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Hey everyone, Jechiro again. There aren't too many pure good proposals this week so I thought I'd add one just for fun. Mothra from the Showa and Heisei series are already approved pure good, but what about her Monsterverse countepart? Let's find out shall we?

What's The Work

The Monsterverse is an American Reboot of the classic Japanese kaiju movies in the form of a cinematic universe. Most of the kaiju in this series undergo adaptational heroism (most notably Godzilla who hasn't truly been an antagonistic character in this franchise). In this universe, kaiju are referred to as Titans, some benevolent, others malicious. Today we're going to be talking about arguably the most benevolent of them all, Mothra.

Who is she? What has she done?

Mothra is a protector class titan with powers associated with healing. Unlike the other titans such as Godzilla or Kong who are mostly indifferent towards humans and are only interested in protecting their domains, Mothra is shown to be kind towards humans. Mothra first appears at the beginning of Godzilla: King of the Monsters when Emma Russell demonstrates the use of the ORCA to her daughter, Madison. Mothra later appears after Godzilla was apparently killed by the oxygen destroyer (Destoroyah better enter the Monsterverse from this), Mothra's first instinct is to go looking for him as they're symbiotically linked and genuinely care for each other. Mothra also plays a pivotal role in the final battle and even though she sacrifices herself, the credits imply that she will be reincarnated into the next Mothra, meaning we might see more of her in the future should the Monsterverse continue.

Admirable Standards

There are two other approved pure goods in the Monsterverse, Ford Brody who risked his life to save Godzilla and helped fight against the MUTOs despite being an ordinary human, and Dr Serizawa who actually did sacrifice himself to save Godzilla in King of the Monsters. That being said, no Titan in the series yet is pure good, and Mothra easily stands out amongst her fellow Titans.

  • While Mothra does attack the MONARCH scientists, she was provoked into attacking. Furthermore, the it appears that most of the scientists survived her attack as she mostly shoots silk at them. The only ones who might've died looked like an accident.
  • When Godzilla was mortally wounded by the oxygen destroyer, Mothra immediately starts looking for him.
  • When all the other Titans answered King Ghidorah's call (even the other protector class Titans like Behemoth), Mothra stayed loyal to Godzilla, showing not only does she have a moral agency, but she actively chooses the side of good.
  • Unlike her other titans who accidentally destroy cities due to their massive size, Mothra is never shown being destructive. Then again the only time she's ever shown in a city is during the final battle in Boston where most of the city was already decimated, but not completely so this still could count.
  • She joined Godzilla in the final battle against King Ghidorah, and defeated Rodan without killing him.
  • When Ghidorah was about to kill Godzilla, Mothra sacrificed herself to save him. Keep in mind, Godzilla was in his burning form at the time and it would've killed him if Ghidorah hadn't. Her sacrifice also healed Godzilla's wounds and gave him the opportunity to defeat Ghidorah and save the world.

Corrupting Factors

The only time Mothra is ever portrayed in a negative light is when she attacked the MONARCH scientists at the beginning, but that was their own fault because they provoked her with electric shocks (seriously, what did you think was going to happen?) and as stated earlier, Mothra doesn't deliberately kill any of them. Other than that she doesn't have any asshole moments. Even though Godzilla and Kong both undergo adaptational heroism, they both keep their destructive traits in check, meaning by Titan standards, Mothra is a pacifist.

The Verdict

I don't think there's a single version of Mothra who isn't pure good, so this one definitely applies.