernatural are basically humans with angel grace, meaning Jack has a soul. With that out of the way, let’s begin.

Who is he? What has he done?

Jack Kline is the son of the fallen angel Lucifer, the main antagonist of the series. Unlike his father, Jake is a loyal, kind young Nephilim who always looks for the best in people. Jack quickly grows close to the Winchesters and prefers to think of their angelic friend, Castiel, as his true father. Jack, despite looking like a young adult, is actually a little kid and it shows in his innocent personality. Throughout his run on the show, all Jack ever wanted was to do good in the world. He’s often misguided but never intentionally causes any harm. During season 14, Jack would defeat the main antagonist, Apocalypse World Michael at the cost of his soul. Jack had a heating up period at around this time, but it was only because he had lost his soul (and by extension, moral agency) so he wasn’t quite himself at the time. I’ll go more into depth about this under corrupting factors. Eventually, God himself (AKA Chuck Shurley) became afraid of Jack as he grew too powerful and was afraid he’d overthrow him, coercing the Winchesters into killing him. When they refuse, Chuck kills Jack (he gets better) and declares war on all of humanity. Eventually the Winchesters come up with a plan, for Jack to absorb Chuck’s godly power and turn him into a human, the very thing he had come to despise. Jack is last seen ascending into heaven, to reform the remaining angels and turn the afterlife into something more desirable.

Admirable Standards:

Supernatural, despite being a show where the heroes save the world on a regular basis, doesn’t have a very high Admirable Standard. Sam and Dean are our protagonists and they’re not above the occasional kick the dog moment. Castiel, our deuteragonist, acted as one of the main villains in season 6, and in that season’s finale, he absorbed the souls of purgatory and intended to conquer heaven and reign as the new god. Then there's Bobby, who despite being the big good for most of the series, can sometimes be an impatient jerk, albeit a lovable one. Jack not only is lacking in such moments (for the most part but we’ll get to that later), but his heroic feats definitely stand out.

  • Even before Jack was born, he saved his mother, Kelly Kline, from committing suicide. Although Dagon tried to convince Kelly that her son did it for pragmatic reasons, this ultimately proved not to be the case.
  • Saved Sam from an evil shifter named Buddy, afterwards taking the time to comfort the good shifter, Mia
  • Used his powers to help the brothers find their mother, Mary, who was stuck in an alternate version of earth called Apocalypse World.
  • In Apocalypse World, Jack helps the surviving humans fend off Apocalypse World Michael and wins them a battle.
  • Even though he lets his success go to his head at first, he learns from this mistake after falling into one of Michael's traps. Proving that he's humble.
  • Upon meeting his father, Lucifer, Jack gave him the benefit of the doubt and tried to have a good relationship with him (not knowing what a monster Lucifer is).
  • Even after Lucifer strips Jack of his powers, he still looks to help in any way he can.
  • Jack eventually uses dark magic to destroy Apocalypse World Michael and absorbs his grace, restoring his powers and saving the multiverse at the cost of his own soul.
  •  Depowered God himself, who in the Supernatural universe is an egotistical psychopath, as well as the greater scope villain of the series. In doing so, Jack became the new God.
  • Jack’s first order of business as the new God was to bring back everyone Chuck had killed as well as restore the other universes and their inhabitants.
  • Upon reaching heaven, Jack resurrected Castiel and sought to reform heaven so that it would be ideal for all its inhabitants.
  • Unlike Chuck, Jack wouldn’t require people to worship him to get into heaven, showing that he is a benevolent God.

Corrupting Factors:

As I said in my proposal for Soichiro Yagami, this is where things get tricky. Jack, being a naïve kid in a young man’s body, doesn’t know his own strength. Occasionally he’d hurt innocent people by accident (and in one instance he accidentally kills a security guard), but he’d always feel sorry about it, he never truly meant any harm. Things get trickier in season 14 where Jack ends up siphoning off the rest of his soul to kill Apocalypse World Michael, but it had to be done. This version of Michael wanted to destroy the whole multiverse, he had to be stopped; and by this point, all other options were extinguished. Furthermore, considering that they spend several episodes trying to figure out how much of Jack's soul is left, it's safe to say he didn't willfully give up his soul. After losing his soul, Jack accidentally starts to hurt even more people, both physically and emotionally. The worst of such events was killing the resurrected Mary Winchester. Even then, killing Mary was an accident. Also, as I have stated several times during this proposal, when a someone loses their soul in Supernatural, they lose their moral agency. Jack eventually gets his soul back, and he breaks down crying about all the things he did. To put in in layman’s terms, Jack would never intentionally hurt anyone unless he has good reason to. The only time this doesn’t apply is when he wasn’t quite himself. Jack also gets angry sometimes, but it's always for a good reason (like someone hurting his friends).

The Verdict:

At his worst, Jack is misguided, but in the end all he wants is to be good. Considering he saved the Multiverse not once, but twice, and became a benevolent God, I think he qualifies.